Ninja-X and Vixie Vs The Evil Gizzey Empire

Deviation Actions

Literature Text

The aftermath of what went down last night at the Funhouse Warehouse has forced a huge entertainment company to make an announcement. The Gizzey Corporation, responsible for many classic fairy tale cartoon movies, they own a comic book company called Gizzey comics and make movies about them. Lastly they own Gizzey Records and a sub-record label called "Demented Records". The record company responsible for the rap duo called the Killer Klown Klan.

Bill Lyer is the CEO of the Gizzey Corporation. He's seen walking on the stage, approaching the podium, preparing to make his announcement on live TV.

"Hello, my name is Bill Lyer. We here at the Gizzey Corporation no longer associate with the Killer Klown Klan after what they did last night. We do not tolerate their behavior. So we have decided to no longer have offensive content on our music, movies or comic book division. Instead we're going woke. We're going to promote social justice in everything involving our company. We're also hiring a man who happens to be a social justice warrior willing to fight against injustice & intolerance in our society. Please give a warm welcome to William Moran, A.K.A. Woke-Man." - Bill Lyer said.

The Virtue Signal shines on the clouds. Woke-man arrives in his gender neutral hipster style clothing. His hairstyle is that of a man-bun. He wears eyeglasses, has a beard and wears a t-shirt that says "Woke-Man". Bill Lyer steps aside, while Woke-Man approaches the podium and waving with his virtue signaling hand gesture with a smug look on his face.

"Thank you Mr.Bill Lyer. We're changing the entertainment industry by going woke. The Killer Klown Klan and the Swaggalos created a bad image for this company. That needed to change. I was hired to fix this company and we will. White supremacy will no longer be associated with this company. We're going to change everything about our iconic fairy tale movies & comic book movies. There will be race swapping and gender swapping with each of our movie characters. So don't worry about having a white redhead princess or a straight white male superhero character. We're officially banning all straight white male & female characters." - Woke-Man said.

"But Mr.Woke-Man, aren't you a straight white male?" - A news reporter said.

"Yes, but how dare you assume my gender and sexuality. Security, remove this bigoted man." - Woke-Man

"But I only asked a question. How does that make me a bigot?" - A news reporter yelled out as he was being taken away by security guards.

"I can't believe this is happening. This is a clear violation of free speech. He didn't say anything wrong." - Brandon said as he watches this on his HDTV.

"That's politics for ya." - Rebecca said.

"Is there anything we can do about this shit?" - Kylenn said.

"No. They're actually within their rights to remove people off their properties. But yeah, I can see the problem since the news reporter was exercising his right to free speech." - Brandon said.

"Maybe Joey can find some dirt on the Gizzey company, Bill Lyer and Woke-Man. Joey is a hacker ya know?" - Rebecca said.

"That's actually not a bad idea. We should call him and meet up at X³(cube) Industries." - Brandon said.

Later that night at X³ Industries...

"So let me get this straight, you want me to hack the world's largest entertainment company and find some dirt on them?" - Joey said.

"Can you do it or not?" - Brandon said.

"Yes. Just give me a minute or so." - Joey said.

Joey starts hacking into the files of the Gizzey Company, Bob Lyer and Woke-Man. He finds something alarming.

"Whoa. Wait a minute. The Gizzey Company owns a secret facility in Grand Haven, Michigan. There has been ships that go there on a daily basis. This isn't on public records either. Plus a lot of weird code names are being used to described as to what is in the container that are on board those ships. Plus no names come up on who receives these shipments. Which means something illegal is definitely going on." - Joey said.

"Let's go to Grand Haven and investigate." - Brandon said.

"I'll run this by my dad. We need a plan, before we start infiltrating." - Rebecca said.

Meanwhile at the shipping yard of Grand Haven, Michigan. A man opens the shipping container. Inside was group of little girls are chained together, frightened by what's going on with them.

"Please sir, let us go." - A little girl said.

The man slaps the little girl. The little girl cries.

"You're not going anywhere. Now shut up and get in the truck." - A man said.

The children goes inside the back of a semi-trailer truck. The semi-trailer truck heads out of the shipping yard and into the road. An hour later the semi-trailer truck arrives at a mansion. The little girls in chains get off the truck. A butler comes outside. Pays the truck driver.

Leads the little girls in chains into the mansion. Then goes into the basement, unlocks one of the chained little girls, puts her in a cell, then continues this routine until all the little girls are in their cells. The Butler heads upstairs and uses the phone.

"It's done sir." - The Butler said.

"Thank you, that will be all." - William Moran said, with an evil grin on his face.

The next day at the Preston Mansion, Veronica and Shawn are laying in bed together cuddling.

"Shawn, do you ever feel that we are putting our daughter in danger by allowing her to become a ninja vigilante?" - Veronica said.

"She's an adult. She can make her own choices and take care of herself. Besides, I trained her very well." - Shawn said.

"I know, but don't you ever fear for her life?" - Veronica said.

"Of course I do. That is why I trained her. I want her to be able to protect herself. We're not gonna live forever. She has to be able to fight." - Shawn said.

"You're right. I guess I'm just worried because she's not one of those super-powered comic book heroes we see in movies." - Veronica said.

"Powers are lame. It's like enabling a cheat code in a video game. Sure you'll win because you have the upper hand with these enabled cheat codes, but it doesn't work in real life. Superpowers don't exist. We have to rely on what we have to survive. So I did everything in my power to make sure our daughter is a badass who can protect herself. She'll never be a damsel in distress." - Shawn said.

