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Vehicle Design

I came across this sketch and my attempt at coloring it a year ago that had failed. I pulled it up again this weekend and gave it another shot and cleaned up the mess I did with it earlier.

About time I started coloring those cars? Cheers, hope you like it.
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I came across this link, which reminds me of your drawings:[link]
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Wow that's cool! Thanks :)
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You need to color more often! [Wants the skills of this coloring ability.]


Oooh! You colors prettyful, and I like it alot. And, have I mentioned how talented and how much I love your work?!

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Thank you very much! I work at the warehouse most of the week and get some time to paint on weekends. That's why I usually update on mondays. I'll be uploading new stuff this monday

Thank you again for checking on me. Cheers!
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You're welcome!

I understand about having to work. I work too much myself, and mainly over nights, and it sucks cause I don't get the time to do my art like I would like, and well, my computer randomly shut it self off and took 14 hours worth of work with it. So, I have to regain what I had and find all my ref's again. But definitely keep doin' what you do, cause we love it!
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Thank you :)
I work nights as well hehe.
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You're most welcome!

[Power to the night shifts!]
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look like a mini porsche version of a mini submarine.
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