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Ana and Amelie - Overwatch (Commission)

By Sciamano240
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Commission for: Ne0natomy

Hello people,

Amélie Lacroix being trained how to shoot and handle a sniper rifle by Ana Amari. Idea of Ne0natomy and funny pic to make. It doesn't turned out how I'd like, but I think it looks cool.

I have no idea if it's canon or not. Don't be too harsh to us! :heart:

Amélie Lacroix addestrata su come tenere un fucile da cecchino da Ana Amari. Idea di Ne0natomy e disegno divertente da fare. Non è venuto come volevo, ma penso sia bello comunque.

Hope u like it! 
:la: choir  

(my english is bad, and i should feel bad)
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Poor Amelie... her story is so dark...
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Hey man I actually got in to an argument because I had this picture in my head and I thought it was actually works of blizzard. So i was certain that Ama trained Widowmaker. So Good Job! This is so much like the comics that I thought I saw this in the comic! :D
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Here come the tears...
DeerLeo's avatar
Here come the tears....
The-Wolf-Fury's avatar
Ah, the good old days when Overwatch was whole and everyone got along.
SammysCornerComics's avatar
I want this to be a spray in Overwatch!
Sexy-Jenna69's avatar
You should do more of Amelie like this,
ZaynMalikLover21's avatar
Oh my god she looks like Kim Kardashian! 020416-kim-kardashian-ponytail by ZaynMalikLover21  
ElisabethBeilschmidt's avatar
Don't insult her like that
Chapeevue's avatar
So touching! I can see this as a touching moment to the story line between the two Well Done!!
lowprofile1's avatar
Don't forget hearing and eye protection !
ZaynMalikLover21's avatar
had she not being kidnapped by talon
MrWonderWorks's avatar
Things Would Have Been Different.
greivergf's avatar
I love this pic and I could this happening after Amelie was rescued from talon(and would explain how she could 1shot Ana since she would have some training from her) if Ana had grayed hair.
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o h n o

my heart.
JoelCanario's avatar
I Hope this is CANON!!! Blizzard needs to focus a bit on Reaper, Widowmaker and Talon and how it was made and why is its purpose (If there has been let me know please lol)
Cambion-Hunter's avatar
That is a way to bond together. :)
oron61's avatar
Now I really want a pre-fall Amelie Skin...
CharlieIndigoalpha76's avatar
If you could, can you try to make an Overwatch version of Amelie, meaning Amelie as an Oveerwatch agent
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I don't know if the image is cannon, but I don't think cannonicity is important when making fanart.
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