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Here's my gallery.
Be prepared for a cute overload, since I will post artwork of my friend's OCs, my own fairy OCs Stella and Luna (Fantasy events), as well as The Berdal Siblings (based on real-life events, but at times surreal events), and even some other stuff like reviews and photos taken in the school.

Now with Macro OCs, as well as Micro OCs, and feel free to request something!


Random Favourites

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Whatever I find that is really good, or by my friends, or even gifts/requests of my OC's Stella and Luna, as well as gifts/requests of The Berdal Siblings, all go here!

Stamps included.
This is Kim, and I returned from the two-day cruise to Kiel in the magnificent Color Fantasy! Had to wake up at 5 am, though...

There were great drinks, great food, lots of entertainment, and a buttload of surprises. For the entertainment, I went to a show on the ship (Free admittance, even), with one going to Kiel and one going to Oslo.

While in Kiel, I got some stuff for myself, like the Pro Controller for the Switch and a physical version of One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 - Deluxe Edition on the Switch. Fun game!

Otherwise, I've had fun the whole cruise.

Take care, everyone!
  • Listening to: Music from Explorers of Sky
  • Reading: Pondus
  • Watching: Lotus Prince's Let's Plays
  • Playing: One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 (Switch)
  • Eating: Something
  • Drinking: Water

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Kim André
Hey, it's Kim AKA schoolfilmer!

Norwegian, Hamtaro-crazed (but not too much), Aspergian, crazy and intense. There you have me.

I spend most of my time on YouTube and of course here.

I am a free-hand drawer, and I don't use special techniques.

I hope you are generous enough...

Feel free to draw Stella and Luna, but remember to tell me if you did so, and give credit!

The avatar is made by Zuo-Ci

Here's the link to the Stella and Luna collection:…

Don't ask...
:iconderpstellaplz: :iconderplunaplz: :iconstellaloveplz: :iconhappylunaplz: :iconnowaystellaplz: :iconsmartkimplz:
Thanks, Beasty-Kun!



Here's a few Macro Fur drawings I have made so far, as well as requested ones.

"Luna's Big Problem":…

"Now Stella got huge":…

"Macro Anne":… (Requested by suikerdiamant)

"Tickie Tickie":… (Requested by BillyTheCat128)

"Big Bella, Small Stella":… (Requested by MimiTheFox)

"Taking a shower":… (Requested by Brinton-Brushworks)

"Not-So-Little Sister":… (Requested by DZ-Aladan)

"Mega Macro Luna":…

"Planetary Luna" a.k.a. 15k pageviews special:…

"Giant Amber":…

"Huge Diamond":…

"Macro Stella is being tickled":…

C'mon, don't be afraid to give me a request if you want to see your Hamtaro OC or Stella and/or Luna microfied/macrofied! Send me a comment or a note if you want to make a request.

Requests are now locked. That means you can't request anything for a while since I want to be more original.

Silverbreaker395: "Zidane" from "Dissidia" Hamtarofied :star:

Alistaire on HHP: Rikku from FFX Hamtarofication... :star:

Beast-Ham on HHP (AKA Beasty-Kun): Melon and Beasty kissing :star:

Shikas1nonlytruelove: Crazy and Cappy hanging out :star:

PokeCreature-Kid: Stitchpunk-Ham 9 self and Panda :star:

Silverbreaker395 Maxwell dressed as Link :star:

Saranda101 MelodyxStan :star:

MimiTheFox Bella flying with pink wings, Nova levitating :star:

suikerdiamant Doll Anne :star:

blue-glitter-123 Doll Sara :star:

shinx101 Taylor playing on a red and green guitar, singing "Push" by Matchbox Twenty :star:

Macro Oxnard (Special Sunflower Seed) :star-empty:

Dexter as Double Dee while Howdy mocks him :star-empty:

Macro Adriel (for Klonoa13) :star:

Art Trade with WhippetWild WW: :star: SF: :star:

Doll James (for suikerdiamant) :star:

Cowboys and a gowgirl (Kim, Melody, André and Ace) :star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty:

Art trade with ChibiHamutaro CH: :star: SF: :star:

Comic: Balloon Trouble :star::star::star::star::star::star:

Silverbreaker395 Sandy as Zelda :star-empty:

macaustar: Birthday Gift! (25th February) :star:

Brinton-Brushworks: Birthday Gift! (3rd March) :star:

Beasty-Kun: Birthday Gift! (5th March) :star:

suikerdiamant: Birthday Gift! (19th March) :star:

Nijihamu-can: Birthday Gift! (28th March) :star:

To-Do after doing them all:
Klonoa13: Lapis and Lazuli hugging Adriel :star:

Silverbreaker395: New Dice with gunblade over his shoulder :star:

