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Atago - Azur Lane (2v)

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Atago from Azur Lane, 3rd reward of the September pack. Atago best ship waifu?

Also in the batch:

  Patreon Wip - September by Sciamano240  Moxxi - Borderlands 3 (2v) by Sciamano240  Raiko - Fate/Grand Order (2v) by Sciamano240

I hope you like it!
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Beautiful face and incredible body. Fantastic work.

shinhj's avatar

This work is so seductive(arousing) :heart:

degudz's avatar

this one is more than okay...

Highlynx's avatar

warships: exists

artists: you know what this thing needs? A HUGE pair of milk jugs

AmanDovakin's avatar

Why not. U are alive because huge pair of milk jugs fed u

KhajiitGotYourTongue's avatar

This pleased the nut today. Thank you.

TheYakumoReturns1428's avatar
Amazing and sexy! I like it when thighhighs are like pantyhose =P (Razz) 
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you are great teacher
GhostYumeO's avatar
Gorgeous my god..
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Wanna have hot-lovin' conversations? You’re on the right way! - COME HERE

oyonan's avatar
Great picture, but it’s a shame it’s got some strangely low resolution. It looks like a thumbnail.
Rallyguy33's avatar
Very alluring... too alluring. ;)

Nice work! check my profile and have a good day

Thank you!

Love your beautiful artwork 
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