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[F2U] Universe Alteration Button 2 by SchrodingersKit [F2U] Universe Alteration Button 2 by SchrodingersKit
A variation on my first UA button here:  [F2U] Universe Alteration Button by SchrodingersKit

A button for descriptions to denote an universe alteration spinoff for your project--more specifically targeted for a fanfiction universe, but can still be used for an original universe spinoff as well. Use whichever UA button suits your needs~ :nod: Can be used for writing or artwork descriptions, whatever your preference~

Unlike an AU or Alternate Universe, Universe Alterations or UAs are set in the canon universe, but with "alterations". For example, a character is born younger, someone never died, a certain things exist in an otherwise-unchanged universe, etc. The story is not set in a completely different universe, but canon is altered in some way. (Of course, some small changes like that can radically affect canon enough to push it into alternate timeline/universe territory, so it's up to you to determine what your project falls under~)

For Alternate Universes more specifically, check out this AU button here:  [F2U] Alternate Universe Button 2 by SchrodingersKit

This button is for Core Members only, as thumbnails can't be used by free members anymore to my knowledge ;w;

To use, copy the thumbnail code on the right >>

Check out more of my buttons here~
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