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Malina - Helltaker

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Malina from Helltaker, made for the LillyPadArts 
weekly. She's my favorite.
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LadyPalutena32's avatar

Give us just one smile of her and we'll be happy ^^

alaanamck's avatar

are you going to play turn based strategies with her

Drakenhof's avatar

want to make her smile

TritiumCG's avatar

Malina is best girl! :love:

cinarandelijah's avatar

this comment section exists while im just looking at random anime-type art.

BB-K's avatar

Oh yeah, hot lingerie. =p

DragonBearUzi's avatar
So cute when she's angry.
BH-Ouji's avatar

I thought you're polish since "Malina" means Raspberry in our country

Buuuuut i noticed the creator of Helltaker is polish so?

MADMERDOK's avatar
ShowMeYourBellyPls's avatar

That belly button is adorbz

Jonerico's avatar

cute grumpydoodle <3

hardcase1's avatar
mrcoff333's avatar
😍😍 she's cute. Nice work
ChrobinCormillaLover's avatar

Nice work on this perfect girl.

DarkerEve's avatar

gorgeously sexy and bouncy demon indeed

GenericAntagonist's avatar
Rocky-Ace's avatar

Very cute! I love her blush and expression. :heart:

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