Ninja X and Vixie The Battle For Grand Rapids

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My name is Brandon Castillo, later known as Ninja-X³(cube symbol in my name is silent). For a long time, my city has been plagued with gang violence, rape, and murder. One of the biggest gangs in Grand Rapids is the Swaggalo gang. The government officially recognizes the Swaggalos as a gang due to their actions. Swaggalos is a fan-base of a rap duo called the Killer Klown Klan, KKK for short. They are the most offensive rap duo because of their racist & homophobic lyrics. It pissed off several Alt-Left groups such as Social Justice Warriors & Feminazis. The majority of the Alt-Right became fans of the KKK.

Things have gotten worse since then because the Swaggalo gang was lynching innocent black & Latino men. The Swaggalo gang were also raping women, as well as dating underage members of the Swaggalo gang secretly. The Swaggalo gang has a rival gang called the Cool Cucks Clan, CCC for short. The CCC was lynching innocent straight white men, falsely assuming that all straight white men are racist. Which is what spark the feud between them & the Swaggalo gang. The CCC is a bunch of Social Justice Warriors who had Feminazi girlfriends.

The Feminazi girlfriends cheated on them with black guys behind their backs. The CCC is basically the Alt-Left version of the KKK. They have no idea that the "cucks" part of their name is an insult.
As an ex-military soldier, I wanted to do something about the Swaggalos & the CCC because their victims included my friends, which made me angry at Swaggalos & the CCC. I don't have the equipment to take them on & the police force won't do anything about them either. Then I saw something. A fire from a distance on the side of the road near the woods. I went to investigate that area.

So I kept riding my motorcycle towards what appears to be a semi-trailer truck from X³(pronounced X-Cube) Industries, burning in flames. I went to the passenger side to see if there were any survivors. Apparently, the driver was shot on the side of his head & there are bloody handprints on the side of the open door. I decided not to touch it or go inside. I assume someone killed this man & stole his wallet, seeing as though there were bloody fingerprints on the side of his pocket.

Just as I was about to call 9-11, I saw something that was in the ditch that must have fallen from the back of the semi-trailer truck a while ago. I went to see what it is. On the storage container, it reads "The Ninja-X³ Suit: Spec-Ops Ninja Suit For Advance Infiltration". I open the storage container, I put the suit in my backpack. Then I went riding my motorcycle back home.

The next day, a Channel 5 news reporter name Kylenn Rose talks about last night's incident.

"Last night on Milk Ave, an X³ Industries semi-trailer truck driver died last night due to a fatal shot to the head. Detectives believe this is a homicide robbery since a wallet and an item from a storage container went missing. X³ Industries refuse to tell us about the item due to their military contract with the government. The bloody fingerprints on the truck have confirmed that the suspect is a part of a local gang called the Swaggalos. At this time we can not reveal the identity of the suspect since the local police department is trying to apprehend him. However, there are no bloody fingerprints on the storage container, leading detectives to believe that someone else stole whatever was inside it." - Kylenn Rose said.

As I was watching this news report, I was startled by the fact that they knew someone else stole the ninja suit. But why would Shawn Preston, the owner of X³ Industries keep that suit a secret? I don't buy the military contract excuse. I knew it was a risk taking the suit, but I was hoping all fingers would point to the killer stealing the suit.

"What's so special about this suit?" - Brandon Castillo thought.

So I went to put the suit on, then the mask. I noticed there were functions on this mask. I turn the lens on, it was suddenly all bright. I turn the lens off. I went to my bathroom and I turn off my bathroom light. I turn the lens on again and suddenly I could see everything in the dark. This mask had night vision. I turn off my mask and turned on the bathroom lights again.
"This is so cool. With my military training, I can try this out & fight crime!" - Brandon Castillo thought.

Meanwhile at X³ Industries, in Shawn Preston's office. Shawn is having a conversation with his beautiful redhead wife, Veronica Preston. They have a daughter named Rebecca, a beautiful 25-year-old redhead.

I'm still angry that someone stole our prototype ninja suit." - Shawn said.

"It had to be someone who came at the scene a little later after the semi-trailer truck driver got shot. But we got nothing to go on, there were no cameras in that area." - Veronica said.

