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Lucifer - Helltaker (2v)

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Lucifer from Helltaker, cooking pancakes. 2nd reward of the August Patreon pack.
You better try that pancake...
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HaidarTheKnight54's avatar

Mmmmm, crepes !

JClown666666's avatar
Stab me, pls ~~~~
PeterSFay's avatar

What's Helltaker? Is it some kind of anime? videogame? visual novel?

coolgirl132's avatar
It’s a video game about a guy who wants to start a demon girl harem.
Merkoid's avatar

Two things:

First is tsundere the proper term for her?

Second can you make more Helltaker pics? (specifically pics with either Malina or Zdrada)

hs11-art's avatar

Listen, if I have a beautiful woman feeding me chocolate-y stuff, you won't see me complaining.

fakemotions's avatar

this is babushka when you say your not hungry

AndyisRamen's avatar

honestly I think this is my momXD

I love it

mclang's avatar

Way to feed the children - or husband, boyfriend, girlfriend or any stranger that happens to stroll into your kitchen :D

corporalfists's avatar

Damn these are so awesome

vanBlood's avatar
LadyAvren's avatar

Beautiful work as always <3

GordonFroman17's avatar
L'Italianissima Xutella XD

Lucifero best waifu ;)
garlan4's avatar

I bet the main ingredient of the Xutella is deer's horn dust

VenomMorales's avatar
Shit I’ll stab u down there
DanisDailyPassion's avatar
I love that semi realistic style and how much effort you've put in the wrinkles of her Clothes 😲, that's very nice shading keep it up❤️🔥👍
angie7010's avatar
No problem miss !
tekkenrules's avatar
Aos-Sidhe's avatar

LOL! Right on the nose for this character!

Kh0nAn's avatar

She is pure perfection omg

RENEWAL-ART's avatar

I love the hair! The idea is really incredibly funny!

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