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Just click to become a member and you're in! :D If you wanna' submit art to the club, make sure you become a "member" ! 'Cause watchers can only watch and not submit.

If it has ANYthing to do with Transformers/robots, aliens, outer space, superheroes/villians; if it's sci-fi related, we wanna' see it! Written pieces and original characters ARE welcome too! :aww:

dA rules still apply! Make sure your piece still conforms to all the rules and regulations of this website! If your piece has extreme nudity, and/or is "Not Safe For Work", we have a folder just for that.

Anything offensive, or doesn't involve science fiction or superheroes in some way, it'll be rejected. We also do not accept screenshots.

Also, PLEASE, be kind and respectful to other members. Fighting and swearing is really frowned upon, and is a fast way to get yourself banned.

All submissions are put to vote. You can submit up to three pieces a day. You can contact the founders or administrators for any other questions.

Come and help prove that sci-fi isn't just for geeks; come and help celebrate how this awesome genre helped inspire real life science and the technology we now use everyday! :D


Bubble Pop by vsevse Bubble Pop :iconvsevse:vsevse 75 4 Little Red Riding Hood by vsevse Little Red Riding Hood :iconvsevse:vsevse 123 10 Morning by vsevse Morning :iconvsevse:vsevse 169 14 Mood: by vsevse Mood: :iconvsevse:vsevse 67 4 Smiley face by vsevse Smiley face :iconvsevse:vsevse 100 8 Redrum by vsevse Redrum :iconvsevse:vsevse 148 8 BALLOON by vsevse BALLOON :iconvsevse:vsevse 114 7 GORYNYCH by vsevse GORYNYCH :iconvsevse:vsevse 124 5 DEADY by vsevse DEADY :iconvsevse:vsevse 36 0 Anakin Skywalker Light Side by Yoshidraco Anakin Skywalker Light Side :iconyoshidraco:Yoshidraco 19 1 girls by vsevse girls :iconvsevse:vsevse 82 2
Journey Chapter 15
Chapter 15: Quintessons' Origins
Klemethia and Utha were in-charged of reeducating and turning both Autobots and Decepticons into slaves to Quintessons. They also removed most of their weapons and blasters, ensuring their prisoners won't try to fight back and resist them. Klementia was in-charge of putting the Decepticons through the gladiatorial combat against the Quintesson's Warriors and Monsters. Utha enforced Autobots into labor works.
Both Infernocons and Baliffs guided Megatron and all of his Decepticons to training grounds, where they have their prisoners donned their own armors and weapons. Klementia appeared before the Decepticons. All of them snarled and growled at him.
"The mightiest faction of warriors - The Decepticons. Welcome to my gladiatorial arena!" Klementia said amusingly and sinisterly. He chuckled amusingly, "I have heard that most of you all fierce and powerful warriors among Cybertron during your 'war'. I'm quite intriguin
:iconnigel5469:nigel5469 3 1
TFA: NBB Chapter 7
‘Slag it, why did I have to say that,’ Bumblebee thought, mentally slapping himself. He should have known once he said that he had a bad sparkling hood Prowl and Blurr would start asking questions.
“Bumblebee, why won’t you tell us what happened,” Prowl asked following him.
“Leave me alone,” Bumblebee shouted speeding up.
Blurr was easily able to catch up with Bumblebee and since they were in the woods they didn’t have to worry about how fast they were going.
“We won’t leave you alone until you tell us about your sparkling hood,” Blurr said, “Well truthfully I have no intention of leaving you alone, but I still want you to tell me.”
“I’m not telling you guys anything so just drop it,” Bumblebee said transforming to robot mode so he would run through the thicker part of the woods.
The other two mechs did the same; Blurr used his speed to get in front of Bumblebee then grabbed his shoulders so he could
:icondiamondheart31:DiamondHeart31 55 22
TFA SG-Different Worlds Ch.1
Cat yawned as she watched professor sumdac and bulkhead argue about the space bridge again! They had argued all night, she knew that cause she had spent the night with sari. She yawned again and wiped the sleep from her eyes, she didn't have any sleep last night. Lightning struck the sky, it was starting to storm. A little, dark skinned girl, with red hair, a orange dress with a light yellow stripe down the middle came outside wiping the sleep from her eyes she hadn't slept either. She went and stood beside cat "morning sari...." "morning cat" she yawned. "what are they arguing about now?" cat shrugged her shoulders. "I don know I've been zoning in and out......sounds like a lot of....uh...." she yawned. Lightning struck the sky again. Close to the space bridge, Cat's allspark fragment glowed a bright blue, so did Sari's key. They glowed brighter and brighter, as lighting struck the space bridge. It started up with a low hum. "uh oh." it started spark, as it started suck up anything ar
:icontfafangirl14:TFAfangirl14 24 7
TFA: Nichole's Story Chp.1
Part I
Our English teacher had taken us to the school library for research. The papers we had to do weren’t supposed to be turned in until the month after that, but not everyone is a procrastinator like me. So, unlike me, everyone got on the computers and began looking up their topics. I, on the other hand, just pulled up Google to make it look like I was doing something. I then brought out my notebook and began to doodle...
About half an hour later, the most annoying sound rang through everyone’s ears.
Fire alarm.
The students immediately began talking, wondering if it was just a drill or not. There had been no warning given by the principal, so there must have been a real fire. No one can help but be excited when this happens, because there are so many questions involved. Who started it? How close is it? Is our school going to burn down? Will these kids walk fast enough for me to get out? The list goes on.
It was a short walk to the library doors where the students a
:iconkira-karix-chan:Kira-Karix-chan 122 45
TFA: ALRS Chapter 4
Bumblebee looked up at Starscream, well at least he thought it was Starscream. For some reason he wasn't attacking, and his smile was diffrent. It was still evil, but he didn't look like he was going to put him off-line.
"What are you doing here," Bumblebee asked, keeping his guard up.
"I came here to destroy some stuff in hopes that you would show up," Starscream replied, "But it looks like you saved me the trouble of destroying the city."
"Well here I am," Bumblebee said, sounding both angry and scared, "So what do you want?"
The smile on Starscream's face-plate grew as he stalked closer to Bumblebee. The younger mech tried to run, but Starscream grabbed his shoulders.
The larger mech leaned in closely to Bumblebee's audio receptors, and said, "I want you."
Bumblebee let out a gasp of surprise as Starscream lip's brushed against his neck, "Wha...What do you mean," he shuttered even through he was pretty sure he already knew the answer.
Starscream brought his face-plate closer to Bumb
:icondiamondheart31:DiamondHeart31 39 15
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