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The Ascendancy War: An Introduction (Project A)War. What a universal concept. So old, so familiar. Like the inevitability of the night, war always proceeds with time, catalyzed by fear, mistrust, hatred, delusion, power, pride, discrimination, lies. Whatever the exact cause, whatever it is that drives those to call upon war as some kind of hollow solution, the outcome is always the same; destruction, misery… death. Yet, even knowing this, every major civilization has willingly entertained themselves to repeat the mistakes of their ancestors over and over again. Though war may be a natural, immutable constant for every civilization, history has shown that the greatest of these frequently lay down a precedent of peace lasting for many ages. It is often theorized that the more extreme the war is, the longer the peace will last. May it be so for the modern era, that the evil of this time shall be defeated by an eternal peace.The greatest conflict ever known to this corner of the Universe has been the great Ascendancy War. A war of three sides, fought for the stances of domination, self defense, and exploitation. Beginning in the year 36,025, and continuing on to the modern day, 36,740, this war has seen the ravenous Ascendancy pitted against the allies of the Fellowship, with the innumerable Septs of Xophronanirn taking what they will from both. As with all things, there is no one reason for this war, and there has been no singular goal shared perfectly by the members of either side, but for the sake of transparency and coherence, this introduction shall be simplified.The initiator of this war has, perhaps unsurprisingly, been the Ascendancy; a coalition of numerous alien empires comprised of the Supremacy, the Triumvirate League, High States of Aldrackuus, and the Protothan Confederation, along with a dozen lesser powers that have willingly joined or been assimilated. The member species of this coalition are many, including the Drox, Fharen, Hexlean, Vurtonaxi, Aldrackuus, Prototh, and Xalcheli, as well as a small percentage of all other species. Opposing this coalition is the Fellowship: a more loosely connected alliance of separate alien empires that include the United Sovereignty of Nations, the All-Hive of Kalistryiium, Ektozan Dynasty, Gezlovahkian States, and the Aligned Coalition of the Nethetch’e. The member species of this pact are lesser in number, and are composed of Humans, Kalistryii, Ektons, Gezlovahk, and Nethetch’e. Finally, there is the Septs of Xophronanirn, a vast and ancient network of clans made up almost entirely of the Xophronanir species; though they lack the biological and societal diversity of the Fellowship or Ascendancy, their numbers are boundless and their reach is seemingly infinite.For roughly two centuries prior to the outbreak of this war, a growing tension had gripped this corner of the Universe. The Drox’s Supremacy and the Ektozan Dynasty had been at odds for almost the entirety of their existences, harrowing each other for millennia through petty wars, espionage, socio-political contention, and territorial squabbles. This friction has risen and fallen over time, but that would soon change as the borders of other, previously unknown civilizations began to cross paths with one another for the first time. This relatively sudden influx of new species, bringing with them new cultures, ideas, and technologies sparked a kind of arms race within the quickly growing Universe. Old rivalries between the Supremacy and Ektozan Dynasty were aggressively rekindled, with each empire reaching out to their newfound neighbors for assistance, forging alliances and creating new enemies. The Supremacy in particular experienced a rapid evolution in culture and technology, leaning heavily on more and more extreme philosophies. With hostilities growing between newly acquainted empires, the Supremacy’s extremist ideas quickly spread, and generated a mass following, advancing the conflict between the Ektozan Dynasty and Supremacy to something far more.A turning point would come in the year 35,830, when the Supremacy and their most loyal allies, the Triumvirate League, would form the tightly knit coalition known as the Ascendancy. The core foundation of the Ascendancy has been created from a philosophy of the same name, one rich with both progressive and draconian ideals. This system essentially promotes the advancement of all sciences, especially within the fields of genetics, cybernetics, and other more esoteric technologies. While this sounds positive at first, Ascendant ideals are rooted in the near-absolute termination of regulations and morals, wishing to set a precedent of complete freedom with the advancement of technology; regardless of consequences. This philosophy would soon spiral into a zealous belief system, centered on utilizing cybernetic and genetic augmentation to attain some form of interpreted divinity, to become “ascendant beings”. The aspirations of the Ascendancy would become unified, with the goal to unite all species under an almighty and all-powerful banner. Self righteous and drunk with ego, they would turn to war as a solution.Between 35,830 and 36,005 the Ascendancy would grow in strength, securing itself more allies in the High States of Aldrackuus and the Protothan Confederation, while rapidly expanding into both untouched space and disputed territories. This aggressive