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Mai Shiranui - King of Fighters (2v)

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Mai Shiranui from King of Fighters, third and last reward of the November Patreon pack.
This is not for good boys and girls.
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ILoveIceAreas's avatar

Move the fan, Mai! ^_^

very detailed and beautiful. great work!

shinhj's avatar

Beautiful curves~:heart:

She’s so pretty
synthpopfreak's avatar

Beautiful Mai! As always, impressive artwork.

sailorrob's avatar

this has got to be the sexiest Mai picture I've ever seen. It appeals to me as a leg fan but it also has things for those who like her other wonderful attributes :). This is now my desktop background by the way. Seeing those legs and that inviting smile when i go to my desk top is great :)

DragoonWarrior94's avatar

Dayum she is so sexy

Efudeea's avatar
MrFish10's avatar
"Not for good boys and girls." - Lord Sakurai
frostcore79's avatar

I don't blame her fanning down the merchandise.

tZuB's avatar

Tu sei un dio Mirko. Grandiosa illustrazione per un personaggio mitico!

jjxenon's avatar

Beautiful work

Ultamisia's avatar

what a tease! :O

InPapers's avatar

how long until is on gumroad?

Unseeming's avatar

Lord Almighty, Mai is amazing. ;)

SolitaryLapTopTVLove's avatar

That is very cheeky of you to include that now iconic quote from the translator for Sakurai. Although it is not quite as cheeky as Mai cleverly using her fan to hide her brewth taking rump from view. I know full she is in fact wearing panties, but the possiblity that she may not be as she creates such an illusion,hinting that she is going commando is her employing deception as kunoichi. I am enthralled by the cherry blossoms scattering about outside of her dojo. I notive she is indulging in sake as evident by the bottle and cup there.

Granted the weather outside is very tempting and perfect to go outdoors, but why not stay inside with such a tantalizing Asian female brunette such as Mai Shiranui and cuddle up on the futon there. Running one's hands all over her body and tracing fingers on her creamy white skin is a grear way to spend time. Andy Bogard doesn't deserve her. She should move on to someone else who will treat her like the queen she is and pay attention to her. Overall, I am complete awe and flabbergasted with the high quality artwork you continue making. Simply put, well done.

Caine-of-Nod's avatar

Simply Superb Artwork!!! Superb Love Tards Love in the Air Mai Shiranui Emote 8 :headbang: Mindblowing :squee: :clap: :clap: :clap:

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