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Malina Gaming - Helltaker

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More Malina from Helltaker! She's getting frustrated while playing on a brand new PS5

Malina - Helltaker by Sciamano240

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thats f perfect.

justk gona use this for my pfp on steam if ya dont mind :D

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How did she get a PS5?! No one can get those.

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Wódka Czysta :D

is helltaker an anime???:)

No its not its a free pc game from steam

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anime booze girl with smol/long/medium/mediocore/poop pp. now if ur wondering, shes transgender! (that explains a lot of what i said, eh?)

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She playin that Demon Souls remake

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Oh wow, the line art just pops right off the screen. Say what you will about your line-less paintings, but this style hits it out of the park! It's just the right mix of your skill-set and something new.

Can't praise this enough. The line art has just the right flow. Nice one

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Epic gamer with a crooked tail. xD GAME IT GIRL! Perfect girl right there. xD

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i have the pleasure to see this creation on twitch ! but go to bed before finish, and the final version are so great and cute :love:

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design, lighting, pose and setting :D

I hope the Helltaker has plenty of spare TVs, she looks like she's about to pitch a controller...

Looks like she having a great time!

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Hot girls and video games. My favorite combo.
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Sorry I had to do this.

Screenshot 1
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Helltaker it's a free game available on Steam made by Polish developer VanRipper (Łukasz Piskorz). You can find his profile on DeviantArt:

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