expansion was disconcerting to neighboring civilizations, upsetting the already fragile status quo of an uneasy Universe. It was in this time that the Ascendancy laid fourth their uncompromising ultimatum: become one with the Ascendant minds, or be forced to. Quite predictably, the Ektozan Dynasty and their closest allies, the Gezlovahkian Domain, would be the first to openly oppose the Ascendancy’s wild demands. Unbeknownst to the rest of the Universe, the Ascendancy had been prepared for this exact moment, and stormed the borders of this old alliance with a relentless fury never before seen. This first act of the great Ascendancy War would be kept secret from remaining civilizations for roughly 20 years, as the Protothan branch of the Ascendancy would intercept any and all cries for assistance; it also did not help that the Ektozan Dynasty, quite prideful of their own victories over the Supremacy in the past, did not immediately reach out for help. Eventually this information would travel by proxy through the many Septs of Xophronanirn, though it would be in vain, as the Ascendancy had already set their sights on the remaining empires of the west.Through many pre-planned attack routes, the Ascendancy would strike against the United Sovereignty of Nations, the All-Hive of Kalistryiium, and the Aligned Coalition of the Nethetch’e with great force; many splinter divisions would also chip away at weak clans within the Xophronanirn, quickly enveloping and assimilating their territories. Humanity and their Sovereignty would be the most prepared for this assault, never having trusted the Ascendancy. Though their losses for the first few years of the war were heavy, the Sovereingty’s powerful Navy would eventually decelerate the Ascendancy’s blitzkrieg to a crawl. The Kalistryii of the All-Hive would be the most affected by the Ascendancy’s initial assault, likely for their righteous but ultimately futile attempts to compromise with the Ascendancy. In the first four years alone, the All-Hive would lose an entire galaxy’s worth of territory, sending a rippling wave of dread through the Kalistryii population. The Nethetch’e and their Aligned Coalition would have a similar experience to Humanity, as they had little trust for any empire, and were thus prepared. Although they would suffer greatly, especially by assaults from the Triumvirate branch of the Ascendancy, they also experienced great success in most planetside conflicts. In time, however, the relative proximity of these three civilizations allowed them to reach out to one another, allowing a swift and efficient agreement to be made. They would not bow to the Ascendancy’s will, they would never surrender under such violence. The Fellowship would be born in this time, forging a tight bond between these three empires that would strengthen their resolve, while simultaneously respecting their individuality as separate nations. It would take literal decades of conflict, but the Fellowship would eventually push back against the Ascendancy, connect with the Ektozayn Dynasty and Gezlovahkian Domain to the east, and level the playing field.With the Ascendancy pushing against the newly formed Fellowship, a mass contingent of clans within the Septs of Xophronanirn would seize this time as an opportunity to prey upon the two factions. While a vast majority of the Xohprnanir people held an isolationist stance during the early years of the war, a small number of clans saw this as something different. A great cultural movement soon swept through the vastness of the Xophronanir domain, calling all willing clans to wage a guerilla war against both the Ascendancy and Fellowship for the promise of glory, honor, and loot. This was particularly appealing to certain clans, especially those already founded on piracy, territorial theft, and privateering. Clan after clan would eventually join in on this conquest, adding a new dynamic to the war that would begin to solidify its longevity. Afterall, the Ascendancy expected a swift, decisive, overpowering victory over the members of the Fellowship, not a stalwart and resolute defiance, so they relaxed their efforts… only to be harrowed by the Xophronanir. The Ascendancy vied for an assimilated Universe, the Fellowship wished only to defend themselves, and the Xophronarnir sought personal gain in uncertain times.The Ascendancy War would continue on, senselessly, as an age of nearly perpetual conflict lasting for years, then decades, then centuries. The intensity of the bloodshed would fluctuate over time of course, with the very beginning, the middle of the second century, and the start of the fifth century experiencing the absolute worst this calamity has had to offer. Alternatively, the Ascendancy War has also seen two major periods of respite, the first being in the latter end of the third century, and the second being this modern era, 36,740. The past thirty years have seen a significant drop in the number of battles between the withering Ascendancy and the exhausted Fellowship, with the Xohpronanir domain now plagued by glutinous infighting. A relative lapse in the war. Though there have been whisperings of peace throughout this corner of the Universe, such a concept has become alien; far too good to believe. Unfortunately, the reality may be that this is only the calm before the next storm…
