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Humanoid - nearly Human

Humanoid and Humanoid-blue Version 3.3

This Icon-Set won't be supported no more. It's a relic of old times ... ;)

"Humanoid" is a Icon-Set for Linux; in general for Ubuntu. The base of the Set is Gnome-Colors-Human [link]
On this solid and mature Icon-Set I made some modifications for come something nearer to what is called "a Human-similar-IconSet" and of course what bewares my own gusts. ;)

The Licence of this Set beware always the same license like the original-source - GPL-2.

Additional comments:

- The source/idea of the folder (48px-svg) was given by K.Vishnoo Charan Reddy. A lot of thanks ...

- Apart of new made or changed icons there are a lot of icons *corrected by hand* (in all sizes / my Artwork-part)!!! ;)

- As Theme is Wasp [link] or Shiki-Human / Brave recommended.
- As Metacity I can recommend Plasp: [link]
- As Dock is "Gnome-DO" (Docky) recommended. ;)
- !!! For better results, extract the individual .tar.gz files into /usr/share/icons as administrator !!!
- !!! It's always best to remove a previous version before upgrading !!!

- Infos about the contents in my screeny is here: [link]

1.3: many corrections by hand in the small sizes. ;)
1.4: log-out (scalable) better; new Inkscape, Packages-Icons more 3D ;)
1.5: full consistence with the Network-Icons; Brightness-Icon included
1.6: Nautilus in white and Wlan white, too ;)
1.6.1: Evolution included ;) 1.6.2: light fixes
1.7: new desktop-theme and desktop-locale ;)
1.8: Humanoid-blue included (blue folders - inicial!)
1.8.1: Humanoid-blue: Trash-Can in small sizes improved ;)
1.8.2: a handful fixes ... all about Humanoid-blue (apps [more blue])
1.9: more up to date to the actual gnome-colors-theme
1.9.1: better gnome-power-manager ;)
1.9.2: new software-update and media-optical (gnome-colors)
1.9.3: tomboy back to the roots - Bugs cleanup ;)
1.9.4: new system-search and fixed on 23 of june ...
1.9.5: rotage-left and right is better now
1.9.6: better folders and better internet-icon in the blue-version
2.0: a new look and feel ... (actions - places) ;)
2.1: apport a la Human; user-info fixed; rhythmbox new and near to the original; xchat, systemtest and fav. programs from the actual Gnome-Colors-Set ;)
2.2: some improvements ;) 2.3: some more improvements ...

3.0: Mayor update!!! ... so for example you will find new folders, too. ;)
3.1: Rhythmbox fixed
3.2: view-refreh 16px brighter and documents-recent better ;)
3.3: IconSet with slight corrections; Bonus: Aurora-Engine and a lassekongo83 Theme (Nooto light mods. [CC])
© 2009 - 2021 schollidesign
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can I use this icon [link] in a blog?
XsesAndBees's avatar
We need more color in things. Very nice icon set you made :)
mikemartin1200's avatar
wow i totally thought it was nix until i read it was a mac. great job, really really detailed out and good color coordination
EfGraphicDesing's avatar
Hey where can I get themes for vista? Nice design by the way.
astoyanov's avatar
incredible !!! :)
goldfish2008's avatar
nice :D
could i have the wall plz ?
schollidesign's avatar
sorry ... I wasn't online here sooo much time.

hope u still want it ... here it is: [link]

The new folders are great. It has now become my default theme. It's also nice that you are keeping an eye out for gnome-do. I hate it when blurry icons appear on do. It doesn't happen here (nor in colors).

The gnome-do clock applet now supports themes, maybe you can do something with that (if you were referring to that in your comment above) Keep up the good work!
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Thanks u for the nice comment.

About gnome-do clock applet: I will take a look for it if I am back to Gnome ... at moment I am on the KDE-side. :)
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Fell in love with Humanoid-Blue. Good job!! :nod: :nod:
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Thanks for your strong feelings belongs Humanoid-blue. :D
b-man16's avatar
looks sweet dude :D
schollidesign's avatar
:) ... and not only looking. IT'S sweet, dude. :D
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Wow, looks just awesome! ^^
schollidesign's avatar
helo pretty finland :)
Nice to hear from you again ...
And thx for your compliment. jajaja
Very Nice!!

What are the fonts used?
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GE Inspira (Regular and Bold) and Aller. GE Inspira normally isn't free, but it can be found gratis in the www. Good luck ... ;)
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