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Sonia - Pokemon (2v)

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Sonia from Pokemon Sword and Shield, second reward of the February pack. The pose wasn't easy to manage, but it was fun to do. The background...not as much.

Also in the batch:

Narmaya - Granblue Fantasy (2v) by Sciamano240  Next month 20-02 February by Sciamano240

I hope you like it!
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socksfetishcuu20's avatar

those soles socked!!! make me get hard

CharlieTheArtist7's avatar

I love the way you draw Sonia; she looks so pretty! 💕 And such an adorable Yamper too!

KyowinTKH's avatar

Very beautiful! How did you come up with the idea of drawing this character?

I've always had a special affection for beautiful redheads and you've captured that essence.

Xandi4sum's avatar
Lauren-Tyler's avatar
Never knew she wore glasses.
jackmaskevich's avatar
Good lord I just wanna bury my face into the soles of her feet
BloodOnTheBlade's avatar

Her yamper is sooo cute

UmbrotheUmbreon's avatar
Oh my god this is super impressive work! She looks beyond gorgeous
QemisDraws's avatar

I have noticed a slight change in your style lately, which I do not like completely, but I admit that this work is what I liked most about you recently, a delicate face . Great work!

asundinen12's avatar

love your style :3 so cool

check mine out to if u want !

KookyKore's avatar

the yamper is so cute!

First time I've seen anyone draw Sonia wearing socks. But it's nice.
werewolfwill's avatar
Amazing detail to the background and yapper not to mention sonia
gordonphilbin's avatar
Sonia looks amazing!

NWR-2000's avatar
PRwombat's avatar
ohhh shes her deep green eyes
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