Sublight Propulsion Systems of the Sovereignty Propulsion, and the methods to achieve sustained, controlled, efficient movement in the open void has been a great driving factor for any spacefaring civilization. While Riftwell technology is absolutely essential for interstellar and even intergalactic expansion, creating reliable methods of travel within star systems is always the first step. Though a fair number of modern vessels have the capability to make short ranged Riftwell jumps between distant planets within the same system, this isn’t always practical. As such, numerous sublight propulsion systems have been created to facilitate interplanetary travel, as well as a number of other basic locomotive purposes.Most civilian-made vessels utilize a powerful, but fairly basic form of propulsion, coming in the form of fusion-based plasma engines. While an ancient concept, it’s only been in the last few thousand years that the technology and its application/execution has been fine tuned enough for regular, safe usage within an ever growing empire. In the simplest, most basic sense, these engines work by creating a sustained and controlled nuclear fusion reaction that's magnetically compressed, funneled, and expelled out the vessel as a powerful jet of high energy plasma and radiation. This provides significantly greater thrust and acceleration when compared to the ion-engines of old, while remaining extremely fuel efficient; although, it’s not without caveats. For one, maintaining this reaction in a totally controlled way requires exceptionally fine tuned systems, highly resilient alloys, and constant maintenance, among many other nuances. Vessels with these types of engines must also give each other a wide berth when accelerating, especially from behind; while an obvious precaution, this is especially prevalent due to the highly energetic and volatile wake they leave behind. This can limit the effectiveness of intra-system traffic, though the exceptional emptiness of space is often quite forgiving. There is no denying the raw power these systems can provide.Even still, these types of engines are considered somewhat crude by today’s standards, especially for the fact that a newer and much safer form of propulsion now exists. Made possible by the wondrous and surprisingly versatile material “aethrellite”, the fittingly named “aether drives” have slowly but surely outperformed fusion drives within the modern market. Aether drives are a far more exotic form of propulsion, utilizing malleable anti-gravity fields and the very fabric of the Universe itself to provide thrust. Essentially, these engines use successive rings of aethrellite to create a powerful, tube-like field anti-gravity down the length of the engine. As the ambient space-time continuum passes through this anti-gravity tube, it’s forcefully compressed, not unlike the crushing effects of natural gravity. When this compressed ‘jet’ of space-time exits the engine, it rapidly re-expands to its former density, providing thrust. Undoubtedly confusing, this concept is best compared to an atmospheric jet-engine; though instead of compressing air to provide thrust, these engines use the invisible flesh of the Universe itself. As with most things, these types of engines are not perfect, and come with a few downsides. The most obvious caveat is the fact that aethrellite, the ultimate ingredient of anti-gravity technology, is extremely expensive to make. Requiring exotic artificial elements and the perfect conditions provided by advanced laboratories, this material is not easy to afford, despite its relative commonality. Ships capable of Riftwell navigation need aethrellite for their own systems as well, and even without FTL capabilities, aethrellite is still an absolute requirement for inertial suppression. The simple fact is that the more aethrellite-based technologies a ship has on board, the more expensive and difficult to maintain it becomes. Beyond this, most modern aether drives simply can’t provide the same level of acceleration that a traditional fusion engine can.Either of these two systems are a common choice amongst civilian vessels, however, the USN’s military relies on yet another form of propulsion, one which joins both fusion and aether based engines to create a product that’s greater than the sum of its parts. These conjoined systems, referred to as “quintessence drives”, work by creating the same space-time compression ‘jets’ as an aether engine, while also injecting super-heated plasma down the chamber as a kind of afterburner. The pressure created by the aethrellite’s space-time warping significantly magnifies the thrust provided by the high energy plasma, allowing these vessels to engage in high acceleration maneuvers that are currently impossible for aether drives, and far too risky for fusion engines. Additionally, these types of engines allow for more minute changes in acceleration, giving vessels a greater degree of fine-tuned control. This simple combination so far represents the best Humanity has to offer in terms of sublight propulsion, with the only major downside being production cost and maintenance… however, the Navy of the United Sovereignty has plenty of funds to spare. Humanity may be a little far behind in certain technologies, but ship-building is not one of them.Another important aspect of propulsion is directional control and speed modulation. Maneuvers requiring great care, such as ship-to-ship docking, cargo transferences, asteroid or debris hauling, and construction in