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emancipation beside the sea

Painted in 2002.
Sorry for submiting so late.In fact,I want to reply all the comments before I submite new work.But...that's really hard. I don't have too much time and my English is not good enough to swift to read and reply.
I hope you don't mind if I submit and reply so slowly.Actually I already did.hahaha~~~
The Christmas Day is coming soon.Hope everyone Merry Xmas.^____^
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Oh, god, your works are absolutely beautiful and awesome.
You have a great talent for this, it's incredible.
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vry natural..i think u are a genius at that..keep them rolling mate :)
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Happy holidays! This is another lovely piece!
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Though it's older it's very beautiful^^
I love all your works and I hope that I can see some new stuff from you in the future too. :hug:
Please take care and keep up the great work!
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I miss talking to you. I hope you are doing well.
Merry Christmas. Great artwork like always. ^_^
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merry christmas !
i love the soft glowing ethereal look this has
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Beautiful's so smooth! Nice detail of her dress. :love:

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Hey!!! Finally you have gotten a new one I have been dying in suspense! Now I know your alive! How are you? I love the picture its beautiful like the rest of your gallery. I hope all is well. :hug:
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Very nice. I like the paterning on the dress. I don't know why but this one has a little more of a modern feel to it for me than some of your work.
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its very very good i like it a lot... it just needs a little bit of shadow in her face otherwise it looks amazing
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Yes,you're right.her face looks like flat.hahaha~~~thanks for your opinion.^__^
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np... love ur work
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She's so beautiful. Her skin and hair and everything colored it so beautifully done.
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Beautiful work..Nicely done..Cheers
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yeah, you submitted another one!! it's beautiful, and i can't wait for you to start showing your recent, new masterpieces! you know i love your work! <333
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Man.. Perfect, I am your fan!! T_T
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wow she's so beautiful~!!!<3:love: wonderful work!:D
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Lovely! Beautiful dress and hair. Merry Christmas to you too. :)
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Amazing colors and she is very beautiful!!!^^ :clap:
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