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:bulletblue: Wow! 400 members! Go team!

:bulletblue: If you are looking for another advertising platform to get your art out there, there is a great new app called Art Amino, available from the App Store and the Google Play store. I have personally tried the app out and there is a lovely community of artists there that are more than willing to chat it up about their techniques and inspiration.

More importantly, there are no nearly enough sci-fi artists there, so boldly go!

More on the app:

Traditional art, digital art, crafts, cartoons, paint, sculpture— whatever your medium, just don’t keep it to yourself!

1. Post your artistic creations and works in progress (whether on canvas or a notebook!)
2. Start discussions in the forum
3. Share your art with other like minded individuals
4. Discover other artists around the globe
5. Create a portfolio to showcase your work
6. Express yourself and your artistic point of view in your profile page

Thats all for now!
Nova :bulletgreen: :bulletblue: :bulletgreen:
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When Submitting...

Here at SCI-FI-ME, we love to see your amazing art, so fire away! Let that glorious pencil work its magic! We want to see the results of your studious labors. First, though, we want to lay out a few ground rules...


:bulletblue: You can submit anything Science Fiction related. Just be sure to submit to the right gallery!

:bulletblue: The featured folder is for exceptionally extraordinary Science Fiction art and is for STAFF USE ONLY. Any submitted art to this folder will be moved to the correct folder, expired, or voted down unless we find it worthy. 'WoWs!' ('What on Worlds!') are new to Sci-Fi-Me! When your art is added to the featured folder, we will display in our journal! So keep that talent and originality coming!

:bulletblue: You can submit as many pictures of any genre per day.

:bulletblue: Please try to submit only your best and finished works!

:bulletblue: Please keep your art appropriate! Believe it or not, children roam the internet more or less freely.

:bulletblue: There is a fine line between FANTASY and SCI-FI. Please do consider this when submitting.

:bulletblue: Official Art is not allowed. Photo manipulated art, however, is, provided there is enough variance in the manipulated work. This goes for literature as well.


:bulletgreen: You can suggest as many favourites as you want.

:bulletgreen: Remember the difference between FANTASY and SCI-FI when submitting.

:bulletgreen: Remember that favorites are only for that which you consider supremely awesome.


:bulletyellow: Suggestions on how to improve the group are always welcome! Simply post your suggestion in the comments panel on the bottom right hand side of this page.

:bulletyellow: Questions will also be answered on the comments panel.

:bulletyellow: Donate to up and coming group contests:

Gallery Folders

Star Taxi by Magictorcho
Supernova-HD-Remaster by QuantomStarBox
Infernal Nebula by layerZero
The Red Dwarf Mining Combine by BBattaglino
Video Games
[Saren Arterius and Kirsen Shepard] Missing you by LRTrevelyan
[Saren Arterius and Kirsen Shepard] I'm yours by LRTrevelyan
Star Trek
The Galaxy Project by Euderion
Spock's Revelation by TheGodofCities1967
Captain Michael Burnham And Discovery Crew! by StalinDC
Data's Conundrum by TheGodofCities1967
Star Wars
Darth Vader's Meditation Chamber by Pizzaundbier
Questions? by TheGodofCities1967
Futuristic Y-Wing by Colourbrand
[Blender] Star Wars: Trilla Suduri by Rockcodian
HEED. OBEY. SERVE. by Colonel-Majora-777
Olivia Dunhem by IraNyaaasha
White Tulip by TheHalfBloodPierrot
Miranda Dynamic by TheHalfBloodPierrot
Doctor Who and Spins
Doctor Who Classic The Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) by stick-man-11
Dalek line art by stick-man-11
Old High Gallifreyan font by Chroniton8990
Doctor Tardigrade, That's Who! by OliverInk
Battlestar Galactica and Spins
Auxesia's Prayer - CF 10 by Martechi
Auxesia Heavy Escort by Martechi
Above a burning World - CF 09 by Martechi
Gunstar Arete by Martechi
Alien the Movie and Spins
Meanwhile aboard the Nostromo... by TheGodofCities1967
Prometheus V-1 by FabioMk
Nostromo Airlock by Stingray-24
PROMETHEUS - movie poster by P-Lukaszewski
Hippaforalkus - Aurora class Battleship by Euderion
STARGATE-ATLANTIS: Operation - Dragons Tail by ulimann644
SG-AK-202 class Support Vessel (SGAC) by Martechi
The new Toys - Stargate Fanart by Euderion
Other Shows
Harley Burn! by TheGodofCities1967
Harley Quinn vs Darkseid by TheGodofCities1967
A lack of Vision by TheGodofCities1967
DFDBS - Ra'an - Sandviper-class cruiser 2 by NikitaTarsov
Commissioned: Battletech Ship Schematics by Colourbrand
Space Clouds (Stock) by Euderion
It could have been a lot worse! by TheGodofCities1967
Neptune's Wrath| Duelling Storms and Scattered TNO by Eduardo-Tarasca
M-Tec Teiden Gatschack TSS-56 AutoShotgun Pistol by NikitaTarsov
Space Crimes-Target Acquired (Part 8 of 8) by Slofkosky
The Feast by Slofkosky
x wing recon by furnituresig
BABYLON-6 - 04. Alte Feinde by ulimann644
Cat 1 Z by pyraker
Original Literature
The Irregulars 3: Love Is a Stranger - 77GENEVA, SWITZERLAND Although he’d had his driver’s licence for almost forty years, The Martian had never been behind the wheel of a Bentley before. The Flying Spur was a big, heavy saloon that had more bells and whistles than he could ever hope to deal with. Like all modern luxury vehicles it had an automatic transmission for its high performance engine, which was more powerful than anything he’d handled before. The interior was all refined luxury: dark grey leather seating and dark burr walnut veneers and modern electronics. He’d been taken by surprise when Penny requested they drive to Geneva instead of teleporting. She explained that she wanted a relaxing drive before the main event, as well as some private time with him. As a telepath Penny was constantly having to block out all the “mental noise” around her – but The Martian was a psychic blank. She found it very relaxing to be around him. They could talk and get to know each other like normal people – something which as a telepath she valued highly. The Martian had been metaphorically (and almost literally) knocked off his feet when he arrived at the chalet. Olivia let him in and there was her sister waiting. To say that Penny looked beautiful was a gross understatement. Her waist-length purple hair was done up in a very flattering bun that exposed her elegant neck. For the evening she was clad in an iris-purple, sleeveless mermaid dress with a deep V in the back. It was called that because it was a style of evening gown that fit closely to the body through the torso and hips, then “fishtailed” out in a flair to the floor. She wore no jewellery apart from small platinum and amethyst earrings – understated and classy. As a final breathtaking touch, Penny was wrapped in a gorgeous silver fox boa which was so huge that, around her shoulders, the ends reached her knees. It was the fourth of September and the night was going to be chilly enough to warrant a fur. Yet the boa was there for glamour and beauty, pure and simple. She wore it fabulously well. Penelope Parker was, at that moment he laid eyes on her, the most beautiful woman The Martian had ever seen in his life. He actually found it difficult to catch a breath. He was nearly overwhelmed, emotionally and physically. Penny didn’t need her psychic abilities to read the look on his face or his body language. She was moved and flattered by his open, honest reaction – which was awe. Olivia could see his reaction as well and was thrilled. She thought they’d make an incredible couple. As for The Martian, he had gone with his plan of the smart casual look. This included a simple yet well-tailored blazer, a nightclub-worthy long sleeved tee, close fitting slacks and pointed toe leather shoes. His entire ensemble was pure black, which contrasted very nicely against his rich green skin. Penny was very approving, saying he cleaned up quite well, and Olivia agreed with her one hundred percent. The drive from Verbier took them a