"So what do you suggest we do?" - Shawn said.

"We should wait until the detectives tell us they found something." - Veronica said.

"I do a better job at detecting than those idiots. We're better off finding the thief ourselves. In fact, an idea just came up. I have a plan..." Shawn said.

Later that night I was patrolling the city streets of Grand Rapids. I was near the Channel 5 news building. Suddenly I hear a cry for help. It was Kylenn Rose. I saw two Swaggalo gang members are trying to rape her. I had a gun with a silencer on it, so I shot the lights out. Used my night vision and shouted, "It's clown bashing time!".

I grabbed one of them & pushed his head onto the wall, rubbing his face on the side of the road and then I threw him down & stomped on him. Then I rushed to the other Swaggalo gang member, tackling him down and punching him left & right on his head until he was unconscious. Kylenn grabbed a flashlight from her purse & shined it on me.

"Who are you?" - Kylenn asked.

"The guy who saved you from those creeps. You can call me Ninja-X³." - Ninja-X³ said.

"Well thank you for saving me. Can I see who my rescuer is behind the mask?" - Kylenn asked.

"Promise to keep this a secret?" - Ninja-X³ said.

"Yes." Kylenn said.

I unmask myself. Kylenn was looking at me with love in her eyes. She leans in & kissed me.

"I'm glad I rescued you." - Ninja-X³ said while smiling.

"Come back to my place." - Kylenn said.

"But I would need to change my outfit. We should go to my place instead." - Ninja-X³ said.

"Good idea." - Kylenn said.

The next day I woke up in my bedroom. She had her arm around me, cuddling with me.

"That was a fun night last night, wasn't it?" - Brandon Castillo said.

"It sure was, but I need to get back to the news station. I will call you when I'm off work." - Kylenn said.

"Alright, we'll keep in touch later." - Brandon Castillo said.

Meanwhile at X³ Industries, in Shawn Preston's office...

"Well, it looks like we got our break. A couple of Swaggalos got arrested last night, saying to detectives that they were ambushed by someone in the dark. I think it's the same guy who stole our suit since the mask has night vision capabilities. From the looks of the camera feed before the lights went out, apparently he saved Kylenn Rose from the Swaggalo gang." - Shawn said.

"You think she knows who he is?" - Veronica said.

"Yes. But we can't exactly ask her directly without raising a few eyebrows. The last thing we want is media attention." - Shawn said.

Meanwhile, at the police station, there was a phone call a Swaggalo made to the KKK...

"Silent K, you need to bail us out of here man." - A Swaggalo said.

"No dice. You got yourself into this mess, get yourself out of it." - Silent K said while hanging up the phone in his office.

"What an asshole." A Swaggalo said in anger.

Later that morning at the Channel 5 news station.

"What happen to you last night?" - The news manager said.

"I nearly got raped by two Swaggalo gang members. Some vigilante rescued me. Then I went home." - Kylenn said.

"Do you know who this vigilante is?" - The news manager said.

"No." - Kylenn said.

"Okay, well I am getting you security to escort you to your car next time." - The news manager said.

"Fine." - Kylenn said.

"Can you make a news story of what happen last night?" - The news manager said.

"Okay, but no script. I'm telling it my way." - Kylenn said.

Later that night at Brandon's house, Kylenn and Brandon were spending time together.

"I saw your news report. It was good." - Brandon said.

"I kept my promise, no one will ever know your secret except me..." - Kylenn said.

Suddenly Vixie broke through the living room window.

"And me. So you're the guy who stole the ninja suit. Hot girlfriend, you have there, by the way." - Vixie said.

"You could have just knocked on the door. Who are you?" - Brandon said.

"I am Vixie. You and I need to talk in private, NOW..." - Vixie said.

"Fine. Kylenn I'll be right back." - Brandon said.

Vixie & I went to my bedroom & started talking.

"So you're the one who saved Kylenn & beat up the Swaggalo gang. I am impressed." - Vixie said.

"Yes, I know. And wait a minute, did you follow Kylenn just to find me?" - Brandon said.