space are usually handled by much older and simpler technologies. Ship thrusters come in three main forms, those being traditional chemical thrusters, ion thrusters, or more powerful fusion thrusters. Ion thrusters are most often the weakest, providing minimal impulse and very low acceleration, but this makes them great for exceptionally high-finesse maneuvers. Ion engines work simply by firing electrically charged, low mass particles with high velocity. The most common form of thrusters are undoubtedly chemical based. Though usually a lot less fuel efficient, they are exceptionally cheap to produce and provide significantly greater impulse than ion thrusters, making them great for quick maneuvers, especially on larger vessels with greater mass. Now, fusion thrusters are, unsurprisingly, scaled down versions of a typical fusion-based engine. These thrusters undoubtedly produce the most acceleration and are very fuel efficient, but are generally more dangerous to use when other vessels are nearby; they’re also the most expensive. Ion and chemical-based thrusters are most commonly found on civilian ships, with fusion thrusters seen almost exclusively on warships. A vessel’s aethrellite grid can also act as a kind of anti-gravity thruster, essentially by pushing against the space-time medium to initiate thrust; however, this is very rarely performed, so as to reduce wear-and-tear on these expensive systems. All in all, Humanity has a lot to offer in the amount of options available for sub-light propulsion; a testament to this species’ adaptation and willingness to create.
Preview of My Star Wars Mandalorian Fan-Fiction After finishing his approach to the planet Batuu, the Mandalorian Bounty Hunter, Drel Semaj, began the landing sequence for his ship, the Mythosaur. The D5-Mantis Patrol craft finally touched down on the outskirts of Black Spire Outpost.Once the 29-year-old bounty hunter locked down his ship; a necessary precaution in his line of work; he made his way through the crowded streets of Merchant Row and proceeded down Smuggler’s Ally. He remained ever-vigilant as he passed vendors, and shops of all kinds, always on the lookout for any suspicious characters that could potentially become a threat. His dark grey Beskar armor, accented with touches of red in various places, reminded any who crossed his path that he was a hunter, not easy prey. Many who encountered him on the busy street kept a safe distance, even ducking into shops to avoid him altogether. His long dark grey cape blew back behind him as he continued down the stony streets with one destination in mind: Oga’s Cantina.As Drel entered through large wide door of the dimly lit cantina, he was met by the sights of smugglers, pirates, bounty hunters, off-worlders, and citizens of various species standing around at narrow tables talking amongst themselves and enjoying all the food and drinks the bar had to offer. Music filled the cantina, as Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes performed their widely known hit, “Mad About Me” for the patrons of the crowded establishment. It was a catchy tune, but one that he’d heard far too many times for his liking. He tuned out the music as he scanned the cantina for his contact.In his head, he went over all the exits and items he could use to defend himself if things went south. Hints of old blast marks scorched into one or, two of the permacrete walls of the circular building, were clear reminders of just how quickly that could happen; the locals claimed that the marks had been left during a skirmish when Darth Vader and a blue-skinned Imperial Officer had personally paid the cantina a visit several years ago.Drel spotted his contact, Rimas Guri, seated at a booth on the far side of the bar, playing the classic variation of Sabacc with a Rodian Smuggler. The dark-skinned human male wore a brown duster that bore the crest of the Bounty Hunters Guild on it, which indicated he was a guild agent.“Sabacc!” The dark-skinned man exclaimed to the Rodian in front of him and revealed the cards in his hands.The Rodian cursed angerly and threw his cards on the table.As the Mandalorian approached, Rimas turned to the Rodian.“Get lost.” He said. “I’m tired of winning your money.”The Rodian began to sweep his credits back toward his side of the table. The Guild Agent noticed this and pointed his drawn blaster pistol at the pea-green-skinned Rodian.“Ah, ah, ah. Leave the credits.” He said. “You lost them fair and square.”“E chu ta!” The Rodian swore and walked away from the table empty-handed.“Well, if it isn’t the Shadow Who Bleeds.” Rimas said, once Drel reached his table. “Have a seat, my friend.”As the bounty hunter took a seat, Rimas collected his winnings.“Fancy a game?”Drel shook his head. He’d known for a while that Sabacc was a favorite pastime of the Guild Agent. There’d been stories that Rimas had once beaten famed Weequay pirate, Hando Ohnaka, in a game with an extremely rare Idiot's Array, despite the pirate’s attempt to cheat.“Suit yourself.” The Guild Agent said, as he placed the deck back in the pocket of his duster.Drel placed a tracking fob on the table.“You work fast.” Said the impressed Guild Agent. “I wasn’t expecting you for another week. I assume you’re here to collect the bounty on your latest quarry?”The bounty hunter nodded slowly. “Good. The Guild will inform the Hutts, once the quarry has been offloaded from your ship. ‘May even brighten their week.”The Guild Agent placed a small sack of credits on the table in front of the Mandalorian.Drel looked around the Cantina. There were only a handful of bounty hunters there.