"You did the right thing. I love you Shawn." - Veronica said.

"I love you too, Veronica." - Shawn said.

Rebecca knocks on her parents door.

"Who is it?" - Veronica said.

"It's me, your daughter. Are you two dressed? We need to talk." - Rebecca said.

"Hold on, give us a few minutes to get dressed." - Veronica said.

After they get dressed, Veronica opens the door and lets Rebecca in. Rebecca looks directly at her father.

"Dad, we need to talk. It's about the Gizzey Corporation." - Rebecca said.

"What about them?" - Shawn said.

"Joey has found some things about them that you need to take a look at. We have reason to believe that the Gizzey Corporation are doing illegal operations over in Grand Haven, Michigan. Joey has found some suspicious files on the Gizzey Corporation that were big red flags to us. So we need a plan on how to go about investigating the secret facility the Gizzey Corporation owns in Grand Haven." - Rebecca said.

"Alright, I'll take a look at it and decide on whether we take action or not. But I do have one question, what were your reasons for wanting to investigate the Gizzey Corporation?" - Shawn said.

"Because me, Brandon and Kylenn wanted to find some dirt on the Gizzey Corporation. They removed a news reporter from their news conference because he asked a question they didn't like." - Rebecca said.

"Alright. Well it's a good thing you decided to find some dirt on the Gizzey Corporation. There has been a recent spike in kidnappings lately. Sex trafficking is also on the rise. So this might be connected. We'll have to be sure and not get caught investigating. If illegal operations are involved, we'll have the FBI to help us go after the Gizzey Corporation." - Shawn said.

"But what if the FBI is in the back pockets of the Gizzey Corporation?" - Rebecca said.

"Good point. We'll take care of this ourselves then. We'll discuss plans later on today. So head towards X³ Industries and talk to both Joey and Brandon. I'll be there in an hour. I need to get ready." - Shawn said.

Meanwhile at the Moran Mansion, a butler hears a little girl screaming and crying in William Moran's master bedroom.

"William is raping that poor little girl. If it weren't for me depending on his money to support my family, I would have left this place a long time ago. I can't stand this shit." - The Butler thought.

The phone rings. The Butler picks up the phone and answers.

"Hello?" - The Butler said.

"Put William on the phone. Tell him it's Bill Lyer." - Bill Lyer said.

"He's busy with one of his products sir. You'll have to call back in an hour. Would you like me to deliver a message?" - The Butler said.

"Yes. Tell him to come to my office tomorrow morning. We need to create some ads for our new Gizzey commercials." - Bill Lyer said.

"Yes sir, I'll inform him. Have a good day." - The Butler said as he hung up the phone.

Meanwhile at X³ Industries...

"So that's what we'll do. Disable the security cams, knock out the guards, look for video files and copy them to our USB drive, look for any shipping containers for anything illegal and rescue any potential victims that might be in those shipping containers." - Shawn said.

"When do we do this?" - Rebecca said.

"Saturday, 9 P.M. because that's when the next shipment happens." - Joey said.

"Okay, that works. So what do we do in the meantime? We got two days." - Brandon said.

"Pay attention to the police radio scanner for any signs of criminal activity. We can at least make sure our streets are safe. After everything we did against the Swaggalos and the CCC, the police actually trust us. We won't have to worry about cops chasing us." - Shawn said.

"Yeah. We practically handed the CCC and the Swaggalos to the cops, along with Anita Hitler and the Killer Klown Klan." - Brandon said.

Meanwhile at an apartment building, Kylenn had just went into her apartment to get some of her belongings. A semi-bald 42-year-old white male was looking at Kylenn from across the hallway through a peephole. The name of the 42-year-old is Richard Crawford. He's a lonely incel who works at a dead-end job. Nobody ever respects Richard, they treat him like a joke at work. He continues looking at the door to Kylenn's apartment, hoping to get another glimpse of her.

"Man what do I have to do to have sex with a woman like her?" - Richard thought.

He looks at the newspaper about how Kylenn was saved at the Funhouse Warehouse.

"A team of ninjas saved her, eh? Maybe if I became a hero, she will like me too." - Richard thought.

So he went into his closet to find anything that might help him look like a hero. He finds a replica white metallic knight helmet he wore for Halloween.

"Hmmmm...maybe if I bought protective gear and painted it white, I could become her white knight and rescue her. I'll have to shop for it online." - Richard thought.

He looks back through the peephole, just in time to see Kylenn leave her apartment, heading downstairs to her car.

"Hmmmmmm, damn I want to have sex with her. I've been waiting so long to lose my virginity, but I've been rejected every single time. It's getting more risky now to even try to talk to women about dating, I don't want to get MeToo'ed and get falsely accused of rape." - Richard thought.

So Richard looks online on his laptop for some protective gear he could wear. He finds some biker gear that comes close enough.

"Hmmmmmm, I'll take it!" - Richard said out loud.

Later that night, there was a Swaggalo trying to break into a house on Grandville Ave since it was empty and no one was home. Vixie was looking from a distance, seeing what that Swaggalo was up to. She saw that a Swaggalo crawled into a window. She decides to go over there to stop him from robbing the place.

She crawled into the window silently, she used her night-vision goggles to see in the dark. The Swaggalo was using a flashlight to look for things. Vixie sneaks up from behind and grabs him, while using a knife to threatened him.

"I didn't know there was any Swaggalos left in this city." - Vixie said.

