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Lara Croft (2v)

By Sciamano240
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Lara Croft in diving suit, from my last Gumroad pack.

Also in the pack:

Lara Croft (2v) by Sciamano240 Reisalin Stout - Atelier Ryza 2 by Sciamano240 St Louis - Azur Lane (2v) by Sciamano240
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Iwanttobecomeawoman's avatar

I wish I could have that body for real.

Emperor-Lelouch's avatar

aw hell just when i got her out of my mind

trumi's avatar

Legend was a great game, her Underworld swimsuit was the best one. Divine curves.

Samsiow's avatar

Very beautiful

DestinieKirby's avatar

She looks amazing, and to be honest I'm completely enthralled by the background details. LOL Great job!

TK981's avatar

This was always her sexiest swimsuit, I reckon.

New TR is great, but nothing beats the old school no-nonsense sex icon that was Lara Croft in her prime.

Ultamisia's avatar

Reminds me i need to finish the DLC for that game XD

maec882's avatar

excellent l'aventurière parfaite :)

SolitaryLapTopTVLove's avatar

As if Lara Croft's default is not sexy enough to be wearing outdoors, her diving bodysuit easily tops the brown shorts and green sleeveless shirt. Lara is definitely dressed to go for a extended swim in the water behind her. Her tits must have a hard tine staying put as they are threatening to burst out. Lara has a very excellent reason to be so content as she possess such a curvy, toned, and tantalizing body.

I highly doubt the modern Lara Croft has any sensual attires like this. Not to mention such confidence,sass, and experience. Great job on reminding the viewers why the classic Lara is far better than the modern one we have.

Unseeming's avatar

Your work is amazing.

NymphienArt's avatar

I love this version of her, good job! :D

Andresius13's avatar

Oh, nice take on the Underworld version of Lara. Great gob. LOVE IT!

dragonwing5279's avatar

I say that swimsuit is the right size! :D

VistaVista55's avatar
Love the variant. One of the all time great outfits.
DeusExDeviant's avatar

The setting, the suit, her rack, all very nice. But the thing that really gets me here is her facial expression!


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s-incubus's avatar

Brilliant work :)

mika787800's avatar

oh she reminds me of myself so much! tell me if you want to hear:)

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