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Cat 1 Z by pyraker
Tarot Card drone 3 by pyraker
AREA -51 by WXKO
Mass Effect
Argent Troops by GothicGamerXIV
[Blender] Mass Effect - Commander Shepards by Rockcodian
Mass Effect: Keanu Reeves and Henry Cavill by Rockcodian
Ashley Williams ME1 by LordHayabusa357
Pufferfish Man by niggiddu
Cimmerian and the Serpent by Joel-Bisaillon
Tiefling Lord by Joel-Bisaillon
Dawn on the River by Joel-Bisaillon
Horror and Macabre
PS5 DualSense Anatomy by Madspeitersen
Corsairs of Cthulhu by Joel-Bisaillon
Trophy Buck by Mt-Mathias

Mature Content

Placing the Genus, stage TEN by Magnus-Greel
20.000 leagues under the sea booktober day 4 by RedGeOrb
More, a New Short Horror StoryA lone man sits in a darkened room. Cigarette in hand, he sat in a comfortable armchair, staring blankly at a TV stationed in the center of the room and is the only source of light. His studded leather jacket and slicked-back hair glistened in the flashing light of the TV, the screen reflected off his big, black sunglasses. It was as if he was captivated by the greatest film or TV series of all time yet it was just a commercial, nothing but an average commercial. It was just some random woman looking up toward the camera trying to sell something or other. The man didn't care, he just kept staring in awe at the flashing screen. The man breathed heavily, almost sounding as if he was feeling the sense of disgusted arousal flood his coursed through his entire body. His breathing soon turned into moans of hunger and urge. His body jerked and twist as he sat up, leaning in closer to the solitary TV set. The commercial went on as per usual, getting to the part where the random, obviously useless item was being demonstrated, and the man was still captivated by every second of it. He suddenly rose from his chair and collapsed onto all fours on the floor. The man began to crawl towards the TV, his arms jerked and shook with each motion towards the TV. His mouth hanged open, a trail of drool slipped out of his mouth as he made his way to the TV in a sickening fashion. Once the Man arrived at the TV, he placed his hands on it, moving them up and down the screen as the smiling spokeswoman continued about whatever she was talking about. The Man moaned in glee as if he was feeling the finest silks or the warmth of a lover's body against his bare hands. Before too long, he placed his hands on either side of the box-shaped TV, his mouth gaped and the Man inhaled loudly and inhumanly like the scream of a Banshee calling her next victim. The flashing images on the screen began to shutter, began to twitch, began to slide out from the screen. The image of the smiling woman in her red sweater and short blonde hair stitched and elongated as it was pulled straight off the screen and into the opened maul of the Man like smoke. Soon there was nothing but static on the TV, it still lit of the darkened room, and basking in the light was the Man, now on his knees, his arms slung to the side as he sat there in simple bliss. With a shaky hand, he removed his sunglasses and revealed his glassy eyes fluttering about as they rolled into the back of his head. It was clear the sense of euphoria was still within his system and it was the greatest of highs. As he sighed in pleasure, rolling his shoulders and neck, he moaned to himself, "More." The End?...
Game Art
Humanity (Halo) by LordHayabusa357
Brothers and Sisters in Arms by LordHayabusa357
Marine Expeditionary Force 2525 by LordHayabusa357
RAGE by GothicGamerXIV
TV and Movies
General Obi-Wan Kenobi by LordHayabusa357
Versus - BabTrek by Euderion
Ben Schwartz as Yakko Warner (Animaniacs) by MZimmer1985
Times Ahead Are Just As Long As The Time Behind by Batced
Comic Books, Cartoons, and Podcasts
1.5 Earths by Magnus-Greel
Seth MacFarlane as Wakko Warner (Animaniacs) by MZimmer1985
Xolo Maridunea as Jaime Reyes (Blue Beetle) by MZimmer1985
Oliver Jackson-Cohen as Batman (Batman) by MZimmer1985
War and Politics
Holly Roller 1b by pyraker
Photography, Body Art, Cosplay
Here Comes Hoppy Cottontail by Batced
Arachnotron by GothicGamerXIV
Clothing, Apparel and Crafts
Kemical Bunni by voya
News and Journals from around DA.
Artist's Gallery.