"You would be surprised how big we fucking are. Who the fuck are you?" - The Swaggalo said.

"Your worst nightmare." - Vixie said as she knocks him out.

She ties him up and calls the cops from the house phone.

"Yes police, there is an intruder in this house. He's a member of the Swaggalo gang. Come pick this piece of shit up. I'm at 555 Grandville Ave." - Vixie said.

Vixie notices the Swaggalo's cell phone made a sound. It was a text message from an unknown sender. It reads "I have dirt on Bill Lyer. Meet me at 616 Bridge St, 9 p.m. tomorrow."

Vixie takes the cell phone with her and heads towards X³ Industries. 20 minutes later, she arrives at X³ Industries, she dresses in her civilian clothing before going into the building. She heads towards the laboratory to meet up with Joey.

"Rebecca, I wasn't expecting to see you here. What can I do for you?" - Joey said.

"I need you to get whatever information you can on this unknown phone number from a Swaggalo's cell phone." - Rebecca said.

"I thought there weren't any Swaggalos left in this city after what happened to the Killer Klown Klan." - Joey said.

"Well there's a lot of them according to him. Probably more members than the CCC." - Rebecca said.

Joey hacks for information on the unknown phone number. But no information comes up.

"It's a prepaid phone. There are no names attached. Apparently this guy doesn't want to be tracked or known, especially if he has dirt on Bill Lyer." - Joey said.

"Alright. Me and Brandon are going to meet up with that guy tomorrow. Right now I am going to head towards Brandon's place." - Rebecca said.

"Brandon is one lucky dude. Dating both you and Kylenn." - Joey said.

"Oh, I'm sure you'll meet someone. You're a good looking guy." - Rebecca said.

"Well I spend most of my time here at X³(cube) Industries. I hardly have any time to look for any meaningful relationships." - Joey said.

"You're welcome to take some time off if you need to. I am one of your bosses ya know?" - Rebecca said.

"Thanks, Rebecca. I'll still be on standby if you need any help from me." - Joey said.

"Thank you. Well, I gotta go. Have a goodnight Joey." - Rebecca said.

The next day at the Gizzey Empire, there was a private conversation taking place between Bill Lyer and William Moran at Lyer's office.

"How are you enjoying your products?" - Bill said.

"I am very satisfied." - William said.

"Good. Well, the Gizzey Empire is in big trouble, our stocks have plummeted due to the actions of the Killer Klown Klan. So we have yet to see our stocks rise again. I am depending on you to fix our brand & make it number 1 again. Because if it doesn't, well let's just say you'll no longer have that mansion or the products I gave you. Is that understood?" - Bill said.

"Yes sir. Don't worry, the virtue signaling and wokeness is popular with the younger generation. There's no way we could lose." - William said.

"For your sake, you better hope you're right." - Bill said.

Meanwhile at Kylenn's apartment building, Richard Crawford is waiting patiently for Kylenn to show up at her door.

"I wonder what she does with all her time besides working at that news station? She never sleeps in her apartment anymore. What could have changed?" - Richard thought.

Richard looks at his laptop, seeing the tracking status of his orders online.

"Hopefully my protective gear comes in soon. I'll be a hero to her. I hope to god she doesn't have a boyfriend." - Richard thought.

Richard then remembers he has to go to work very soon.

"Ah fuck, it's almost 3 P.M., I gotta go to work." - Richard thought.

Later that night over at 616 Bridge St, a man is seen standing in the front of the empty abandoned house. He has a large beard, wears a fedora hat and a trench coat. His name is Mr.MgTow and it is almost 9 P.M. as he waits for a Swaggalo to show up. Suddenly Ninja-X³ walks towards him from out of the shadows.

"Are you the Swaggalo I was supposed to meet up with?" - Mr.MgTow said.

"No." - Ninja-X³ said.

Mr.MgTow is frightened and walks back a few steps, but Vixie sneaks up from behind, grabs him and says "don't move" as she continues to push his right arm upwards tightly.

"A woman? What the fuck???" - Mr.MgTow said.

"What's wrong with women?" - Ninja-X³ said.

"I know well enough to not trust them. They're only after your money." - Mr.MgTow said.

"Is that a fact now? Because I am actually dating her and she doesn't want my money, she has plenty of her own. Now what do you have on Bill Lyer?" - Ninja-X³ said.

"He's running a drug and sex trafficking operation. It's how he's able to afford to continue running the Gizzey Empire." - Mr.MgTow said.

"Is that right? That explains why Gizzey is debt. Who exactly are you?" - Ninja-X³ said.

"Can she let go of me now?" - Mr.MgTow said.

"Yes." - Vixie said.

Mr.MgTow breathes a sigh of relief.

"I am a former employee of Gizzey. My name is Mr.MgTow. Author of the book called "All Women Are Like That". Which did okay in sales, it mostly appealed to men who hate women." - Mr. MgTow said.

"That book is trash and full of lies." - Ninja-X³ said.

"Yeah, no shit. I heard it got pulled off retail shops because it was basically a modern-day version of a Mein Kampf book." - Vixie said.

"Hey now, don't compare me to Hitler." - Mr.MgTow said.

"Your book is full of hate and bullshit. Why wouldn't you be compared to Hitler?" - Ninja-X³ said.

"Because everything I said is true about women. They are using men for money." - Mr.MgTow said.

Vixie kicks him in the balls, Mr.MgTow falls to the ground & groans in pain.

"Bullshit motherfucker. I don't need his money, I'm very rich and can take care of myself." - Vixie said.

