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Chloe and Valerie Stayhome - OCIsolation

Valerie and Chloe chilling at home, to support home isolation. Artwork made for #LillyPadArts #Weeklies. I hope y'all doing fine during these dark times and, please, stay safe and #stayhome!

Join us on Twitter and share the average day in isolation of your oc with an artwork, to support everyone going through the same.  

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Unless you have multiple accounts, this image was recently stolen (and probably more).

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"All this co-vid 19 stuff has me worn out.... "

"Val? Valerie? Oh great... she fell asleep... "

Jaswel's avatar
Are they canonically mutual lovers?
KaijuZillax's avatar

I bet it's nice and comfy

Nikolaios's avatar

A perfect pillow

Sheonis's avatar
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Mind if I draw a scene inspired by this (but with different characters and a different setting)?

MDetector-5's avatar
Both of them look lovely :)
You stay safe as well!
TheYakumoReturns1428's avatar
Great, make more yuri like this please!

You are an incredible artist. Thank you so much for sharing your gift.

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So pretty & sweet girls HMMMM...:D

japender61's avatar
Lol!  Love their stash of tp!
Denis-Triton's avatar

Very strange bulge... )

Spectronz's avatar

ill just say it.... nice ass ahaha

chikinstudio's avatar
Hahaha. I'm still not understanding why do people need so much toilet paper. However great draws, dude.
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