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Doris and Helios - OC art trade

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My artwork for the LillyPadArts 
summer art trade. These are Doris and Helios, syurgain's OCs.
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© 2021 Sciamano240
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when she wants to get her stuff together

I have a favour to ask?Can you draw a r34 of bulma lying on her back with long hair,shaved pussy and dragon balls scattered around her?

RicaSensei's avatar

This is really good!! =D

agh5eventh's avatar

How sexy and cool draw!

mortalshinobi's avatar
Apone3D's avatar

She looks lovely, very cute smile. Beautiful work.

What of all the stitches?

irwingreylord's avatar

It'd be an amazing wallpaper with just the girl.

lingua70's avatar

You made Power so I'm hoping you'll make Makima too

MrPyke's avatar

Is she some sort of construct?

vanBlood's avatar
sircowdog's avatar

Doris has a pretty nice face.

Faytkyrael's avatar

WoW I thought they were leggings at first, but they are stiches! Crazy cool.

arashiyanagawa's avatar

whoa, this looks gorgeous!

Mobius-52's avatar

Is she some kin of Frankensteinian monster?

So what’s the deal with Doris and those stitches? Is she an artificial human or something?

Xandrasa's avatar

oh my GOD! This looks spicy~

Chilkad's avatar

Great to see you draw a man, I wish you did more, looks amazing~

BartGT5's avatar

Super beautiful and sexy hot artwork!!

Altarahhn's avatar

Dang, they look straight 🔥! Helios looks like a absolute Chad, and Doris... "SHEESH!!!" She is GORGEOUS! 😍 Marvelous, stunning work, as always! 😊❤

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