“Oga Garra doesn’t usually allow Guild business under her roof.” He stated.Rimas gave a small smile. “In this case, she made an exception; which doesn’t happen often, believe me. The Guild has already paid her a small cut for allowing us to use her establishment for this special business arrangement.”He waved the bartender over.The bartender, a human man named Nodlia, walked over from behind the bar’s decorative brasswork and made his way to their booth. The older bartender had been working in the cantina long before Oga had come into possession of it; even bartending for it as far back as the Clone Wars.“Nodlia, another Bespin Fizz for me, and whatever my friend wants.”Drel only stared at Rimas; his helmeted head betraying not an ounce of emotion to the man seated across from him. “I’ll take my next job.”Rimas waved the elderly bartender away.“Of course...” He said. “Then I’ll get right to the point. After what happened on Tatooine a few days ago, the Hutt Council has been hiring extra bounty hunters from all over the galaxy to take out some high-value targets that are threatening their influence over the criminal underworld.”Drel was confused. “What happened on Tatooine?”Rimas looked surprised. “You really don’t know, do you… Jabba Desilijic Tiure is dead.”“What?!” Drel exclaimed in shock. “How?!”Rimas lowered his voice. “All I know is that he was killed while aboard his Sail Barge somewhere near the Dune Sea. They found the wreckage from the explosion not far from his palace, by the Great Pit of Carkoon.”“Have they hired Fett for this job yet?”Rimas looked even more surprised. “Fett was there. From what I’ve heard, he’s dead too.”“Dank Farrik!” Drel swore.The Mandalorian bounty hunter, Boba Fett was considered one of the most feared hunters in the galaxy for years; one who actually lived up to his reputation on countless occasions. Jabba’s murder was shocking enough, but Fett’s death was even harder to swallow.“What’s the bounty?” He asked? “Whatever it is, I’ll make short work of it myself.”Rimas chuckled. “No doubt, no doubt. But, this isn’t just any job, hunting bail-jumpers and smugglers. No, this is the real deal. With Jabba dead, the other Crime Syndicates, like Black Sun or the Pykes, will try to seize control of the Underworld in his absence.The Hutt’s aren’t taking any chances with this. The Guild has specifically stated that this is at least a two-man job.”There’s always a catch, Drel thought to himself. I haven’t worked with another bounty hunter since…her.“You’ll be going after two Crime Syndicates. I’ve already hired another bounty hunter to assist you with this job. Someone who’ll be able to infiltrate both organizations without drawing too much attention.”Drel was surprised, but he didn’t let it show. It wasn’t too often that the Guild assigned bounty hunters to work together without prior warning. However, this job was very important and the Guild wanted to make sure it was done right. A job like this meant lots of credits, and he’d make sure he lived long enough to earn his share of the bounty. Still, he didn’t like the idea of working with another bounty hunter.“Who?” He finally asked.“Drel Semaj…” said an all-too-familiar voice from behind him.Immediately, Drel drew his Westar-35 from its holster and pointed it at the owner of the voice.The bar suddenly went silent, as its patrons froze at the sudden disturbance.Before him, stood a blue-skinned Twi’lek woman clad from the neck down in durasteel Mandalorian armor that she’d acquired from the Black Market, with a modified Mandalorian helmet tucked under her arm. A blaster pistol in her free hand was pointed right at Drel’s helmeted head.Her beauty, a real credit to her race, gave her the guise of a frail, helpless, and submissive Twi’lek woman; though her icy-blue eyes were cold, harsh, and those of a hunter. With an attractive smile and caress of her slender fingers, she could lower the defenses of many beings foolish enough to dismiss her as a threat. Drel was not one so easily fooled.“Dia Scafer.” He said. “Haven’t seen you in a while.”“Oh, believe me, Love. I’m only here because the money’s good.”“Lower your blasters! NOW!” Ordered Rimas, standing up abruptly.The two bounty hunters hesitated, before slowly lowering their blasters; not taking their eyes off each other for a second.Rimas looked around at the stunned patrons of the bar.“Lover’s quarrel.” He said coolly. “Sorry about the disturbance. Drinks are on me.”With that, the Guild Agent tossed two bags full of Batuuan Spira Credits over the bar to Nodlia.The local patrons quickly went back to their business after ordering another round of drinks.Rimas turned back to the two bounty hunters and sternly gestured for them to take a seat at the booth.“Kriff!” He said, as he let out an annoyed sigh. “You two are going to get us kicked out of here with a stunt like that! I heard you two had a rocky history. This isn’t going to be a problem is it?”The blue-skinned Twi’lek, with icy blue eyes looked at the Guild Agent innocently.“No problem on my end.” She said. “What about you, Love?”Drel let out a low aggravated sigh.“No problem.” He finally conceded with potent distain in his voice. Satisfied for the moment with their answers, the Guild Agent turned his attention back to business.“Now then…” Rimas said. “let’s discuss the particulars of the job.”The Guild Agent pulled out a bounty holo puck and a tracking fob from his pocket and placed it on the table. He lowered the tone of his voice.“This is your first target…”TO BE CONTINUED…(Be on the lookout for the rest of the story soon)
