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Human-O2 - Iconset by schollidesign Human-O2 - Iconset by schollidesign
*** You can try my new IconSet, too. Click here: [link]

This Icon-Set won't be supported no more. It's a relic of old times ... ;)

:bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange:


Customize your deb-file with: "sudo human-o2" (Terminal/Konsole)

KDE-USERS and the deb-file:
"gnome-terminal" should be installed FIRST!!! (2-3 MB) for have all futures from the first Human-O2.deb-install ;)
sudo apt-get install gnome-terminal

:bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange:

Welcome to Human-O2

Human-O2 is an Icon-Set based on Hydroxygen (Oxygen) -Icon-Set. The idea was born when I used the Hydroxygen-Theme on my Ubuntu-desktop, and I thought it would be really great if the Human-Theme would be so complete and wonderful. So I started to create a fusion between both ;)
To get an almost perfect Human-feeling I had to modify a lot icons. I also included some icons I draw in the last time, and some icons (free - non commercial) I found in the "world wide web".
A lot of icons in small sizes were corrected by myself OR for a closer Human-feeling modificated!

So I am glad to present you my result!
Feel the beauty side of Ubuntu - the Linux-distribution I use and like best ... enjoy :)

If you like it, don't forget ---> :+fav: ;)

:bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange:


PURGE OLD INSTALLED HUMANO2-ICONS (Version 1.09 and lower ...) FROM YOUR PACKAGE-MANAGER IF YOU HAD IT INSTALLED ... THAN "sudo rm -r /usr/share/icons/Human-O2" !!! Thank you :)

The regular "Human-O2.tar.gz" for all Linux-distributions can be downloaded here on DeviantArt ;)
The packages for your Package-Manger (automatic updates) you will find these here above ;)
The DEB-Version you can download it directly from here: [link] (Version

Include Human-O2 into your Package-Manager:
(For ALL deb-based-Linux-distributions !!!) ;)

The packages from Ubuntu PPA are here: [link] :thumbsup:

PGP-Key can be downloaded from here: [link]
[This Public-Key is a authorization-Key for your Package-Manager like Adept or Synaptic]

OR with your Terminal/Konsole:
gpg --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu*com --recv-keys 53878C1F && gpg --export -a 53878C1F | sudo apt-key add -

!!!!!! Important !!!!!! * = . (point) ;)

Finally look for "human-o2-icons" ... :D

What is better with the Deb-Version:

- Icons are, in every moment, easy to change ...
Type "sudo human-o2" in your Terminal and follow the options-menu. Session Log-Out/Log-In or reboot recommended ;)

- Enjoy your Human-O2-Icons as root, too.

- All Users on your PC can select this Set by choosing it in the Theme-Appearance-Manager.

- Automatic updates with the Package-Version :D :D :D

:bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange:

Credits to BoddomBeachTerror (Deb-File) and Keba ( -Script). A special thanks up to them ... they created the installation files and so they helped me my ideas came true :)

Many thanks to the Human-Team for their great work, too ;)

Thanks to narf41 for his supports ... what? I don't say :D :D

Thanks to Ubuntuxer for his supports and the PPA-soulution ;)

The licences of the "Deb-File" and the " -Script" are GPL.
The licences of the Icons are GPL, CC sa nc, LGPL and many more (copiable and for non commercial use).
The licence of the "Human-O2 Collectors-Icon-Set" is GNU/ GPL.
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schollidesign Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2008   Interface Designer
? Sorry, but I didn't understand nothing :D Please explain me like for a English-beginner what you meant :D
gasteropod Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2009
sorry for not replying to your question in a while... but wait: are you from Spain? so why do you have german in all of your screenshots?
schollidesign Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2009   Interface Designer
I'm German who lives in Spain. But you've already presented it, right?
Nice you don't forgotten me :)
You like my newest screeny? I never used something so modern before ... ove it :D
gasteropod Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2009
Aha das erklärt die sache! Hattest du wahrscheinlich eh schon mal irgendwo erwähnt... ich bin aber sehr vergesslich... und zerstreut. Na dann redn wir mal deutsch, ist einfacher für beide, oder?

Ich hab dich nicht vergessen! Und dein letzter screeny ist wirklich toll! Frag mich schon die ganze zeit ob ich nicht mal KDE 4.2 installieren soll. Aber dann...gnome funktioniert, und ich hab eh keine zeit mehr zum basteln.
Ich weiss leider nicht mehr worüber wir da diskutiert haben. Hab aber die aktuelle version von Human o2 mal installiert. Sieht irgendwie anders aus. Hast wohl ziemlich rumgefeilt am ganzen! Sieht gut aus! Und rhythmbox hat auch ein neues icon (oder nicht?). Allgemein steh ich sicht so auf gloss, und manchmal ist da ein bisschen zu viel drin für meinen geschmack, aber ich find das set trotzdem sehr toll! Passt irgendwie zu KDE besser als zu gnome, so vom screeny her beurteilt jedenfalls...
schollidesign Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2009   Interface Designer
Hi :)

Basteln? Hmmm, 'n bisschen vllt. Was länger dauert ist wohl das neu erlernen ... ;)
Ich habe sehr viel herumgefeilt, da ich es perfekt haben wollte.
Rhythmbox hat kein neues Icon. Das Rhythmbox-Tray Icon ist aber ausgebessert worden und die Icons drinnen sind endlich richtig schön ;) Wenn du im Menu unter Multimedia schaust, dann siehst du, dass es alles stimmig ist ... mir gefällts :)
Glossy ist eigentlich nicht sooo viel. Die System-Buttons aber sind in der Tat sehr glossy. Habe bei mir aber andere eingebaut. Wenn du das neuste Screeny anschaust, kannst du es vllt. erkennen ;)
Das Set ist sehr flexibel (anpassbar) und passt sowohl zu Gnome, als auch KDE :D
Es ist auch immer eine Sache des Geschmacks ... andere wollen lieber blau, andere altbacken, andere wieder orange und hyper-modern ... :D

nette Grüsse
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rugbeeprop Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2008
Two thumbs and Two Big Toes up for sure :)
rugbeeprop Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2008
Definitely a good idea.

Especially if this icon set is to be used across platforms, the users may like the same flexibility.

Personally, I don't mind having Gnome Foot, but I like Ubuntu Circle better.
schollidesign Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2008   Interface Designer
I thing at all ;) The regular tar.gz-Version have the same future. Only you you unpack it and doubleklick on the, then you pack it again and move it into the Theme-Appearance-Manager. OR you moves after installing to the .icons-Folder and start the ... it's the same ... session logout/login in the second kind necessary ;) The install-procedure was/is the first surprise, right? :D
rugbeeprop Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2008
Thank you! Great job!

I like the sh installation process where I could choose different icons I want (i.e. the menu icon).

Keep up the great work.
schollidesign Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2008   Interface Designer
Good idea, right? Very kind persons helped me for realize it ... this is the result
narf41 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2008
congrats my friend :D keep on rockin´
schollidesign Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2008   Interface Designer
yeah my friend, let's make a big party. Womans have free entrance ... :D :D
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