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a fairy up the cloud

I love fairy......This's a cover that I done for fantasy novel.
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She looks a little like Korean actress Ku Hye Sun :happybounce:
Very fine and beautiful art. Meow :3 
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You said she looks Korean.

Is is racist to think that all asians look the same whether they are Japanese, Korean, or Chinese, etc?
IsabellaBLK's avatar
What do you mean by that?? She just looks particularly like actress Ku Hye Sun, not like any other asian.
Sorry if I let you misinterpret it. Of course asians don't look the same.
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DarkVilley's avatar
She's lovely. Great job. :)
Anime-qween's avatar
awesome.. really nice like the other ones ;)
Midolluin's avatar
I love your color blend, the softness but with detail where it counts. She has a lovely face. Is there a specific person you use as your inspiration? beautiful work.
schumy330's avatar
^_^Thank you. Yes. I do have a person as my inspiration but not specific.
Midolluin's avatar
A non specific person. Now there is an interesting concept. :)
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Thanks all of you~~~:XD: I'm so happy that you like it!!!
Pim-s's avatar
it's very nice done! she is very pretty!
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semperfy's avatar
uwaaaah she's so beautiful :love:
Sabirah's avatar
Super! It's so soft looking~~

*floats away on a cloud*
XxLittleRavynxX's avatar
its very beautiful.The linework is so neat and clean, and it has a lot of nice soft colors blending together.
schumy330's avatar
Thank you!!At last I always clear unnecessary line to keep it clean.;p
XxLittleRavynxX's avatar
You're very welcome^_^
Avariz's avatar
Beautiful! The clouds are very stylish :)
schumy330's avatar
Thank you!!This is Chinese cloud!!:laughing:
binleh's avatar
lovely and calm and beautiful, she is so pretty, I want to hug her. Love it!
schumy330's avatar is a pity that she's not real.;P
QwertyMaster's avatar
OMG that is soooooo good FAV'ED
schumy330's avatar
Thanks~~~SOOOOO kind of U~~~:D
QwertyMaster's avatar
Yes i guess i went a bit crazy with the o's there
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