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Adventures of Ranch: Tournament of Power Stories
***NOTE*** There are several original attacks I came up with mentioned alongside several techniques from the actual show and video games, so to distinguish them I'll be putting them in quotation marks and italicizing them like this: "Super Awesome Generic Death Strike" (that's probably going to be one of Yamcha's moves:) )
P.S. To avoid some confusion from the start, I want to clarify that I altered the Universe 7 Team Roster from Masoko's storyline to have Tien, Krillin, and Piccolo replaced by Ranch, Goten, and Trunks.
The Omniverse Collides! Eyeing The Competition!:
With Tien, Piccolo, and Krillin having given up their spots to Ranch, Trunks, and Goten, Whis takes Team Universe 7 to the World of Void where all the other Universal Teams strut their stuff. Raditz and Ranch are able to negotiate a shaky truce between the Saiyans of Universe 6 and 7 until all the other opponents are eliminated, but only Cabba seems enthusiastic about it. Gohan is shocked to see a Piccolo
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The Adventures of Ranch: Daughter of Raditz
The Adventures of Ranch - Daughter of Raditz!
*Note* Most of these episodes are either fleshing out scenes already mentioned in the Raditz What-If videos, or entirely new stories I squeezed into that What-If's alternate timeline.
Needing To Be Better:
Raditz and Launch are new parents, but both of them still have some lingering bad habits they need to work on. One day, while Raditz is away training for the arrival of the Androids, Launch is alone with 2 year old Ranch when a band of mercenaries (Original DB Villains: Hasky, Colonel Violet, and Mercenary Tao)come to collect Launch's soon-to-expire bounty she acquired from her earlier life of crime. Launch is doing fine in the ensuing gunfight until Cyborg Mercenary Tao paralyzes her with a single attack. Witnessing her mother's distress, along with a painful blow from Tao, causes Ranch to unleash a bust of power that shocks everyone! Sensing this disturbance of energy, Raditz returns to his remote cottage home and kills Me
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Xenos Horrificus Ch.4 - Family Above All
Randall had only met Xin's family once in-person. During Randall's one visit to the Tau Home Sept to complete the process of his marital Ta'lissera with Xin and officially join the Fire Caste of T'au. More specifically they went to the Sept's lunar colony of Lu'val. The first off-world settlement established by the Tau at the dawn of their Empire.
It was here, at the beating heart of the Tau Empire, did Randall experience Tau culture at its most conservative and traditional. In many aspects it felt closer to...unwelcoming. Randall was the only Human inside the domes of Lu'val, and the Tau colonists had stared at him like an exotic curiosity. He WAS an exotic curiosity. However, this curiosity quickly turned to unspoken disapproval when it became clear that he was in a cross-species relationship with Xin. Xin's family's disapproval on the other hand was considerably more vocal.
Xin had warned Randall before meeting her family about the history of "Ka'rashi Lissera" in her bloodline. Mea
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Xenos Horrificus Ch.3 - Ghost Image
The Tau called the conflict "The Great War of Confederation". The Etherals coined the term because of how effectively a flood of Orks could isolate the many Septs of an otherwise united empire. It had begun a decade ago when eleven separate Ork Waaghs! had charged through the Western Veil Nebula. Even by the galactic standards that everything was measured by the Imperium of Man this was a major Ork migration.
Without exception, all the western frontier settlement worlds and void colonies were lost to the Ork invaders in the first year of the war. Only the Sept Worlds had the ground forces or star fleets to withstand the Green Tsunami, but even they were just stones in a river of Orks, incapable of stopping one Waaagh! bypassing them when they struggled to survive the attacks of another. Had there been even the most basic collaboration between the different Ork Waaaghs! all the Second Sphere Septs would have been annihilated.  