"Yes. My father & my mother knows everything that goes on in this city. We've been trying to fight the Swaggalos and the CCC, but we needed that ninja suit to armor my father. We're lucky you didn't grab my ninja suit from that truck too." - Vixie said.

"Well, you're gonna need me to fight those clownish thugs & masked cucks. My name is Brandon. I happen to be an ex-military soldier." - Brandon said.

"That's up to my father if he wants your help or not. Show up to X³ Industries by yourself. Bring your suit with you. We'll meet outside at 8 A.M. tomorrow in front of the building & I'll be escorting you inside, so they don't use a metal detector to check your bag." - Vixie said.

Vixie unmasks herself and kisses Brandon.

"My name is Rebecca by the way." - Vixie said as she puts her mask back on and leaves.

The next day at X³ Industries, both Rebecca and Brandon show up at Shawn's office. They see Shawn talking with Joey Greene near the desk. Brandon walks in. Shawn sees him.

"So you're the guy who stole my suit." - Shawn said.

"I'm aware and I'm sorry. I did it because I wanted to fight crime." - Brandon said.

"Well, Rebecca tells me you're an ex-military soldier. So I'm willing to give you a chance. How would you like to work for me at X³ Industries?" - Shawn said.

"Sure." - Brandon said.

"Excellent. You'll be working with my daughter Rebecca. We're all going to have code names. Originally I was going to have the Ninja-X³(cube) code name, but since you have that suit, you're Ninja-X³(cube). You can call me Master-X³(cube)." - Shawn said.

"I have one suggestion. Can we just make the cube part silent? Kinda like how the G in Gnome is silent." - Brandon said.

"Good idea. By the way, I want you to meet Joey Greene. He's a hacker. His codename will be Player-X³. Joey, come over here. I want you to meet Brandon." - Shawn said.

"Hello, Brandon." - Joey said.

"Hi, Joey." - Brandon said.

"Now that we all know each other, I'm going to have Rebecca show you around. Both me & Joey still have things we need to discuss." - Shawn said.

Rebecca grabs Brandon's hand and holds it, showing him the way to the secret lab in X³ Industries.

"The war between the CCC and Swaggalos has been escalating. I think we should allow them to eliminate each other before we proceed to take them on. Both groups think they're fighting for a good cause, but they're allowing the extremist side of politics to cloud their minds with hate & ignorance. They're killing innocent people & they're causing our city to become another Detroit. We can't allow that to happen, especially since my dad has so much invested into this city." - Rebecca said.

"I agree, things have gotten very ugly lately. I love Grand Rapids, I would hate to see it go down in flames just because of these jackasses who join cult-like gangs." - Brandon said.

"Yeah, it's already bad enough there are abandon neighborhoods and buildings because of Swaggalos and the CCC. People are scared for their lives." - Rebecca said.

"All the more reason why it's up to us to take them down." - Brandon said.

They arrive at the secret lab. Brandon notices the vehicles, the gadgets, and the non-lethal weapons.

"I am impressed." - Brandon said while touching the surface of one of the black & green colored vehicles in the lab.

"It's all ours to use. Battling a gang is no easy task, especially two gangs who want to kill each other. By the way, none of those weapons are lethal. We still answer to the government, so any criminal we take down, we put them behind bars." - Rebecca said.

"Wait...the government knows about this operation?" - Brandon said.

"Of course. My dad has always worked for the government, he has a good relationship with them. He knows everything that goes on in this city, he knows every interrogation that criminals go through and he has access to all the cameras in this city." - Rebecca said.

"That explains a lot. Especially with how quickly you found me." - Brandon said.

"Exactly. By the way, I made sure my father paid for the window I broke from your house. It's getting repaired as we speak." - Rebecca said.

"Thanks." - Brandon said.

Meanwhile at Fuller St. The Swaggalos and the KKK are shooting at each other, using an AK-47. The cops refuse to break up the fight because it would be suicide. There were fire & broken windows in the neighborhood, cars had bullet holes in them. They are hiding behind cars and shooting at each other.

"You'll never take us alive you nazi pieces of shits." - A member of the CCC said.

"You SJW crybabies aren't going to win this gunfight." - A Swaggalo said.

They continue to shoot each other. Eventually, one of the Swaggalos threw a grenade at the CCC and blew them up.