"She's right. We've been dating and she never once asked me for money." - Ninja-X³ said.

"B-but she could still be using you for something." - Mr.MgTow said as he said while in pain.

"How?" - Ninja-X³ said.

" don't know." - Mr. MgTow said.

"That's right, you don't know. Because the truth is I'm not using him, I don't have a single reason to use him. I love him." - Vixie said.

"But...but..." - Mr. MgTow said.

"Are you in denial, Mr.MgTow? Is it that hard for you to accept that there are good women?" - Ninja-X³ said.

"Yes." - Mr.MgTow said.

"Figures. But at least you finally admit it now." - Vixie said.

Ninja-X³ & Vixie leave together holding hands with each other, as Mr.MgTow continues laying on the ground groaning in pain while watching them walk away from him.

"Why can't that be me walking away with her?" - Mr.MgTow thought while having tears in his eyes.

Meanwhile around the same time at a local bar, Joey was sitting on a chair, drinking a glass of soda. He never was a fan of beer, so he always orders soda. A beautiful brunette woman name Lisa sits on the chair next to Joey and orders a beer. Joey continues drinking his soda, completely oblivious to the woman sitting next to him.

"Well, you're the first guy who didn't notice me right away." - Lisa said.

"I got a ton of things on my mind right now. I'm on break from work, I'm heading back in about 20 minutes." - Joey said.

"You're also the first guy who didn't start hitting on me." - Lisa said.

"You are very beautiful, but I'm not like most guys. I just don't hit on every hot woman that I see. Plus I'm not good at coming up with a cheesy pick up line immediately." - Joey said.

"Is that so? Hmmmmm well you're cute. My name is Lisa." - Lisa said.

"My name is Joey. Nice to meet ya." - Joey said.

"Lets stay in touch, I think it would be really interesting to date a guy like you." - Lisa said.

"Sure. Just type your name and phone number on my cell phone." - Joey said.

Joey hands her his cell phone. She types in her name and number.

"Now it's your turn to give me your number." - Lisa said.

Lisa hands him her cell phone. He types in his name and number.

"Well, it was nice meeting you. I need to get back to work. We'll stay in touch." - Joey said.

"I look forward to it." - Lisa said as she was kissing Joey.

Joey smiles at her, hugs her, lets go and then walks away slowly out of the bar, while looking back at her. She smiles back at him.

Saturday morning at Richard Crawford's apartment, he receives a knock on his door. A mail delivery guy left a package at Richard's front door and walks away. Richard opens the door, sees the package, picks it up and shuts the door. He opens the package, he sees his protective gear.

"Finally, I have the protective gear I ordered. Now is my chance to prove to Kylenn that I am worthy of her. Every hero needs a hot TV news reporter as his girlfriend, I'll make sure the hero she falls in love with is me." - Richard said excited with joy.

Richard starts putting on his costume, puts on the white metallic knight helmet on. He looks in the mirror and he loves what he sees.

"I am the White Knight this city needs. That's it, my hero name is the White Knight!" - Richard said.

He looks up the address of the news station that Kylenn works in. He types it onto his cell phone, so that he can have the maps app navigate him to the location of the Channel 5 News Station. He grabs his keys, walks out of his apartment, forgetting to lock the door, he rushes downstairs to get to the parking lot. He goes to his car, opens the front door, goes into his car, closes the door, puts the key in the ignition and starts driving.

A half-hour later he arrives near the Channel 5 News Station, but notices he can't drive through the parking lot because there's a gate with a security guard at the parking lot. Only employees have access to the news station.

"Well this spells trouble for me. I will have to sneak in somehow." - Richard said.

He parks near the side of the road. He goes towards the side of the parking lot, climbs the fence and drops down to the other side of the fence to reach the ground. He sees the entrance to the news building. He goes behind the huge dumpster and waits for Kylenn to show up to work.

A few hours later, Kylenn drives into the parking lot. Parks at her favorite spot. And just as she was about to walk towards the entrance, Richard in his White Knight costume appears from behind.

"Excuse me miss, I am patrolling the area around here. There were a couple of robbers who tried to get access to this parking lot, I scared them away though." - Richard said.

"Oh really? Because the security cameras around here surely would have picked up on that. How did you get in here anyway?" - Kylenn said.

"By climbing up that fence miss." - Richard said.

"Uh-huh. I told them fuckers to add barbwire on the fence. They didn't listen, I guess they didn't want to pay the extra dough. They even forgot to add a few more cameras for the blind spots of this parking lot. I'm gonna have to talk to my boss about this." - Kylenn said.

"Wait...don't you need protection, madam?" - Richard said.

"No. I can take care of myself. I don't need help from Captain Incel." - Kylenn said.

"B-but I'm not Captain Incel, I am the White Knight!" - Captain Incel(Richard) said.

"White Knight, eh?" - Kylenn said.

She comes closer, pretending to be nice by smiling at him, then she kicks Captain Incel in the balls. Captain Incel falls down. The security guard finally arrives to help Kylenn.

"What took you so long?" - Kylenn said.

"Sorry miss, I was taking a piss break. I didn't know you were in trouble until I saw you talking with this guy in a white knight costume." - The security guard said.

"Well cuff him and get this creep out of here." - Kylenn said.

"Yes, mam." - The security guard said.

Meanwhile, at Moran Mansion, the butler had heard screams of a little girl coming out of William Moran's room.

"I fucking hate this job." - The butler said.

The phone rings. The butler answers.

