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Corrin - Fire Emblem (2v)

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Hello people,

Corrin from Fire Emblem in her summer version, 3rd reward of the March pack. Are you excited for summer guys?
Also in the batch:

Ada Wong - RE2 (2v) by Sciamano240  Patreon Preview - March by Sciamano240  Aqua - Kingdom Hearts (2v) by Sciamano240 

I hope you like it!

P.S. Deviantart preview quality is completely garbage. I suggest you to use the download button to enjoy it better (or use any other website that is not Deviantart).
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DerGamer's avatar

Nice pic of Kamui, I like it! ;)

het123pro's avatar

Corrin es sexy

Fantastic works!

EvanKlein1's avatar
she gorgeous *slaps her booty*
Daphne-The-Alluring's avatar
She's looks beautiful !
I wish that water splash were me.
PanRod's avatar
Clap Clap Clap Clap Devilish Devilish 
Rybius's avatar

Oh, I wish I could do that! Very cool!

LeafGreen1924's avatar
Ooo, nice! Good job!
Syphron's avatar
Not a fire emblem fan but my gawd so hot!😁
agwesh's avatar
Awesome work
WrathOfThePrimarch's avatar
Summer is too hot

Especially with her ❤️
CornButt. 'Nuff said.
BigBigZ's avatar
i just love your art style, could you make more Bowsette, Akame ga Kill, Chloe and Camilla Fire Emblem? please
wilnet1tractor's avatar
Amazing, her eyes and ears give a cursed feel.
KokuppaShoujo13's avatar
She’s a dragon, just in human form
wilnet1tractor's avatar
In that case, DON'T ROAST ME XD
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