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Dark Magician Girl (?)

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Hello guys!

That should be the Dark Magician, but I think I made her unrecognizable... Either way you can see her as an OC :P
Drawing made for a weekly doodle.  La la la la

Moar Weekly and Dark Magician:  Widowmaker - OW by Sciamano240  Dark Magician Girl - Yu-Gi-Oh! (close-up) by Sciamano240  Dark Magician Girl - Yu-Gi-Oh! (2v) by Sciamano240   

Hope u like it! 
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Kermitthefrog223456's avatar

Is she taking a break from fighting?

Lukasguida10's avatar

Hey, she is actually just the green eyes ponytail-haired blonde girl.

ShowMeYourBellyPls's avatar

Just wanna touch her cute tummy!

Someone give this girl some steroids.

EinsamPibroch278's avatar
Those ear folds! So realistic! I recognize the subtle pits and shadows! An extraordinary attention to detail to a commonly neglected part! Oh yeah, the rest of her is sexy too I guess.

New style. so cute!!!Dark Magician Girl looks good no matter how she dresses

Can't get enough of thick ponytails!.. just wow!

EnforcerWolf's avatar
She looks wonderful!
Chomek1's avatar
I love small tits
Foradain's avatar
This must be her secret identity. But if she's not careful, her eyes will reveal her. Which would be why the hoody has been cut off at the solar plexus, perhaps.
Amrock's avatar
Oh, she is just way too cute!
LongPrint's avatar
Beautiful and young! Sumptuously!
SolitaryLapTopTVLove's avatar
I did not recognize her without her usual magician attire. Then again the pentagram on the center of her pink sweater is pretty dead giveaway. Otherwise it could have been Samus Aran,Sarah Byrant or Nina Williams for all I know. DMG is taking a well deserved break from casting magic and is willing to enjoy her free time in peace.
Pittree's avatar
This is really amazing
MagnusTonitrum's avatar
Honestly thought that was Peach lmao
I'm sorry ma'am, I suspect you're a witch and will have to search you for the mark of the beast - please join me in my ... police ... van, over here. 
Divides's avatar
Yeah, not immediately recognizable as DMG to me... but she is VERY gorgeous, for what it's worth. 
ronzarr's avatar
I LOVE her.  So beautiful!  Could you do a full body of this exact same one with pink shorts.  Also please do more f her.  This is the best art I have seen in a long time.  I absolutely adore this picture.
xCheeseGraterx's avatar
Such a kissable little tummy!!
Heorukz's avatar
arfgard's avatar
Perhaps I'll dabble in a little dark magic now !!    Magic Wand Star Butterfly Emote 2 
PanRod's avatar
:) (Smile) :) (Smile) Clap Clap Clap Clap Beautiful!!!!!!
Eillinnala's avatar
Shes cute really nice.:) (Smile) 
CandyHeartBreak's avatar
aww she is pretty af
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