"Who is it?" - The butler said.

"Bill Lyer. I need to speak to William Moran." - Bill Lyer said.

"He's busy with his product again, sir. May I take a message?" - The butler said.

"Yes, tell William he needs to come by my office tonight. We have several things to discuss." - Bill Lyer said.

"Yes, sir. I'll inform him right away. Goodbye, sir." - The butler said.

Meanwhile at the Channel 5 News Station...

"Breaking news today, we just caught live footage of a man dressed like a white knight. He was at one of the entrances of our building near the parking lot side. He was stalking me. He is known as Captain Incel, but his secret identity is Richard Crawford. A 42-year-old man who lived in the same apartment building as me. Prompting me to change my address and move out of my apartment, so that this sick lonely incel won't be able to stalk me anymore. Here's a clip of the live footage where I kick Captain Incel in the balls, the only part he forgot to add armor on." - Kylenn said.

The footage of Kylenn kicking Captain Incel in the balls is shown.

Brandon watches this news coverage on his HDTV and he laughs.

"Kylenn sure did a number on him. Hahaha." - Brandon said.

Meanwhile at the Kent County Jail, Richard watches the news on HDTV located outside of the holding cell he's in. He got pissed when Kylenn referred to Richard as Captain Incel.

"That's not my name damn it! Guard, change the fucking channel!" - Richard said.

"Why would I do that for you, Captain Incel?" - The guard said.

"I'm the White Knight damn it, not Captain Incel!" - Richard said.

"Pipe down loser or I will throw you into solitary confinement." - The guard said.

"I don't give a shit. Anything is better than putting up with your crap, shithead." - Richard said.

5 minutes later Richard was thrown into solitary confinement. The guard left as he locked Richard's cell. Richard was left alone.

"I am killing Kylenn when I get out of here and I am going to blow up this jail facility." - Richard thought.

The next day at Mr.MgTow's mother residence, Mr.MgTow was dwelling in his mother's basement. His mother came downstairs to the basement to serve Mr.MgTow breakfast.

"Here's your breakfast. By the way Mitch, when are you going to move out of here?" - His mother said as she hands the breakfast meal to him.

"It's not that easy mom. My book sales didn't make enough to buy me an affordable house & Gizzey didn't pay me well when I use to work for them. I've been royally fucked when it comes to cash. Now please leave me alone. I need to figure out how I am gonna make money because I don't want to be living here with you." - Mr.MgTow said.

"I hope so. Because having you live here with me has been a drain on my wallet. Being a factory worker doesn't exactly pay well either, so I can't keep supporting the both of us. So you better figure something out fast or I'll have my man kick your sorry ass out of here." - His mother said as she left the basement and shut the door hard.

"I fucking hate my mother. Her boyfriend is a fucking cuck because my mother has a used pussy. Why the fuck do men sleep with women who has been with multiple men? Fucking hell I hate women." - Mr.MgTow thought.

He turns his laptop on. He sees an article about Captain Incel getting arrested yesterday. He noticed that Captain Incel is arrested for trespassing and stalking Kylenn Rose.

"Stalking? I call horseshit on that. As for Captain Incel, he might be useful to me. I think I shall pay him a visit later tonight." - Mr.MgTow said.

Later that day around 7:30 p.m. Vixie suits up, grabs some gadgets, puts them in her utility belt. She sees Ninja-X³ suiting up as well and stares at him with love in her eyes.

"Brandon, I got a question for you. Do you love me?" - Vixie said.

"Of course I love you. Both you & Kylenn are my everything. Why do you ask?" - Ninja-X³ said.

"Well, you've never said it until right now." - Vixie said.

"I know. I just wasn't sure how you would react. We haven't been together as long as me & Kylenn have. But since last night, I finally know that you love me too. I was just intimidated because you're very rich and I haven't dated any other woman who is as wealthy as you are." - Ninja-X³ said.

"I understand that. But remember, I am as human as you are. You don't have to be intimidated." - Vixie said.

"You're right. I love you, Rebecca." - Ninja-X³ said.

"I love you too, Brandon." - Vixie said.

They held hands together as they walk into a stylized custom black & green armored car that looks like a Corvette. It had features that civilian cars don't have, such as the ability to launch a missile targeting enemy vehicles and it has an advanced A.I. with voice control.

"Should I drive or do you want to drive?" - Ninja-X³ said.

"I've driven this car before when I was testing it out on the field. You should drive it. You need the training." - Vixie said.

"Alright." - Ninja-X³ said.

They both get into the car. They see a computerized dashboard with touch screens. The steering wheel had a militarized design with trigger buttons to activate the launch missiles.

"Are those buttons are what I think they are?" - Ninja-X³ said.

"Yes. But don't worry, as long as the two of us are in this car, I can make sure the missiles only target the enemy vehicle. It won't hit the civilian vehicles." - Vixie said.

"Okay. Well let's head to Grand Haven. We got work to do." - Ninja-X³ said as he starts the car and drives off.

Meanwhile at the Kent County Jail at around 8 p.m., Richard gets a visit from Mr.MgTow.

"You're Richard Crawford, right?" - Mr.MgTow said.

"Yes. Who the fuck are you?" - Richard said.

"The only guy who can get you out of here. You can call me Mr.MgTow. I know a man who would be interested in bailing you out. But there's only one thing I ask in return." - Mr.MgTow said.

"Which is?" - Richard said.

"Kill my mom's boyfriend. His name is Chad Chadwick. He works as a Bouncer at the Introspective." - Mr.MgTow said.