By the third year of the war, the Ork invaders were in
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Xenos Horrificus Ch.2 - Through The Breach
Rakarsha is a world dying under the yoke of xenos occupation that has lasted for over a decade. Waaagh! Rokkadaka had been wholly unexpected, and half the planet was lost in only two months of fighting. The planet would have been lost much sooner were it not so well garrisoned by the Imperial Guard to resist the expansionist Tau Empire. Though even these troops were not in the numbers necessary to withstand an Ork Waaagh! of this magnitude.
A salvation of sorts came with the arrival of the Dark Eldar who assassinated the foul Warboss leading this invasion, but promptly harvested the entire Ork and Human populations of three of Rakarsha's four continents. The Imperial Guard still lacked the manpower to exterminate the Orks, even in their divisive state, and was forced to slowly surrender more territory in a grinding war of attrition.
Calls for reinforcements were regularly sent to Segmentum Command, but Waaagh! Rokkadaka had only been one of over a dozen Waaaghs! that had stampeded over
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Xenos Horrificus Ch. 1 - Den of Wraiths
(Nine Years After Au'Taal)
The Kabal of the Wraithkind, exiles of Commorragh in all but name, have endured a painful transition. No longer able to reside in the Webway, the disgraced Archon Tilensic D'raque has been forced to carve out a new realm in the wilderness of Realspace. Despite this increased vulnerability the Kabal has made three entire sectors of Imperial Space their exclusive hunting grounds.
Their initial culling had obliterated the Merchant Fleets of over 180 planets, destroying five sector-economies, triggering society-destroying famines on two Hive Worlds, and indirectly causing Imperial defeats in seven different warzones for lack of critical supplies. All counted the Kabal had cost 12 billion human lives in two years. Clearly the Imperium was being made to suffer for D'raque's mistake of opposing Asdrubael Vect.
Deprived of the ability to escape into the Webway, the Kabal instead operates from carefully concealed bases in remote systems. One such installation was the
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Xenos Horrificus Prologue
Au'Taal looked like a jewel from space, and the Tau Empire treasured it a such. Xin'Vauk explained that the Sept of Au'Taal was a place of extraordinary natural beauty that was carefully stewarded by the Tau, and beside descendants of the original colonists and the retiring elite of the Empire, no one was allowed to immigrate to Au'Taal so that development could be kept to a minimum.
Randall suspected this was the first time Xin'Vauk saw Au'Taal too from the she described the Sept with such awe. Her child like enthusiasm was very cute and a little infectious. Randall needed his spirits raised after the long and uncomfortable journey from Horizon Prime Colony to the Tau heartland. An idyllic planet far away from the Imperium's wars sounded like the perfect place to finish healing from the ordeals that brought him and Xin'Vauk together.
The transport ship landed them on a small island in the middle of a crystal clear sea. As Xin'Vauk helped a limping Randall off the ship he smelled the s
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Mature content
Xenos Horrificus Excerpt :iconscholar-of-wastes:Scholar-of-Wastes 3 0
*Spoiler Alert* Xenos Horrificus Chapter Breakdown
Xeno Horrificus Chapter Breakdown
- Randall and Xin'Vauk arrive at the Sept of Au'taal to recover from their recent ordeal, but first they must meet the Ethereal Aun'el Eoro'eth. At this meeting Randall is subjected to invasive psychic interrogation to prove he is not an agent of the Inquisition.
Ch.1: Den of Wraiths
- The Dark Eldar Kabal of the Wraithkind have been exiled from Commorragh, but they still reek havoc across the Imperial Frontier.
- The Eldar of Craftworld Iyanden board a hidden space station belonging to the Kabal and fight to take it over.
- When the Eldar think they have won they learn why the Kabal is called the Wraithkind.
- After interrogating the survivors, the Eldar learn where the Kabal has taken the "treasures of Iyanden". A Maiden World called Uldaltria.
CH.2: Through The Breach
- The Imperial planet of Rakarsha, once called Uldaltria, was conquered six years ago by a passing Ork Waaagh! but its people endure in the mountains, fortified hamlets, and
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Nereids by NatasaIlincic
Mature content
Nereids :iconnatasailincic:NatasaIlincic 459 48
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