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A long time ago when I was younger, I met this beautiful redhead. She had the darkest blue eyes & I couldn't help but to stare into them when I was with her. We met at the library, she saw me and started talking to me. When I saw her, I saw how beautiful she truly was. When we spoke to each other, she mentioned how she hated Britney Spears. So I showed her this anti-Britney Spears game on a website called NewGrounds. She loved it, so she sat on my lap.

The next thing I know, we decided we wanted to do something else. So we walked out of computer lab. We started kissing each other. We went outside, holding hands together, we sat on the steps, looked into each other's eyes and started kissing passionately. Later on we went back to my place, she sat on my couch. I put in Orgy's Vapor Transmission album & played the song called "Dramatica". I went back to her, started kissing her again and eventually that led to us going into my bedroom to make love to each other.

We started undressing each other while we still kissed each other passionately. She lays on my bed, I went in bed with her. I continued kissing her. Then I made love to her. After it was over, we just laid there talking & kissing. Eventually we decided to go downtown together. We held hands, talking and we were very happy. I bought her ice cream. She was the most amazing woman I have ever met. However we decided to remain friends because she lived in another city, neither of us had phones or e-mail and we didn't know each other well enough to live together. So we ended on good terms.

Sadly I never learned what her last name was. It would have made it easier for me to find her on facebook. I created a character called Vixie, she is modeled after Rebecca. I wish I could have kept in touch with her, but it was impossible at the time. Plus I moved out of the house at the worse time possible, because from what I heard from my brother, she was looking for me. I just wasn't living there at the time, so moving away from my family prevented me from seeing Rebecca again. Not sure if we'll ever see each other again someday, but I still love her.
  • Listening to: Dramatica by Orgy
  • Watching: Short Circuit 2
  • Eating: Ice Cream
I wrote a song that I might never sing. It's called "Stop Stalking Me Sarah Soone". The "e" part of her last name is silent. This song isn't about anyone specific. Just a combination of three women that I had no interest in.

Stop Stalking Me Sarah Soone -

You came to see me when I'm not around,
Peeking through my window like a creep,
Then you find me downtown,
I told you to just go away,
I want nothing to do with you,
Just go away,
But you follow me anyway,
Stop stalking me Sarah Soone,
Stop stalking me Sarah Soone,
I told you no and you continue to creep me out,
What can I do?
I blocked you on social media,
You still create new accounts just to stalk me,
And it keeps on going.
I don't think I can take this anymore,
Stop stalking me Sarah Soone,
Stop stalking me Sarah Soone,
I told you no,
Why can't you take the hint?
Just go away,
I have no interest in being with you,
Just go away,
But you continue to stalk me,
You keep on pushing yourself onto me,
You keep on hoping that one day we'll be together,
But my heart belongs to another,
You're better off chasing my brother,
You're nothing but a bother,
So stop stalking me...
Sarah Soone.