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Human-O2 - Iconset



*** You can try my new IconSet, too. Click here: [link]

This Icon-Set won't be supported no more. It's a relic of old times ... ;)

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Customize your deb-file with: "sudo human-o2" (Terminal/Konsole)

KDE-USERS and the deb-file:
"gnome-terminal" should be installed FIRST!!! (2-3 MB) for have all futures from the first Human-O2.deb-install ;)
sudo apt-get install gnome-terminal

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Welcome to Human-O2

Human-O2 is an Icon-Set based on Hydroxygen (Oxygen) -Icon-Set. The idea was born when I used the Hydroxygen-Theme on my Ubuntu-desktop, and I thought it would be really great if the Human-Theme would be so complete and wonderful. So I started to create a fusion between both ;)
To get an almost perfect Human-feeling I had to modify a lot icons. I also included some icons I draw in the last time, and some icons (free - non commercial) I found in the "world wide web".
A lot of icons in small sizes were corrected by myself OR for a closer Human-feeling modificated!

So I am glad to present you my result!
Feel the beauty side of Ubuntu - the Linux-distribution I use and like best ... enjoy :)

If you like it, don't forget ---> :+fav: ;)

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PURGE OLD INSTALLED HUMANO2-ICONS (Version 1.09 and lower ...) FROM YOUR PACKAGE-MANAGER IF YOU HAD IT INSTALLED ... THAN "sudo rm -r /usr/share/icons/Human-O2" !!! Thank you :)

The regular "Human-O2.tar.gz" for all Linux-distributions can be downloaded here on DeviantArt ;)
The packages for your Package-Manger (automatic updates) you will find these here above ;)
The DEB-Version you can download it directly from here: [link] (Version

Include Human-O2 into your Package-Manager:
(For ALL deb-based-Linux-distributions !!!) ;)

The packages from Ubuntu PPA are here: [link] :thumbsup:

PGP-Key can be downloaded from here: [link]
[This Public-Key is a authorization-Key for your Package-Manager like Adept or Synaptic]

OR with your Terminal/Konsole:
gpg --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu*com --recv-keys 53878C1F && gpg --export -a 53878C1F | sudo apt-key add -

!!!!!! Important !!!!!! * = . (point) ;)

Finally look for "human-o2-icons" ... :D

What is better with the Deb-Version:

- Icons are, in every moment, easy to change ...
Type "sudo human-o2" in your Terminal and follow the options-menu. Session Log-Out/Log-In or reboot recommended ;)

- Enjoy your Human-O2-Icons as root, too.

- All Users on your PC can select this Set by choosing it in the Theme-Appearance-Manager.

- Automatic updates with the Package-Version :D :D :D

:bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange:

Credits to BoddomBeachTerror (Deb-File) and Keba ( -Script). A special thanks up to them ... they created the installation files and so they helped me my ideas came true :)

Many thanks to the Human-Team for their great work, too ;)

Thanks to narf41 for his supports ... what? I don't say :D :D

Thanks to Ubuntuxer for his supports and the PPA-soulution ;)

The licences of the "Deb-File" and the " -Script" are GPL.
The licences of the Icons are GPL, CC sa nc, LGPL and many more (copiable and for non commercial use).
The licence of the "Human-O2 Collectors-Icon-Set" is GNU/ GPL.
© 2008 - 2023 schollidesign
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