little over two hours following the A9 and the A1; going through Saint-Maurice, Montreux, and around Lausanne and the northern shore of Lac Léman until they reached Geneva. It didn’t take The Martian long to get a feel for the Bentley, but he was still careful and didn’t bother to hide his unfamiliarity with the car to Penny. She took it in stride and happily acted as his navigator. They chatted and listened to music, The Martian focussing on his driving because the Bentley was, to him, a monster of a car. He was also on unfamiliar roads and had heard that Swiss traffic cops were speed Nazis. The last thing he wanted was to get pulled over. Out on the open road in a luxury car with only her friend for company, Penny revelled in the pure quiet of her surroundings. Once they got to the soirée she would have to put up all her telepathic shields – but until then she could relax. “So you really have a problem with my car?” she asked, intrigued. “It’s not exactly a problem per se,” he replied, trying not to stare at her. It wasn’t easy. “I’ve just never driven anything like this before. It’s huge and I’m not used to the power, and I haven’t got a clue about any of this,” he added, waving at the console. Penny smiled. “More of an old school driver, then?” “Oh, hell yes,” he said, chuckling. “For me, standard transmission’s the only way to go. Even that little Morgan of yours is an automatic. And the flappy paddle gearshift on your Lambo? Wouldn’t have the first clue how to use it.” “Really?” she said in surprise. “Like you said: I’m old school. Gimme a stick shift and the basics, and I’m a happy camper. Although I gotta say I’d love to learn how, because I love Lamborghinis and your Aventador is a real beauty, an amazing shade of purple.” “You mean that?” “Of course I do. I love the Aventador, it’s totally cool. And this Bentley’s a very nice car, too. It’s just that it’s a bit too much for me. Sorry.” “You don’t have to apologise,” she said kindly, touching his arm. They drove on in companionable silence, listening to the radio. Penny closed her eyes, pleasantly running her fingers through the fur boa folded on her lap. It was so very peaceful. She eventually opened her eyes again and looked at her companion. “Mars, thank you for coming with me tonight,” she said sincerely. The Martian smiled at her. “Hey, no problem. Thanks for asking.” “I mean it.” Penny sighed. “These events can be so tedious and sometimes it’s hard to block out thoughts, especially in a large, noisy crowd. Even for me. Having you with me for both moral and psychic support will help a lot.” “Anytime.” He reached over and gave her hand a squeeze; she covered his with her other hand and squeezed back. To his great surprise Penny didn’t let go for a long while, just sat there holding hands until he needed both of his on the wheel. He tried not to read anything into it, certain that he was misreading any signals she might theoretically be giving. It wouldn’t be the first time he’d misread a woman’s intentions. When they finally reached Geneva, Penny sat up straighter and used the car’s GPS to guide him to their destination: the InterContinental Geneve, one of Geneva’s finest five-star hotels. The Martian couldn’t have used the system even if he’d tried. Machines didn’t register him and the GPS was voice activated. He drove the Bentley around and up to the front of the hotel, and a parking valet immediately came over and opened the passenger door. Penny swung out her long legs and took his hand to stand; then reached in and retrieved her fur, wrapping it around her shoulders and stroking it. When The Martian emerged from the car, the valet stepped back and stared in shock. “You got a problem, dude?” The Martian asked in German. “Uh, no. No, sir,” the valet replied, gawking as The Martian came around and handed him a €100 note. “Welcome to, uh, to the InterContinental Geneve.” “Be sure not to scratch the car, dude.” “Of course not, sir!” Penny smiled mischievously, then adjusted her fur and offered her right arm, bent at the elbow, to her escort. The Martian took it, a thrill going through his entire body at her touch and the sight and smell of her. She gave his arm a squeeze. “Ready?” she asked. “Here goes nothing,” he replied, and she laughed as they strolled arm-in-arm through the front doors of the InterContinental Geneve.


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Do you know of a wonderful piece of work that you can't stop staring at? Do you want to shout it from the nearest rooftop and pin it on the back of your math teacher's striped collar shirt? Too bad you didn't create it... but hey! Cheer up! That's what the favorites folder is for!


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Morpheus0000 Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2020
Our heroines, the aptly named Longshots, have been tasked with the infiltration of the Onyx Keep and assassination of the reviled King Kaj, but unbeknownst to them an even more dastardly regent has taken his place. Who is this oddly costumed conquerer and how do the three bravest, talented women of Glenhaven defeat and dethrone him? Find out in Planet Threadim Chapter 1.
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