"Fuck yeah! No one fucks with us clowns!" - Some other Swaggalo said.

"Hey moron, you miss one." A CCC member said while shooting one of the Swaggalos.

There was one Swaggalo left, as he dodges and hides behind another vehicle. The CCC gang member approaches the car trying to find the Swaggalo, but the Swaggalo moved to the other side of the vehicle to stay out of sight and then he shoots the CCC gang member.

"Don't EVER fuck with a Swaggalo." - A Swaggalo said.

A lone surviving CCC member walks up behind him and slits the Swaggalo's throat.

"I was hiding the whole time you piece of shit." - A member of the CCC said.

1 hour later, at the CCC's underground lair, the CCC member heads to The Feminazi's chamber. She waits there, sitting on her throne. Her name is Anita Hitler. The granddaughter of Adolf Hitler. She wants to exterminate all white American men and American Jews. The CCC member approaches her and starts to speak.

"It is done, my Empress. We won another war against the Swaggalo gang." - A member of the CCC said.

"Good. We are one step closer to dominating the city of Grand Rapids. When the Swaggalo gang is out of the way completely, there will be no more white people for Swaggalos to protect. I can win enough votes to become mayor of Grand Rapids. Then after being mayor, I am going to run for governor of this state and when I reach the age of 35, I am gonna run this country as president and start a new holocaust, to exterminate all white men and American Jews." - The Feminazi said.

"It will be our greatest victory, my empress." - A member of the CCC said.

Later that night, Kylenn was reporting the news...

"Today there was a deadly shoot out between the Swaggalo Gang and the CCC. Citizens of the city are upset over the fact the cops refuse to intervene. Chief Jackson had this to say." - Kylenn said.

"We here at GRPD don't feel like getting ourselves killed over these gangs carrying AK-47's. It's fucking suicide. If you want these gangs gone, do it yourself! We ain't getting paid enough to deal with this shit." - Chief Jackson said.

"As you can tell our police chief is a coward and a cuck." - Kylenn said.

At the same time, Brandon Castillo just finished watching Kylenn's news report on TV.

"So the cops aren't doing a damn thing about it. The Swaggalos and the CCC will get what's coming to them. It's clown bashing time!" - Brandon said.

Brandon suits up to become Ninja-X³ once again. He gets on his motorcycle and heads into the city while he listens to the police radio scanner.

"We need all units to head downtown right now. The Swaggalos and the CCC are at war again." - The Police Operator said.

"That's my cue." - Ninja-X³ said as he heads to the city.

Explosions, panic, and death plagued the city of Grand Rapids. Innocent people were getting killed by both gangs during the shoot out at Rosa Parks Circle. Ninja-X³ sees the carnage and started throwing sleeping gas grenades to render the majority of them unconscious.

"Well, that was easy." - Ninja-X³ said.

A Swaggalo gang member comes up from behind and knocks Ninja-X³ out with a baseball bat.

"Don't fuck with the clowns yo. You're one dead mother fucker." - A Swaggalo said as he was about to take another swing at him.

Suddenly Vixie grabs the baseball bat and kicks the Swaggalo from behind.

"I fucking hate clowns!"- Vixie said as she uses the baseball bat and hits the Swaggalo with it.

Ninja-X³ opens his eyes and sees that Vixie is beating the shit out of the Swaggalo with a baseball bat. He realizes that Vixie is very angry at the Swaggalo. Vixie lifts Ninja-X³, carries him to the side of the van she drove in, puts him in the passenger side on the front seat and shuts the door. Puts Ninja-X³'s motorcycle in the back of the van and shuts the door. She then opens the door to the driver's side of the vehicle, gets in and shuts the door. Then she drives off.

"You did that for me?" - Ninja-X³ said.

"Yes. I like you a lot, Brandon. When you rest up, we need to talk." - Vixie said.

"Alright." - Ninja-X³ said.

15 minutes later at X³ Industries secret lab...

"You shouldn't have gone out there by yourself, it's not safe. You need back up when dealing with the CCC and Swaggalos." - Rebecca said.