Special Forces of the United Sovereignty (Proj. A)The United Sovereignty of Nations is a vast and powerful empire, with a military founded on a Navy unlike any other… and though the Sovereignty's Planetside division is far less expansive, they are nonetheless an invaluable part to this great power; they are grounded, complex, and precise. This planetside division is branched into three main sections: The Shields, who represent the main fighting force of the Sovereignty. The Vanguard, who carry out exceptionally dangerous and high intensity combat situations. And the Sentinel-Guard, an elite group of soldiers who perform niche and specialized missions with deadly accuracy. The Sovereignty also makes use of two extremely rare, highly augmented groups of super-soldiers: The Aquillions, nigh-unstoppable warmachines capable of turning the tides of just about any battle, and the Huntsmen, who silently project the will of the Sovereignty through ghostly espionage and assassination.However, there is yet another aspect of the Sovereingty’s planetside military which stands out on its own: The Coalition of Special Forces. These groups, while still bound to either the Shields, Vanguard, and-or Sentinel-Guard, are unique in that they are distinctive to particular regions within the empire. The Sovereignty itself is perhaps best described as a tightly knit ‘alliance’ of individual Nations, 136 to be precise, each with many of their own laws, customs, cultures, and to a small extent, military. In a lesser capacity, this extends simply to the right for planets to manage and maintain their own defensive militias, and to a greater scale, this allows each Nation to host their own specialized division of soldiers within the overarching military of the Sovereignty.These “Special Forces” serve as a unique opportunity for especially patriotic individuals to serve not only their Sovereignty, but their host Nation to an even greater extent. While a majority of these special forces employ the same overall strategies, training, equipment, and weapons as the rest of the military, roughly a third of these groups are far more distinctive. They are often characterized by particularly unique combat doctrines, tactics, and an aesthetic appearance found nowhere else. Fittingly, these special forces groups are intended to be elite, and are often regarded as being superior to their counterparts within the broader military; while not always the case, these presumptions are usually true. Each Nation tends to dedicate about 1-2% of their total military forces to their respected special forces, though more devoted Nations like Kuvira, Sanguis, and Carnifexus will bolster as much as 10-12%.As the name would imply, these groups are most often specialized to a certain field of battle, with a little less than half of all groups being geared most towards high intensity, large scale, or prolonged combat, especially planetary invasion or defense. Some examples of the groups that excel within these situations include the Plutonium Guard of Bennettus, the Wolves of Kuvira, the Rooks of Tempest, and the Hammers of Talvynwyn, among many others. Perhaps the second-most common specialization is black-ops, espionage, and intelligence gathering groups, with about a quarter of all modern groups adhering to these fields; examples include the Daggers of Enoch, the Thorns of Nisha, and the Violet Ions of Zesnuyoae. Next, roughly 15% or so percent of the Sovereignty' special forces groups are dedicated to the defense of valuable locations, intel, and people, dropping in and securing targets with an iron grip; examples include the Banners of Columbilius, the Jotunns of Murus, and the Titanium Guard of Valinoris. After this, a fair number of special forces carry out smaller scale conflicts based on conquering and dividing superior forces with little backup, and-or guerilla tactics to draw out conflicts long enough for help to arrive; examples include the Vultures of Angus, the Espadas of Atholl, and perhaps most famously, the Fianna of the Isle of New-Mann. Beyond this, the rest of the Sovereignty's special forces groups command an expertise in more niche fields, often supplementing unspecialized armies that require their assistance. The Doves of Sanctum, for example, are legion of combat medics who provide relief, protection, and hope on desperate battlefields. The Etherian Hussars of Kazahkstathi patrol the borders of the Sovereignty, swiftly striking down invaders with unique equipment and tactics. The Devas of Principum rain down into battle, supplying power, precision, awe, and renewing morale in their fellow soldiers.Though they are often few in numbers, these special forces groups are an impactful and formidable subset of the Sovereignty's vast military. They represent a population of soldiers who are not just elite, well equipped, and respected, but loyal and unwavering in their devotion to their home Nations, and by extension, the greater Sovereignty. They represent the apex of what it means to be a true warrior, to be a guardian of their families, their Nations, their Sovereignty… their people.
