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St Louis - Azur Lane (2v)

By Sciamano240
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St. Louis from Azur Lane in her "luxurious" dress, second reward of the September Patreon pack.
I'm back!
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© 2020 Sciamano240
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Absolutely wonderful work. I think this is the most erotic artwork I have ever seen. The subtle lick of the lips says it all!

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Omg. Those LEGS!!! 😍😍😍 I can't handle this. Those legs are pure perfection. This is exceptional work.

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How interesting

  • مورد تأیید انجمن

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Fantastic job dude! You continue to amaze me with your incredible artwork

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honestly best anime type art ive ever seen. great work!

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Looks beautiful buddy! Even with the photobash on the objects, the skin is still the best of the piece, so clean

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Beautiful work.

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Auto-fav function should really be implemented. :D

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Amazing work! Love the legs.

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She looks amazing!

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beautiful artwork!

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I love St Louis and I love that dress. You did a great job on both.

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The textures and the background view are amazing. Looks like hard work ^^

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Holy motherful of God

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Beautiful work. Inspiring.

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WOW!, I love this. Always look forward to your work. Simply amazing and beautiful.

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Amazing detail. Beautiful work

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