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on the bridge

This was painted on Jan in 2002.
I think I was blue more often those years.So the girls that I painted were always blue.Hahaha...;p
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its really beautiful :D
omg! so this is your master piece? i saw it in a website before!
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I love the pink and blue together!
..oh my god..absolutely impressive and beautiful.. ur artworks really attractive..
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Wow @____@ Love how this was done. I'm really amazed how realistic she is.
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^__^thank you.Maybe is because of my background is base on real photoes.
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great work! very very pretty.
I particularly like her eyes and the patterns on her clothes :D

hmmmm but her hair could fall a little more naturally?
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Thank you. I used many layers to make the patterns on the clothes.
you can try it.^___^
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oh,thank you.^___^
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your work is featured in my journal if that bothers you in any way just let me know and I will remove it
schumy330's avatar
no,that won't bother me.Thank you for featured me in your journal.It's my honor.^___^
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Beautiful! I love the colors and her pose
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^___^ thanks!!
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i love her melancholic expression...
amazing! :heart:
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yes...a little bit blue...I love that,too.
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Your art reminds me of a certain illustrator works usually seen on Chinese role playing games game packages?

If you actually are "the illustrator" or know them can you tell me.

I recently purchased an illustrated artbook relating to this style, and loved it, and was wondering if anymore are going to be released in the US.[link]
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Oh~~sorry,I'm not "the illustrator.I don't know which illustrator is going to release in US..but there are many artbooks just like this style in Taiwan.^__^
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It's a lovely work. I love her cloths (especelly the sleeves ^ ^), and the background is so magical...
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oh~~thank you. The background was made in reference.^__^
AmoyaStudio's avatar
^ ^. It's beautiful anyway!
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really amazing the bridge and trees are beautiful too
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