Mature Content

Breeding by Lanius-Collurio


Our mission, should you choose to accept, is to seek out new art, new literature, and new artistic civilisations. To boldly go, where no group has gone before.
With your help, we will make it so.
And there is coffee in this nebula.

We are for all things Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror.
We're here primarily to encourage artists to help each other out, and be supportive, while having lots of fun along the way. Everyone is welcome.

Please be polite and use common sense. Anything submitted with a mature content must be marked appropriately.
Any questions, just contact one of the team. Cheers guys.

(Abuse will not be tolerated, unless you ask politely, then we'll see what we can do).


Huge thanks to Gigi-FenixPhoenix for creating our amazing ID badge.

Concerned about art theft, or interested in supporting a group taking the art thieves on? Please join this group:

Commissions and Contests.

To Advertise your contests, commissions, or other news, just send us a note.

:skull: KKylimos - Illustration/comics/creature design/album covers... - Cash only.
:skull: MEWOAH - Art trades.
:skull: AuthorOfSins Send her a note - Art trades.
:skull: AbigailSins Professional illustrator -

:skull: Check out this special feature for some of our SFH artists… by the awesome mistertrece





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SFH for all things Science fiction, Fantasy and Horror.
Supportive, fun, and welcoming group to everyone.
At SFH, no one gets left behind!
Founded 9 Years ago
Sep 25, 2012


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723 Members
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Hi all!

Further to our last journal -… - I'm happy to report that I found some of our admin and, like a well train sheep dog, have managed to herd a couple back from the wilderness.
:iconsavvid: Has been approving your art as and when she can, pretty much on her own, while I was away and oblivious to the issues, and will be continuing to do so.
:iconazrielmordecai: Is going to be writing some regular blogs on all kinds of things going on in the art world, and
:iconmothbanquet: Has kindly offered to share his blogs with us, and I'll have to tap him up for a chat soon about his new book.

However, we are going to need more help running this group. We need:
- People to run the gallery. If you like organising and have a spare half hour a week, this ones for you.
- Interviewers. If you enjoy talking to fellow artists and would like to do a monthly, or two monthly feature, contact me. It doesn't matter if you have no experience, you'll be fully supported if you want it.

Please come have a chat with me if you would like to help out. We need you!

Even if you don't have the time to be admin, I would be very grateful if you could add a note in your journals to let people know we need admin.
Thank you very much to :iconespionagedb7: for using your journal to give us a shout out. It's really appreciated.

Finally, it would be great to hear what you would like to see from SFH. We want to support you and your art, whatever kind of SFH'er you are. Please give us your wish lists and ideas, so we can build this group in the direction you want it to go. What features would you like to see? Do you know any artists that you would like to see us interview? What kind of things would you like to see discussed and debated?
The more feedback we get, the better we can do. As always, your thoughts and ideas are very welcome, hell, they're imperative!

I hope to hear from some of you soon.


PS. Note to admin. Alas, I don't have time to contact everyone individually, but I'd like to have a small team in place before I go into hospital in the next few weeks. As such, if you're tagged below, can you please drop me a note to let me know if you can still admin the group. Anyone who can't, or who isn't around anymore to see this, will be moved to members, with huge thanks and gratitude for all the time and hard work you put into the group. If you see this after you have been moved to members, but still want to admin, just send me a note and I'll move you back. Thanks guys.
:iconabigailsins: :iconcloudie-skye: :icongeneral-mudkip: :iconauthorofsins:
:iconczarcasm101: :iconillusionsfire76: :iconrama-kay: :iconblackcherryangel:
More Journal Entries


Remember: It costs nothing to encourage an artist, and the potential benefits are staggering. A pat on the back to an artist now could one day result in your favourite film, or the cartoon you love to get stoned watching, or the song that saves your life. Discourage an artists, you get absolutely nothing in return, ever.
- Kevin Smith.

SFH Points Donators.

:iconlapointsplz: In the Kitty - 2,248. Please donate here. Thanks.

:blowkiss: Our gratitude to:
:iconhairywookiee: :iconsavvid: :iconblackcherryangel: :iconripleynox: :iconopheliabell: :iconchicksaw2002: :iconashtrails: :iconimmortal-krios:


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Lernaean Hydra


Spec. Ops and Away Team



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