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Tokyo shy

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aw I love japanse fluttershy <3 adorable
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Kawaii desuuuu! xD Aside from cute, I have no idea what that means. All I know is this is super cute and I love it. <3
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Fluttersfan888Hobbyist Traditional Artist
so cute
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Oooh, very nice motif & execution. The whole ensemble really works well together!
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FoxMarcelloHobbyist Digital Artist
ANY Fluttershy is adorable
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the-mysterious-ponyXHobbyist General Artist
super cuteHeart 
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ShadowtheCartoonistStudent Digital Artist
Man, that kimono looks SO CUTE on her!!!
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have you ever seen lucky star? She looks like a pony version of Miyuki! It's so. damn. moe.
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blizzardbearer0617Student Traditional Artist
Fluttershy-sama, Fluttershy node kawaii!! *hugs*
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Falling-short11Student Traditional Artist
This is so cute!! You should think about drawing the rest of the Mane Six like this too.
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Beautiful! <3 Great job!
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Kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :iconmonkeyloveplz:
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Any Fluttershy is adorable.
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MrAsianhappydudeHobbyist General Artist
Beautiful work.
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GiromCalicaHobbyist General Artist
There are some countries that have illegal street racing all over the place, despite the law, especially in Tokyo.
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aw! it looks cute and adorable. nicely done even with the cherry blossoms.
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Raxis7221 Writer
Can I report this for being temanliy cute?
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marky1212Hobbyist Digital Artist
I fucking love you......SOOOOO MUCH!!!
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One of the BEST Fluttershy pics I've ever seen.. I can't... words... HNNG!!
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RenzButingan44Hobbyist Digital Artist
Cuteness level : OVER 9000!!!
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Must Hug!
You really made Fluttershy cuter!!!
I`m using the picture for this profile
If you don`t agree i will change it.
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Hnnng! Help! Dying from cute! X(
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