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Zelda - Twilight princess (2v)

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Hello people,

Zelda from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, ready for summer. It's been a while since my last artwork and that one in particular took a while as well! Tho I already did a big chunk of my summer holidays with the Canada trip, so I'll have more time for drawing from now on :la:

Zelda da The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, pronta per l'estate. È passato parecchio dal mio ultimo lavoro e quest'ultimo in particolare mi ha impegnato parecchio! Una gran parte delle mie vacanze estive però è gia stata consumata col mio viaggio in Canada, quindi avrò più tempo da dedicare al disegno :la:

Also in the batch:

Patreon Preview - July by Sciamano240   

Hope u like it! 
:la: choir 
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I like her a lot 🤫

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Yea that's us right there in the lower left

FullMetalDraughtsman's avatar

Tingle fucking cracks me up, good job :D

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Breathtaking view!
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Your Zelda is magnific! Bravo! :clap:
Can you made A Ilia (Twilight Princess) version from this one?
Devbob98's avatar
Crazy how good this is
luftwave's avatar
She is beautiful!!! Amazing work!
SexyPeachQueen's avatar
This is amazing artwork. I love Princess Zelda. She is an absolute goddess.
Shadowstar1224's avatar
Username checks out.
LaceAndStrap's avatar
I love how you made her body more realistic, makes her so much sexier.
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I'm ready for a good time. :) purple
TRUErealSEGASonicfan's avatar
I bet if Link saw Zelda like this, he would have his jaw drop and huge eyes like in those manga and anime, and Minda would be laughing off her head at Link's reaction (again if he had the same look when seeing her in her own bikini if she went to the beach too).
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So so SO sexy^^ You're really great at drawing females no kidding^^ I like the pose here too especially! Keep doing more poses, different ones next time okay? Keep up the great work!
KuroNekoKeef's avatar
She's beautiful as much as impressive !
Everything is litteraly awesome, incredibly neat ...
viewing angle with background and dpth of field is very great, she's (anatomically) simply perfect, and all the outfit details make her more beautiful !
Awesome work and talent !
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it has the quake symbol on her skirt. Babe's got game lol.....  nice image except for that troll in the background and maybe the pointed ears too.
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Nicely done.
Great and sexy pic.Love 
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This is probably the best picture of Zelda I've ever seen.
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This is awesome! Please take a look at my page too :3

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