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DDR (alternate) Bezirks- und Eisenbahnkarte

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This is the completed version of Deutsche Demokratische Republik (alternate) from last summer! It is a map of the districts and railroads, set in about 1965. The cartography style is a light reference to that used in '60s East German maps.

Let's assume that the Soviet Union favored their patch of Germany over Poland and let them keep most of the eastern territory. DDR controls all of Berlin, as well. Though it can't be seen on this map, the eastern Polish border is the same as it is today, with the USSR taking from it as they did in reality. The only gains Poland has in this scenario is they have all of 
Ostpreußen/East Prussia instead of dividing it with the USSR.

Stalin was a bit nicer to the East Germans by not extracting as many reparations from them, and along with keeping the natural resources of Silesia, they were able to develop a much stronger economy. It is doubtful that this prevented the collapse of the DDR, though it may have extended it for a few more years past 1990.

(sorry for my German if it's bad!)

Stylized for print DDR emblem from wikipedia
Font used: Drescher Grotesk, of course. :D
(for those who don't know, it was a popular substitute for Futura in the DDR)
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Better than out timeline DDR.
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Nice alternate timeline.
With no reparations and expelled people this DDR could have a stronger economy. And with that economy maybe an other way of politics. Socialism politics of course but maybe a bit less... repressing.
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impossible dream
FlammenderStahl's avatar
Better than today.  Nice job!
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How did you achieve the railroad style for the pen tool?
schreibstang's avatar
I used a pattern brush in Illustrator, it's a bit tricky to figure out, but there are some good tutorials.
WewLad11's avatar
Would you mind pointing me toward one? All I have found is a brush tool for PS which apparently doesn't work too well.
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I wonder why didn't the USSR just try to brand DDR as a new Prussia?
GDSPatheII's avatar
cause Prussian militarism 20 million dead in the USSR take your pick
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This would've been a great alternate timeline without all the Germans expelled or murdered from the East. However, I almost bet that even if Stalin was nice enough to let the GDR keep their eastern lands (minus East Prussia), he would've given Poland the territory of Upper Silesia due to its Polish population.
FlammenderStahl's avatar
Maybe, but after WWI they voted to stay with Germany.
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this is very cool. well done
  | |
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please make with posen and Prussia
FlammenderStahl's avatar
Posen is mostly ethnically Polish.
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Nice artistry here. And a very plausible alternate timeline!
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If this was the case, would there have been a chance for Western Germany to stay united with Austria during this ATL cold war?
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That would be unlikely, seeing as Austria was annexed in the events leading up to WWII rather than part of Germany after unification.
bruiser128's avatar
Even if the Soviet Bloc has more of Germany in it's pockets?
schreibstang's avatar
Yeah, even then.
bruiser128's avatar
Yeesh those Frenchies never COULD let go of the past.
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IMO, this should have been DDR even in RL.
Poland should have ceded territories where Rus' peoples have had majority to USSR's republics, but still remain in control of mixed areas around Wilno and Lwow. And be awarded with Krolewiec.
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