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Chloe - OC


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Drawing of my OC Chloe. I finally managed to finish this piece and I hope I'll be slowly able to  get back into doing art as much as I used to.
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Each time you show us Chloe, she looks more gorgeous than the last. I also noticed she has freckles around her eye. Kinda hot.

hisui1986's avatar

Stupenda!!! Sempre bravissimo 😊

DZWest's avatar

I can FEEL her eyes :heart:

k26jowils's avatar

I'd probably do some lewd things to her but if she didn't want it she'd beat me up lol. she's beautiful

gerakilykos's avatar
Lachdanan1823's avatar

Precious as a delicate rose... I love it!!!!! =)

DestinieKirby's avatar

Gorgeous painting style! I love how smooth her skin looks, and her hair is beautiful. Wonderful use of color, and the details in the lace are well done, too. Great job!

arbiternumber1's avatar

i just have to say the thing i love about your work is the characters you draw have realistic bodies, Very lovely work!!!

Wow is all I got, Just lovely work.

Caine-of-Nod's avatar

Simply Lovely Artwork!!! :love: :love: Sexy and I know it Love in the Air Love Tards Mindblowing :headbang: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: clap remake 1a Clap emoticon

mendiberri's avatar

Gorgeous, I love the background and the colour palette.

OMG this is a masterpiece!!! you should sell this for 1 million $

I have that sloth

ExtraArms's avatar

2 words: gender envy

k26jowils's avatar

wow I'm in agreement

Ganozzu's avatar

She is so beautifull, aaa love her so much! :nuu:

DarkSailorEisblume's avatar
CrimsonRedAllOver's avatar

Fantastic line work, coloring, and composition you have there. Solid detail to the background. Well done!

Ultamisia's avatar

rawr! she's very cute!

surukai's avatar

She is so cute, I love your OC pics.

nerveZero's avatar

Superb. Thanks for sharing.

JTruth9419's avatar

God I love Chloe <3

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