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The new Previews catalog is out and inside you can find the ordering information on my new book Mr. Murder is Dead published by Archaia Entertainment.

The ordering number is STK435998

Hard cover, 112 pages, full color $19.95
Written by Victor Quinaz and artwork by myself (with a wonderful inking assist from Stacie Ponder!) Mr. Murder tells the story of retired detective Gould Kane, long into his retirement as a top cop, who is now the #1 suspect in the death of his greatest foe, Mr. Murder. With a motive so intense even Gould's old partner suspects him, this truth is Gould is the only cop worth a damn to solve the cryptic case. The clues could lead Gould to a new and perhaps even greater profession in his twilight… as a very bad man. Mr. Murder is Dead is a "Who Didn't Do It" set in the fading world of Golden age comic strips; a criminal's lament to all things past, present, and meaningless. Published in partnership with Zachary Quinto (Star Trek, Heroes) and Before The Door Pictures
I don't mention this enough but I have original artwork for sale over at Cadence Comic Art. Recently some more artwork has been added to my gallery. So go take and look and if you are so inclined, buy some of it.…