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Patreon Preview - December

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 23, 2017, 7:11 PM
Next month 17-12 December 2 by Sciamano240

Waddup pimps!

Rewards of this month. People who make a pledge before the 1st of December will be able to get this package.
Depending on your Tier, you'll be able to get:

o  "Leone - Akame ga Kill" HQ version, Step by Step
o  "Evelynn - LoL" NSFW version, HQ version, Step by Step.
o  "Gwynevere - Dark Souls" NSFW version, HQ version, Step by Step.

Those you see here are WIPs, so expect a full version later.
Check my Patreon to know more about Tiers.
Patreon link.

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