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Kindall Stamp


I am indeed a fan of Kick Buttowski. I'm also a fan of Kindall, though I support Kick/Scarlett more... :hmm:

I guess you can say this is a gift for :icondragonmew: even though we never really talk. She's one of my favorite artists, though. :D

Oh, and if any members of any Kick Buttowski club wanna submit this to the featured section, be my guest. ;P

Brb gonna go build a fort.

Kick and Kendall (c) Disney XD
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:love: :iconkickxkendallplz: :love: My OTP forever!!! KINDALL!!!! :love: :#1: :party:
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Nice to see you this neck of the woods, person I haven't spoken to in a long time. Love this stamp art. (We talked under my old account alstinsono)
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I've never been more supportive to a semi-canon, semi-non-canon couple since Brad and Jenny from "Teenage Robot".

Had the series progressed, I'd love to see how Kendall tries to show to Kick how she really feels about him, only to pull of a Helga Pataki and pull back on it. Since technically her last role in one of the show's plotlines was in the episode, "Big Mouth", where she acquired photos of Kick to gawk over, I'd would've love to see how it would later on just explode into a huge ball of "I LOVE YOU!"

...Sadly, with the series screeched to a halt, this is only something to imagine. But hey, there's always that rare miracle the show could turn out like "Futurama" and be shown on another network...
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"Kindal, a new way to read"
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wow! this is so pretty!
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YAAAAAAAY :boogie:
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I don't like it as much as I like Scarlett/Kick, but I still ship it.
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LOL I'm actually starting to like this couple after I saw the episode. XD
But I agree I like KickxScarlett better. and it's so weird that I actually thought about creating a fan char who was all dare-devil-ish like him, but I was thinking it might make her a Mary-Sue. XD BUT, I want an excuse to right a Kick Buttowski fan fic.
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feel free to write a fanfic! :D
Nah, it wouldn't be mary-sueish. People make a bunch of fancharacters like that. :P I do have a fancharacter though. But she's not a daredevil. [link]
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Hm. I'm always paranoid about it when I'm creating new fan chars cause people get on me about it. Is there like a loooooong list online or something that you go by? XD
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nah I just go ahead and create and make sure I dont add some of the major sue traits. :P
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Hm. I suppose whenever I'm yelled at for it, the char is like a MAJOR sue. XD Well, nobody yelled at me for it, but they made a whole forum just to trash talk me over her. But, then again, I look back at her & I'm like, "GOSH. That's annoying!"
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Yeah. XD It was a "Princess and the Frog" fic.
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