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HMNZS Poverty Bay 3 by calamitySi HMNZS Poverty Bay 3 :iconcalamitysi:calamitySi 87 9 HMNZS Poverty Bay 2 by calamitySi HMNZS Poverty Bay 2 :iconcalamitysi:calamitySi 45 4 Robo by SatenkoDmitry Robo :iconsatenkodmitry:SatenkoDmitry 17 6 The Gun [2d concept art] by SatenkoDmitry The Gun [2d concept art] :iconsatenkodmitry:SatenkoDmitry 30 2 Weapon Lanco Corporation by SatenkoDmitry Weapon Lanco Corporation :iconsatenkodmitry:SatenkoDmitry 47 0 Ahsoka by Geirahod Ahsoka :icongeirahod:Geirahod 741 10 Yoda and R2 by R-Valle Yoda and R2 :iconr-valle:R-Valle 338 15 Ahsoka by Geirahod Ahsoka :icongeirahod:Geirahod 1,791 43 Aayla Secura by Geirahod Aayla Secura :icongeirahod:Geirahod 334 2 Luke's Grand Illusion by Jedi-Art-Trick Luke's Grand Illusion :iconjedi-art-trick:Jedi-Art-Trick 735 49 Star Wars: Rebels by mehdic Star Wars: Rebels :iconmehdic:mehdic 1,668 112 Blood of the Suns by Cascador Blood of the Suns :iconcascador:Cascador 88 37 Anakin Skywalker / Darth Vader by Lady-Kira-Night Anakin Skywalker / Darth Vader :iconlady-kira-night:Lady-Kira-Night 785 64 Yoda by dKeeNo44 Yoda :icondkeeno44:dKeeNo44 45 0 I Heart Galaxy by Vaporeon249 I Heart Galaxy :iconvaporeon249:Vaporeon249 408 64 Indomitable Forces by Vaporeon249 Indomitable Forces :iconvaporeon249:Vaporeon249 76 14

Informations and Rules

This group is a home for all science-fiction fans, from Star Wars and Star Trek to Isaac Asimoov, or even your own original sci-fi stories.

We want to gather all science-fiction fans in one place and collect nice art and stories.

Feel free to join by clicking the "Join this group" button at the top of the page !

However, for this group to function properly, we need a few basic rules.

1. Anyone can join, but keep in mind that it's a group for science-fiction fans.
2. Have respect for other members and for admins. We are all human being and deserve to be treat properly, otherwise expect some consequences.
3. Do not spam the front page.
4. If you submit art, please be sure it's appropriate (in other words, no pornography, and it must be sci-fi.)
5. Have fun !

We are part of this group, made for deviants to have an easier time searching through groups :




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Hug Thank you for accepting me as a member. 
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Thanks for accepting!
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May I share a commission I had done for me on this fan page?
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Where I can put a typography/poster with quote of a Sci-Fi author?
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Star Wars III: Revenge Of The Sith 10th Anniversary Retrospective!

It’s certainly hard to believe that over ten yrs ago now, and what was then thought of as the last piece of George Lucas’s ingenious space fantasy saga, was blasting it’s way across theaters worldwide. As it’s titled, Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith not only gave us many of the . . .

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