"Fine. This better be worth it." - Richard said.

"Oh, it will be." - Mr.MgTow said.

Later that night, in Grand Haven. Both Ninja-X³ & Vixie are investigating the shipping yard. Since the fence is wired with an alarm system, they had to go through the front gate. But to do so, they needed to knock out the security guards.

So Ninja-X³ uses the portable EMP device that allows him to knock out the power temporarily. Both Ninja-X³ & Vixie knock out some guards. They grab the card keys from the security guards. The power is back on.

They deactivate the cameras and they grab a notepad. The notepad has a full list of names & the numbers for the shipping containers. As Vixie was reading through it, one of the names stuck out like a sore thumb. William Moran's name was on that list.

"HOLY SHIT! William Moran's name is on this list!" - Vixie said.

"Okay. We got the number, right? We should find that shipping container." - Ninja-X³ said.

There were crewmen walking around the shipping yard. Ninja-X³ & Vixie used stealth to knock out each guard one by one carefully so they don't get caught. They were down to the last two guards, but there was a problem. They were in a well-lit area.

So Vixie uses her EMP device to knock out the power temporarily. Then both Ninja-X³ & Vixie knocked out the last two guards. They then head towards the container which is meant to ship to William Moran. They open the door. Inside they see one frightened teenage girl.

"Hello. We're not here to hurt you. We're here to rescue you. What's your name?" - Vixie said.

"M-my n-name is Lindsay. Where am I?" - Lindsay said.

"You're in Grand Haven, Michigan. Where are you from?" - Vixie said.

"Calgary, Alberta, Canada." - Lindsay said.

"Who put you in this shipping container?" - Vixie said.

"Some old men. I overheard them say that they're working for the Canadian Prime Minister." - Lindsay said.

"HOLY know what this means?" - Ninja-X³ said.

"Yeah, the Canadian Prime Minister is a sex trafficker. Didn't he claim to be woke? And didn't he start putting a bunch of Far-Left Liberal policies that allow him to police speech as well as taking kids away from parents who refuses to raise their kids as the gender they identify with?" - Vixie said.

"Yes. Looks like Canada is plagued with problems." - Ninja-X³ said.

"Are you two going to take me home?" - Lindsay said.

"Yes. I got a question though. Were you taken away from your parents by the police or were you kidnapped?" - Vixie said.

"I was taken away by the police." - Lindsay said.

"What the fuck? Canada is knee-deep in corruption. We may have to get her parents out of Canada." - Ninja-X³ said.

"Or we could just tell our President about the situation. He's on our side." - Vixie said.

"Good point." - Ninja-X³ said.

"I'm going to call my father and get this taken care of. Luckily we work with the U.S. Government, we can put an end to this sex trafficking quietly. This whole shipping yard needs to be investigated." - Vixie said.

"Yes, but the U.S. Government should leave William Moran to us. I want to make sure that mother fucker gets a beating he'll never forget." - Ninja-X³ said.

"Fine, I'll have my father make that arrangement." - Vixie said.

"I just want to go home." - Lindsay said.

"I know hun, I'm working on it. We'll get you back home safely. Just be patient for now." - Vixie said.

The next day, the shipping yard was closed. The men had been apprehended by the FBI quietly. A man name John Voorhees was on the scene. He's an FBI agent who was sent to investigate the shipping yard, along with looking at the list of names on the notepad. He's having a conversation with Agent Amy Burke.

"This is huge. Yet we can't go public with it because we need to apprehend everyone on this list and make sure there are no loose ends. The President has ordered us not to go after William Moran though. He claims he has a special team that will capture William Moran personally." - John Voorhees said.

"What about Bill Lyer?" - Amy Burke said.

"He's ours." - John Voorhees said.

Meanwhile at Joey Greene's Apartment...

"So this is my place. Do you like it?" - Joey said.

"Yes, this place looks wonderful. How could you afford it?" - Lisa said.

"I work for X³(cube) Industries, so I get paid very well." - Joey said.

Suddenly Joey's cell phone rings. Joey grabs his cell phone from his pocket, looks at the screen and see's that Shawn Preston is calling.

"Can you excuse me for just one moment Lisa, I got to take this call." - Joey said.

"Sure thing." - Lisa said.

Joey answers his phone.

"Hello?" - Joey said.

"Joey, we need you at X³(cube) Industries. It's very important that you get here." - Shawn said.

"Alright, I'll be there." - Joey said.

"What is it?" - Lisa said.

"My boss wants me to show up to work. Maybe we could finish this date later?" - Joey said.

"Alright." - Lisa said.

Meanwhile at X³ Industries, at Shawn Preston's office.

"Okay, looks like Joey will be joining us soon. Tonight we're going to infiltrate Moron Mansion." - Shawn said.

"Did you just say Moron Mansion? Hahahaha. I'm looking forward to beating the shit out of William Moron." - Rebecca said.

"Same here." - Brandon said.

"Just remember we have to be stealthy. William Moran's mansion is heavily guarded. He has armed guards strategically placed, so if we're going to be successful, we have to knock them out. He has 30 guards total. Joey will be disabling the security system. The rest should be a piece of cake if we're careful." - Shawn said.

Meanwhile Mr.MgTow meets with Richard Crawford outside the Kent County Jail.

"Ready to kill my mom's boyfriend?" - Mr.MgTow said.

"I just got one question, how the hell did you bail me out?" - Richard said.