Silverbreaker395: DicexStella (Luna and Stella laughing about something and Dice standing a little futher in the background, looking at Stella with a blush and a small smile on his face, thinking 'Stella is so cute...') :star-empty:

:devkyakyru:: Spellmaking Kia (Fire magic) :star:

Battle154: Macro Geoffrey :star:

Battle154: Macro Geoffrey showing his size to Sara and the Hamettes :star:

Battle154: When Geoffrey met Stella and Luna (Luna is about to make Stella grow while Geoff watches) :star:

Battle154: Geoffrey getting mad at Dice for dressing Stella up as Batman :star:

Battle154: Geoffrey in a dress :star:

Silverbreaker395: Dice with the Bio Blade :star-empty:

sunnytheevee: Micro Casi and Shadow Casi :star: :star:

Silverbreaker395: Micro Stella dressed as Batman :star:

TiffyToffy: Comedic drawing with Stella, Luna and Taylor :star-empty:

Silverbreaker395: Comic: Payback time (Dice sleeps with a phone in his hand, Stella sprays some whipped cream on the phone, she calls Dice and he gets cream all over his face, then Dice holds her in a tight grip, Stella blushes like crazy, Dice blushes a little, the hug covers Dice's evil looking smile)

Stella with a Gunblade with a purple tint, and Luna with a shotgun and a revolver :star-empty:

Battle154: Geoffrey, Dice, Adriel, Anne, James and Setsuro fighting the Stella and Luna shadow clones :star:

Battle154: Geoffrey getting shocked to see his Darkest Shadow self revived :star:

Battle154: Geoffrey telling Sara about the Darkest Shadow Clone :star:

Battle154: Geoffrey and Sara trying to find Ian and Luna

Homage to Keroro Gunsou: Flash Spoon :star:

sunnytheevee: Baby Casi

Gigalypuff: Gigapuff playing with Stella and Luna

Doggy1129: (Photos) Working areas (i.e. where I have my computer) Apartment: :star: Home: :star:

suikerdiamant: Baby Anne and Baby James :star:

Doggy1129: Lots of Bijou's :star:

Silverbreaker395: Lots of Sandy's

Chainedfool: 1st: Lots of Pashmina's 2nd: Lots of Penelope's

Klonoa13: Lots of Adriel's

Battle154: Raging Geoffrey (His color changes from blue to red, and his eye colors changes from green to blue)

Battle154: Geoffrey FIRIN' HIS LAZAH

Silverbreaker395 and Fallen-Angel343: Dice x Stella and Akatsuki x Luna :star:

Klonoa13: Luna x Adriel watching the blue sky

Battle154: Geoffrey on the chase after the Darkest Shadow self

RobbyDM: Rob holding a tiny Luna in his hands :star:

RobbyDM: Rob sleeping with tiny Stella and Luna on his chest :star:

Silverbreaker395: Dice rubbing Micro Stella's back :star:

Silverbreaker395: Stella nosebleeding because of Dice without hoodie :star:

BrydoRX on the RX Comm: Two random requests: and :star: :star:

:devkyakyru:: Stan and Amber

Battle154: Battleship and Midway as ham-hams :star:

Spat500: Redsheet :star:

PrettyKittyGato: If Hugina and Adriel were married :star:

GiloloxGikoko: Lolo and Boss :star:

Silverbreaker395: Stella holding Baby Dice in her hands

Silverbreaker395: Lots of Dice's

xXCibiPoppyXx: Poppy and Darin swimming together

Spat500: Spat with heavy nosebleed (Harmony included)

Battle154: Geoffrey with three scars on the right side :star:

Battle154: Fainted Geoffrey

Mariel3443 aka GirFan86: Miranda as a Ham-Ham

Battle154: Geoff with a gunblade (American flag on one side, Japanese flag on other) :star:

Saranda101: Macro Melody with Mark and Rob hugging her on the shoulders :star:

Battle154: Ham-Ham North :star:

RNS-Knight: RNS and Rhaydtar in a fight

Battle154: North's Rage

Silverbreaker395: Dice and Stella sleeping next to Nikki :star:

Battle154: Macro Jeff :star:

Battle154: Macro Jeff showing off her size to Geoffrey

Silverbreaker395: Dice as Edgar Figaro

Silverbreaker395: Stella as Jessie and Dice as Buzz Lightyear

Current Residence: Norway
Print preference: I don't buy them...
Favourite genre of music: Video Game Music
Favourite photographer: Thomas Morell
Favourite style of art: Hamtaro-styled characters
Operating System: Vista, Mac OS X 10.5
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Wallpaper of choice: Something Stella and Luna-related
Favourite cartoon character: I have soooo many, but Hamtaro, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Pondus is my faves in that category
Personal Quote: "I drink like a sponge, and that's fine if I drink the same as the sponge" - Kim A.


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