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June 22, 2009
nog by ~schude is, besides being caught at the right moment, a great photograph.
Featured by Gonzale
Suggested by frere
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take it.
Image details
Image size
900x600px 227.41 KB
Canon EOS 20D
Shutter Speed
1/250 second
Focal Length
16 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Dec 17, 2005, 11:38:11 PM
© 2006 - 2021 schude
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Tatiana-Harmony's avatar
nice !
I love it!!
I really like this one!
Moblize's avatar
was this planed?
VisualBreak's avatar
The fact that the liquid is frozen is amazing!

Congratulations for that!
Clovermittens's avatar
wow this is amazing!
perfect timiming! wow
TomBydand's avatar
nognose! bwahahahahahah!

guhit so cool you have friends willing to suffer for your art lol

anyway it looks like the lass throwing nog got bored of him trying to explain something. i have many frinds and they try to explain stuff to me i really dont care about and i always want to trow drink over them just to a) shut them up and b) change the subject.

awesome photograph bub :D
knytcrawlr's avatar
amazing, freezing that one crutial moment in time, stunning photo.
cady18's avatar
Hahaha. I love this. : ) Very funny shot.
chelx's avatar
surreal. and of course, perfectly captured. kudos.
siddhartha19's avatar
In your face... Nice shot.
Pearl-Shadow's avatar
Uh.... what is it?
Zarchasm's avatar
this is just amazing. hahahahahahaha. priceless.
Incomriel's avatar
Very well done :)
TamakiReiko's avatar
Amazing capture! I love how in the background, life goes on, and everything looks normal, but in the center, bam! That's an amazing trajectory. :D
Mixed-Madness's avatar
So this is what makes daily deviations these days...

If I knew this comment wouldn't be hidden by the creator of this deviation, I would have some strong words about it.

Seriously... but I do anyway, so here goes.

In the interest of a well rounded critique, well lets just call it truth, I have to say that this image is the most dry and uninteresting image I've ever seen. The fact that it lacks any life-like expression leaves it as unnatural as a two dimensional image can be. I mean no disrespect toward the artist, but I'm not feeling this at all. And I figured you could stand to have at least one person who isn't kissing your ass by saying this is the most artistic shit they've ever seen.

'cause it's not. Truth....
Gonzale's avatar
this photograph was caught at the right moment. the light is good. it's an uncommon photograph. i chose it as a DD, from a suggestion by a guy who i know has good taste.

hi, i'm charlotte. i choose DDs that fit my tastes. and who are you to speak the "truth" ? you mean no disrespect but you show great pretentiousness.
Mixed-Madness's avatar
Who are you to show the same pretentiousness in assuming your taste should match mine? Being a mod (or whatever it is that you do) or "knowing a guy" with good taste, doesn't mean you [or he] has good taste. Pretentious, huh? I didn't like the image, and I said so. Maybe the way I said it wasn't PC enough for your sensibility, but I have just as much a right to abhor this image as those who praise it. And the same right to say so. So as long as I did not violate any terms of service, I will continue to exercise my pretentiousness, thank-you-very-much.

And for the information of those who think I am "attacking" the artist, this has nothing to do with the artist and is not personal. If you can't handle criticism, or even insult, you shouldn't have your work in the public domain.

I make no apologies.
Gonzale's avatar
I never assumed my taste should match yours.
I just want people to stop commenting on the photographs that i feature and come complaining to me directly or to $Moonbeam13
This is not a matter of... us forbidding you to express yourself, it's just a matter of common sense, as in, if you got a DD, you wouldnt really appreciate people to say how your stuff is crap and not worthy of a DD.
If you disagree with me, talk to me. If you disagree with deviantart policies, talk to $Moonbeam13 simple. We reply, we hear the complaints, we're here for that.
ThatOneCommenter's avatar
I believe there is some kind of link around here that could show you what to do if you disagree with a DD. I advise you to find it, click it, read it, and then perhaps leave the artist be.
Mixed-Madness's avatar
I was simply exercising my right to freedom of expression. I believe there is some kind of link around the internet that could show you what to do when you disagree with the opinions of others. I advise you to find it, click it, read it, and then perhaps leave random people you don't know, and that have not addressed you personally, be.

Thank you for your understanding.
vkacademy's avatar
You do realize that the photographer did not give himself the Daily Dev nor did he have any say in getting it. Not liking it is fine, but your comment really sounds less like a critique of the image and more like a slam against the photographer. Since we don't know the story behind the shot, it's hard to fault him for the reactions or non-reactions of the people present. I think if it were a set up, he'd have directed everyone to "act surprised" or whatever.
He took a photo, posted it, didn't give himself airs about it and other people liked it. Let him enjoy his day in the sun. Yours could be next.
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