"I am friends with William Moran. He's the one who bailed you out. You'll be working for him. When he asks you to do a job, you will not question him, you will do what you're told." - Mr.MgTow said.

"Is William Moran a part of some kind of mob?" - Richard said.

"If you consider the woke mainstream media as a mob, then yes." - Mr.MgTow said.

"Cool. I've always loved the mob. Never thought I'd be working for them." - Richard said.

"That's a good attitude to have. So you're going to kill my mom's boyfriend?" - Mr.MgTow said.

"Yes." - Richard said.

"Good. Here's your gun. Courtesy of William Moran." - Mr.MgTow said.

Mr.MgTow hands Richard Crawford a revolver.

"Whoa, this looks cool." - Richard said.

"You like it, eh? You can keep it. Just do your job tonight." - Mr.MgTow said.

Later that night at Moran Mansion, Ninja-X³ kills the lights temporarily with his portable EMP device. Vixie & Ninja-X³ both take out the guards at the front entrance and hid them in the bushes. They went back into hiding as soon as the lights came back on.

"What's this?" - A guard said while watching a surveillance monitor. He goes to check out the front gate. This gives Player-X³ a chance to sneak into the surveillance room. He uses his portable EMP device to temporarily disable the lights. He uses his night vision goggles on his mask to get to the surveillance room. The security guard noticed something suspicious but couldn't see in the dark, Master-X³ knocks out the security guard, then hides the security guard in the bushes and then Master-X³ uses his invisibility cloak to hide before the lights come on. The lights are back on again.

Player-X³ hacks into the system, disables all cameras. He sees a switch and disables the lights near the front gate, as well as disabling the lights in the courtyard. The only lights remaining are inside the mansion. Yet no one in the mansion has noticed that the lights are off from the courtyard.

"Alright, we're going to split up. Ninja-X³ you are going through the back entrance. I will take the west side of the mansion, Player-X³ will take the east side of the mansion. Vixie, you take the front side. There are 27 guards left. You know which areas to take out the guards in. Let's go." - Master-X³ said.

Master-X³ uses his invisibility cloak and sneaks into the west side of the mansion. The west side of the mansion is heavily guarded, which is exactly where the sex slaves are being held at, in the basement area. He knew he had the biggest challenge of taking out 12 guards total in that area.

Ninja-X³ & Vixie only has to deal with 6 armed guards each in the areas they infiltrated.

Player-X³ only has 3 to worry about. Master-X³ was on the first floor in the west side. He took out 1 armed guard at a time. Takes him about 45 minutes to get all 12 guards knocked out, cuffed and hiding their bodies in a secure area.

"Damn, now I know how Sam Fisher feels to go through this crap." - Master-X³ said, while referencing his favorite video game character.

Ninja-X³, Vixie and Player-X³ have successfully knocked out the guards they were assigned to as well, without getting caught. Vixie notices the Butler in the dining room. She remains hidden, but she sees that the Butler is crying.

"I don't know what to do. William Moran keeps raping little girls and I do nothing about it. My family needs the money, but I feel like I've sold my soul to the devil just to live the good life." - The Butler said, talking to himself while eating his bowl of soup.

"Hold on a minute." - Vixie said.

"W-who's there?" - The Butler said.

"I'm not going to hurt you. I think I can help solve your problem." - Vixie said.

Vixie steps out of the shadows.

"Who are you?" - The Butler said.

"My name is Vixie. I'm here to put an end to William Moran's reign of terror." - Vixie said.

"Oh thank goodness. Those little girls need your help." - The Butler said in tears.

"It's really been eating up at you, hasn't it?" - Vixie said.

"Yes. Right now William is raping a little girl in the master bedroom. Which is at the back end of this mansion. There's also a basement full of underage sex slaves held in the basement on the west side of the mansion. Be careful though, there are armed guards in both areas." - The Butler said.

"I can check to see if my team has taken care of that." - Vixie said.

Vixie communicates with her father via her smartwatch.

"Master-X³ are you in the basement?" - Vixie said.

"Yes, Vixie. I have managed to get the girls out of their cells." - Master-X³ said.

"Okay. I'm going to check on Ninja-X³ then." - Vixie said.

She contacts Ninja-X³ on her smartwatch.

"How are things going on your end?" - Vixie said.

"I'm about to bust into William Moran's master bedroom. Why, what's up?" - Ninja-X³ said.

"Just wait. I'll meet you there." - Vixie said.

"Okay, I'll wait." - Ninja-X³ said.

The Butler couldn't believe what he was hearing.

"You weren't joking when you said you were going to put an end to William Moran's reign of terror." - The Butler said.

"Yeah, I'm about to head towards his master bedroom now & kick his sorry ass." - Vixie said.

"Wait...what about me? I won't have a job after this." - The Butler said.

"Does William have a safe where he keeps his money?" - Vixie said.

"Yes." - The Butler said.

"Take all his money from that safe. Player-X³ can help you if you need to hack codes or whatever." - Vixie said.

"Yes, the safe is computerized." - The Butler said.

Vixie contacts Player-X³ on her smartwatch.

"Player-X³ I need you to come to the dining room and help this butler get the money out of William's safe." - Vixie said.

"Alright, I will be there." - Player-X³ said.

"You're in good hands. I gotta go now. See ya." - Vixie said as she storms out the dining room quickly.

Meanwhile at William Moran's master bedroom...

"Good girl, you're all dressed. You're going back to the cell." - William Moran said.

William Moran pushes the button on his desk to communicate with one of the guards.