"I know. I just thought I could do this on my own. I'm not perfect, I make mistakes. I have a college debt I need to pay off. I went to college because I wanted to make video games. I realize that was a stupid idea, especially since I'm more into the creative side of things, such as creating characters and story." - Brandon said.

"Don't worry about your debt. You can get it paid off fairly quickly since you're working for my father." - Rebecca said.

"I know, but the point I was making is that I do make mistakes. I don't think things through and it's even affected my relationships with women throughout my life. Like I have to be careful with what I say, ya know? I try getting a second chance to make things right, but it usually never happens." - Brandon said.

"I make mistakes too. I've made decisions that almost got me raped at a party. Luckily my dad found me before anything could happen to me. I snuck out to be at my friend's house for a party. Someone put roofies in my drink and tried to take advantage of me. My dad shows up, beats up the man who bought the alcohol at the party. He got me out of there. Since then my father trained me to protect myself." - Rebecca said.

"Your father is a good man." - Brandon said.

Rebecca leans in and kisses Brandon.

Meanwhile, at the CCC's underground lair, the Feminazi watches the news.

"Two ninjas had saved us from both the Swaggalo Gang and the CCC gang. Police had rounded up all the suspects and have taken them into custody. They had this to say about the two ninjas who saved us." - Kylenn said.

"It was a pretty dangerous situation, but somehow these ninjas kicked all of their asses. We're grateful to have their help." - A police officer said.

"Our chief may be a moron, but he did say for the citizens to take care of this problem and they had. We're very grateful and it motivates us to do our job and not listen to anything Chief Jackson says." - Another police officer said.

The Feminazi chucks the remote at the TV screen and breaks it. She is pissed off at Ninja-X³ & Vixie for ruining her plans.

"Those mother fuckers are going to pay!" - The Feminazi said.

Meanwhile at Demented Records HQ...

"Fucking ninjas are ruining everything. We can't run a drug and human trafficking operation when we got two enemies to deal with. Fuck. First the CCC and now mother fuckin' ninjas. I am done with this shit, I hate Grand Rapids. " - Silent K said.

"We weren't expecting them to show up during our war with the CCC. What we need to do is at least capture one of them. I have a plan, but we're going to need to bail the Swaggalos out. We need more manpower and we need to be one step ahead of the CCC and those ninjas." - Swaggy 4 Skin said.

"What do you suggest we do?" - Silent K said.

"Lure them to the Funhouse Warehouse." - Swaggy 4 Skin said.

"That's a brilliant idea. We should kidnap that hot news reporter as bait for the ninjas. We'll deal with the CCC later after we kill the ninjas." - Silent K said.

The next day just as Kylenn was about to enter the news station, a Swaggalo grabs her, while another Swaggalo ducktape her mouth. She sees a few dead security guards on the ground, with horror in her eyes. The Swaggalos tie her up and put her in the back of the trunk, then drove off.

An hour later at X³ Industries secret lab, Joey Greene just notices something trending on a social media website. Kylenn Rose was reported missing.

"Brandon, there's some bad news. That TV news reporter you're dating is missing." - Joey said.

"Fucking shit. Do they know who did it?" - Brandon said.

"No. Apparently the cameras in the parking lot of the news station were disabled, as well as a few dead security guards. But I think I know where we can find the Swaggalo gang." - Joey said.

"Where?" - Brandon said.

"I've hacked into the Killer Klown Klan's personal information, they own a few properties here in Grand Rapids. One sticks out to me like a sore thumb. An abandoned building called the Funhouse Warehouse." - Joey said.

"I'm going there NOW!" - Brandon said.

"That might not be a good idea, we still need a plan. You can't just go there alone, it might be a trap." - Joey said.

"Okay then how should we plan this?" - Brandon said.

"Shawn is a master at infiltration, I am a hacker and Rebecca has more experience than you on dealing with the Swaggalo gang. She did rescue you from one of them, ya know? You'll need me, Shawn and Rebecca to pull this off. Let's talk to Shawn on how we should go about this." - Joey said.

"Alright. But we'll need to hurry, Kylenn needs us." - Brandon said.

Later that night at the Funhouse Warehouse, Kylenn is tied up in a chair and Silent K is standing in front of her as he is about to speak...

