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Effie - Fire Emblem Heroes

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Hello guys!

Another picture for the weeklies! The topic was to draw A Fire Emblem waifu and i chose Effie, without her full armor. I wanted to try the animu style again. I don't dislike the result, but there is alot to work on still.

Moar weeklies:  Dark Magician Girl (?) by Sciamano240  Chloe Halloween by Sciamano240  Widowmaker - OW by Sciamano240

Hope u like it! 
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I think she's gorgeous as is. DAMN!!

Yes, you can tell that her boobs are so smooth, bouncy and juicy❤❤❤

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Do you take Art Request? If So, can you contact me at K0B4Y4SH1#9792 on Discord (if you got Discord)?

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Nice bikini top. It may have to come off... hehe :)=P

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She looks so pretty *3* Effie is my fave FE waifu. Too bad she's not popular enough to get an alt in FEH u.u even thought she could easily get one since Elise gets to talk about her in her alts.
Strength and beauty combined!
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Effie: Um, hello! All you boys(little boys in her view) out there. Eyes up here, please.
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Beautiful! The expression is great, the color palette and range is perfect and anatomical work is great as well. A pleasure to watch.
DannyAndYoko's avatar
She's too cute and sexy to be a young teen! :(
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( ゚∀゚)o彡°おっぱい!おっぱい!
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Oh this is looking very great! Not even messing around! Keep it up and going okay? Really hope you'll do some swordplay scenes. It's up to you~

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Effie is... F'ing Hot! ( always wanted to say that! :nod: )
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Her breasts seems lovely and sexy.
villamar's avatar
Who cares you are a girl. How does that make any difference? Also you are no one to demand that.
deadpoollove22's avatar
sorry but u dont need to be rude about it    , i was telling u a nice way  . not a mean way     and everybody cares if i am a girl  
villamar's avatar
You were demanding him no to draw this kind of things. There's no "nice way" to do that. And no... you being a girl is completly irrelevant.
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I don't disagree with you or anything, though. Just I don't want you to be in any danger.
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