"Guard, I need you to come in here and escort this little girl to her cell." - William Moran said.

There was no response. This startles William Moran.

"What the hell is going on?" - William Moran said.

Ninja-X³ & Vixie kicks down the doors to the master bedroom.

"Freeze mother fucker. Your ass is grass." - Vixie said.

"OH SHIT!" - William Moran said as he tries to run.

Ninja-X³ tackles William down and punches him wildly in anger.

"Okay, okay. I give up. Stop punching me." - William Moran said while whimpering in fear.

Ninja-X³ punches him one more time in anger, then stops.

"Okay, that's enough Ninja-X³. I think you've beaten the wokeness out of him." - Vixie said while laughing.

"Hey, that isn't funny. Besides you're a woman. Shouldn't you be woke?" - William Moran said.

"No, you stupid fucking moron! I don't give a shit about politics. I don't wake up everyday of my life screaming for social justice or making America great again. My life does not revolve around politics. I find it pathetic that people like you even exist. Just fuck off with your stupid hipster hairdo, or whatever the fuck you call that thing on top of your head." - Vixie said.

"Don't make fun of my..." - William Moran said, while Ninja-X³ interrupts him by punching him.

"That's enough out of you, pansy. You're going to prison." - Ninja-X³ said.

The little girl runs up to Ninja-X³ and says "Thank you for saving me."

"You're welcome little angel. We're going to get you home." - Ninja-X³ said.

Vixie decides to beat the living shit out of William Moran.

"THIS IS FOR HARMING THAT LITTLE GIRL AND THE OTHER LITTLE GIRLS YOU FUCKED WITH, YOU FUCKING PATHETIC PIECE OF SHIT! I'M GONNA MAKE SURE YOUR PENIS NEVER GETS ERECTED AGAIN!" - Vixie said in rage while beating the shit out of William Moran, then stomps on his groin area, fracturing his penis in the process.

"Damn woman, you are brutal! I love you so much." - Ninja-X³ said while smiling.

A few hours later, the FBI arrives at the scene. Takes William Moran and the 30 security guards into custody.

"The President wasn't kidding when he said he had a special team to take care of this." - John Voorhees said.

"Yup. But that's not what disturbs me. These girls are from Canada and according to the President, the Prime Minister of Canada is involved with the sex trafficking of these girls." - Amy Burke said.

"Holy shit. Looks like the U.S. may go to war with Canada." - John Voorhees said.

"No shit." - Amy Burke said.

The next day, Kylenn makes a news report.

"Last night Chad Chadwick, a bouncer at the Introspective night club was brutally murdered by Richard Crawford. He was arrested the very same night." - Kylenn said.

The security guard at the Kent County Jail was watching the news report, while Richard Crawford makes a phone call to Mr.MgTow.

"I'm locked up. Can you get William Moran to bail me out again?" - Richard said.

"No can do. I tried getting a hold of him today, but unfortunately, he's arrested too." - Mr.MgTow said.

" do you know he got arrested?" - Richard said.

"I saw it trend on social media." - Mr.MgTow said.

"DAMN IT" - Richard said while hanging up the phone in anger.

Meanwhile at the Gizzey Empire. The FBI raided the building. They went to Bill Lyer's office, only to find that Bill Lyer is dead with his head blown off.

"He must have known we were onto him. So he shot himself. It's the Epstein suicide incident all over again." - John Voorhees said.

" After what happened to Woke-Man, obviously he was going to Epstein himself." - Amy Burke said.

"Woke-Man?" - John Voorhees said.

"That's the alias of William Moran." - Amy Burke said.

"Oh. That guy. He is the most unmanly piece of shit to walk God's green Earth." - John Voorhees said.

"The fact that he fucks little girls tells me he has a very small penis." - Amy Burke said.

"What makes you say that?" - John Voorhees said.

"Most convicted sex predators who've been castrated in several states had very small penises." - Amy Burke said.

"That's true. What's worse for them is that they are forced to pay for their own castration." - John Voorhees said while laughing afterward.

A few hours later at X³ Industries...

"Have you heard what happened to Bill Lyer?" - Joey said.

"No. What happen?" - Rebecca said.

"He committed suicide. It's all over social media." - Joey said.

"That's great." - Rebecca said.

"Well, it is the end of an error. We took down Woke-Man, the Gizzey Empire and we saved the little girls and brought them back to their families." - Brandon said.

"Yeah and luckily the President managed to get Canadian authorities to arrest the Canadian Prime Minister for child sex trafficking." - Shawn said.

"Yup. Now if you'll excuse me, I got a date with Lisa." - Joey said.

"Alright, go ahead and take some time off. You deserve it." - Shawn said.

"Speaking of taking time off, I'm going to take both Rebecca and Kylenn out to eat." - Brandon said.

"Go for it. I'm gonna be spending time with my wife." - Shawn said.

Brandon and Rebecca kiss.

"Let's go." - Rebecca said.

The End.

Ninja-X³ and Vixie fight against a corrupt entertainment company called the Gizzey Corporation. After what happened to the Killer Klown Klan & the Swaggalo gang, the Gizzey Corporation hired a man name William Moran, a.k.a. Woke-Man. The Woke-Man is hired to fix the Gizzey Empire's brand and restore it's reputation by injecting wokeness into it. However Ninja-X³ and Vixie discovers a dark secret about the Gizzey Corporation & Woke-Man, a scandal that could literally destroy the Gizzey Empire if anyone ever found out.
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