"You're lucky we haven't done anything to you yet Kylenn." - Silent K said.

"Why do you have me tied up?" - Kylenn said.

"Because we're trying to bait those ninjas to rescue you. If they're good detectives, they will come to this warehouse. Besides, we have a couple of Swaggalos fighting off the CCC right now. One of the Swaggalos will lure the ninjas here if he spots them. They will be dead pretty soon and then I'll have my way with you." - Silent K said.

"Fuck you clown!" - Kylenn said.

Silent K has an angry look on his face and proceeds to slap her.

"That comes later." - Silent K said with a wink.

Suddenly Ninja-X³ sneaks up behind Silent K and knocks him out.

"Not on my watch you fat fuck." - Ninja-X³ said.

"Thank god you're here." - Kylenn said.

"Yeah, it took a while for me and the others to infiltrate this place, disable the security system & cameras, knock out the Swaggalo gang and rescue you." - Ninja-X³ said.

Swaggy 4 Skin sees Ninja-X³ untying Kylenn. He grabs his gun, he's pointing at Ninja-X³ from a distance and just as he was about to pull the trigger, Vixie knocks out Swaggy 4 Skin from behind.

"That's twice I saved your ass, Ninja-X³." - Vixie said.

"Thanks, Vixie." - Ninja-X³ said.

"What's going on here?" -Kylenn said.

"I told you this was a team effort. Vixie, Master-X³, and Player-X³ came along with me. I'm gonna take you home now." - Ninja-X³ said.

Suddenly the CCC started storming into the Funhouse Warehouse. The Feminazi is with the CCC.

"Not so fast. We're here to finish what you assholes started." - The Feminazi said.

"That's an ugly haircut. Didn't you know the Skrillex haircut looks bad on women? How the hell did you find this place anyway?" - Ninja-X³ said.

"I got information from a Swaggalo we interrogated before killing him. I didn't think he would lead us directly to you two. We outnumber you both. Prepare to be dead meat after the shit you guys pulled." - The Feminazi said.

"You think there's two of us? You got no idea what you've stepped into." - Ninja-X³ said.

Master-X³ throws a few smoke bombs. Player-X³ started tasing CCC members left and right. While Ninja-X³ gets Kylenn to safety. However, Vixie ends up confronting the Feminazi.

"I'm going to kick your fat ugly ass." - Vixie said to the Feminazi.

"I'd like to see you try." - The Feminazi said as they started fighting each other.

Meanwhile outside of the Funhouse Warehouse.

"Call the cops. We need their help. Get home safely. I need to go help my friends." - Ninja-X³ said.

"I'm not leaving without you." - Kylenn said.

"I'll be safe, don't worry Kylenn. Look just remain hidden until police arrive. I love you." - Ninja-X³ said.

Ninja-X³ hands Kylenn his phone and heads back inside. Kylenn had tears in her eyes but knew she had to call the cops.

Meanwhile, at the warehouse, Vixie delivers one final blow to the Feminazi and knocks her out. Ninja-X³ witnesses this as he comes back inside, he then went to help fight off the rest of the CCC members. All CCC members were knocked out moments later.

"Well, we should get out of here before the police show up. They can round these guys up." - Master-X³ said.

"Good idea." - Player-X³ said.

"I'm gonna take Kylenn home." - Ninja-X³ said.

"I'm coming with you." - Vixie said.

Master-X³ and Player-X³ leave back to X³ Industries. Vixie, Kylenn, and Ninja-X³ went home together in Vixie's car. A group of police officers show up shortly afterward and started arresting Swaggalos and CCC members.

As Vixie was driving, she sees Brandon & Kylenn make-out in the backseat. Vixie unmasks herself and started talking.

"We haven't officially met Kylenn, but my name is Rebecca." - Rebecca said.

"Hi, Rebecca. You're like the hottest redhead I have ever seen." - Kylenn said.

"Thanks." - Rebecca said.

"Want to join me and Brandon in a threeway relationship?" - Kylenn said.

"YES!" - Rebecca said with excitement.

"Am I dreaming, or are the three of us officially together?" - Brandon said.

Kylenn kisses Brandon and says "You're not dreaming."

The End.
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