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My Commissions 2020 (OPEN)

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  • Jan 18, 1993
  • Japan
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My Bio

I'm Ezequiel. I'm a digital illustrator and digital animator. Born in Argentina, but I moved to Japan for staying 2 years.

You can ask me some private questions on anything in the notes, people.

By the way, I do not take requests from anyone free of charge.

Spare time:

* I hardly watch movies these days.

* I hardly have some free time in this week due to my current factory job.

* I may watch something that is contemporary or science fiction one. Horror is not my thing.

* Books are totally great to spend the time to read science fiction novels or some other genre that the story is relevant (or not).

* I play video games on PC now. I don't spend so much on the consoles one or handhelds one.

* I don't watch TV a lot.

* I listen to music, certain music, especially the synth music. It may be useful to use some music for media or some references.

* I'm studying Japanese when I can because i'm living in Sano, Japan.

Personal drawings blogspot:

My personal info:

Animation, animation reel and some college stuff:

Adult stuff (NSFW) blogspot:

Schnuron's playlist archive:

Schnuron's forgotten past playlist in the 2000s: schnuronplaylist2000s.blogspot…

YouTube: Nigokron

Tumblr: Schnuron

Steam: Schnuron

Twitter: Schnuron


Tools to draw: Wacom Bamboo Create Tablet.

Digital animations: Adobe Flash and Toon Boom Animate Pro. You can donate me if you want to that helps me a little a bit for 3 dollars (ko-fi):

If you guys live near me in Sano, Tochigi or in a few kilometers, you can come to say hello to me. Email me if you do live in Japan.


Programs: Paint Tool SAI, Clip Studio Paint Pro

That great poets imitate and improve, whereas small ones steal and spoil.

- W. H. Davenport Adams

Pain is temporary. Quitting lasts forever.

- Lance Armstrong

Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it.”

- Edmund Burke

And on this website, I've posted my favorite list of movies I've seen at the moment:…

Favourite TV Shows
Duck Dodgers, Samurai Jack, Final Space, Altered Carbon, Ben 10/Ultimate Alien and Omniverse
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Pye Corner Audio, Aphex Twin, Occams Laser, Vatican Shadow and lots of musicians and bands.
Favourite Books
Addicted to War, The Demon-Haunted World, The Best that Money can't buy, Way Station, Cherryh - Foreigner, Hyperion and The fall of Hyperion
Favourite Games
Check my ID description.
Other Interests
Synthesizer, The Venus Project, Ralph Bakshi, science fiction, xenobiology, knowledge, aliens, technology, Bettie Page, Pokemon designs, every interest may change my preferences
My recent album playlist of the day 31th May 2020: The Psychic Stewardess (Legowelt) - Spiritual Foundation Heinrich Dressel - Vicolo Cieco / Completion of the Amphoras Table Meat Beat Manifesto - Subliminal Sandwich (1996) Freescha - Kids Fill the
Have my recent album playlist of what I've been listening to. I've enjoyed the new album of The 1975. If you're too shy's song is my fave. xP 24th May 2020: Auscultation - III Alberich - Quantized Angel Brick Reds, Black Mauves - Brick Reds, Black

02 - Finding a close friend

02 - Finding a close friend

Hi, guys. I'm fine here. Besides the corona-v pandemic is happening outside, I didn't make some new friends here in Japan but I made very few of this year. Some of them came to DM me, see what's happening, they all stayed home. As the title of this journal is written, I'm going to need somebody close to me or have a partnership with me than being married, either online or IRL, as long as people or artists wanna chat with me in the long-term. I'm looking forward to getting into some other entertainment stuff I've seen like Doom Eternal, BNA (anime on Netflix, Japan only for now) and the ones I've missed playing some other single-player game

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Alien-monster208Student Writer
Hey Ron?
Alien-monster208Student Writer
Ron. I got a second TE that I'll do in the future. So, I wanna show you something.……
Alien-monster208Student Writer
Ron, sorry about everything okay? 

Remember this?

Mature Content

Tactics Elemental Prologue 01-04 by FredGDPerry

Could you link it to me please? He said it comes with the game. If there isn't. well, I'll ignore it and move on.

Alien-monster208Student Writer
Listening to Gorillaz, and I believe their songs are perfect for Tactics Elemental if its a show.
SchnuronHobbyist Digital Artist
Alien-monster208Student Writer
Hey, Ron. I'm sorry for everything. I just got inpatient about the Interlude texts.
SchnuronHobbyist Digital Artist
No problem. It's like I see any young kid asking me anything they want me for free....
This is why I open commissions for those who can afford me to draw whatever character idea wanted to draw with my basic rules.

I won't do all of the characters Interlude texts you've asked me on Tactics Elemental, but some of them, I'll do....because they're kinda grinding to accomplish to have the sex scenes with their long text conversation of excitement relationship and you asked me so many characters that I won't do it quick. I'm not a gamer hacker, hell I wouldn't want to skip it.

I'll do what I can, but don't ask for more TE's character interludes. They're a bitch to grind and to get those interlude scenes.