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10k Views + WIPs by Sciamano240 10k Views + WIPs by Sciamano240
Hello people,
We got 10k pageviews! YEEAH! Explode la plz
That's happened some days ago but...who cares it's still 10k :D
There we are with a "10k ty" Sketch, with the characters of Stone of Fate!
This month was pretty busy, as it's going to be september (University stuff Cry forever ) BUT I want to let u know that I've got some stuff on that I'm going to finish when i can!
The Saryn color, next Smite comic strip and a girl (yep...just it)!
So thank you everyone and remembah:
If you want me to do an art for you, commi$$ions are open everytime! WeeWee pisses off 
Beh è tutto :XD:
Purtroppo sti esami mi stanno facendo diventare pazzo, ma sono vicino alla fineeeee!
SoF lo continuerò appena sistemo tutto. Ho ancora un fumetto da finire che mi era stato commissionato del tempo fa.
Ringrazio tutti per le 10'000 pageviews!

Stay tuned, and expect more arts in the future!
Hope u like it!

(my english is bad, and i should feel bad)
person54901 Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Did the tattooed girl with the hat ever get finished? She looks really cool! :)
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