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Star Wars - Eclipse Super Star Destroyer

Several Star Destroyers escorting an Eclipse Super Star Destroyer. Made with Blender and Yafaray.
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The Eclipse was waaaaaaaaay bigger in comparison to the other ones in reality 
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The mighty Eclipse. I do hope someone makes a sequel to Empire at War: FOC.
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DarthJevo's avatar's awesome
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I love the Eclipse!
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Great Work! Congratulations!
I've made an electrical eclipse (custom) exposed in my gallery.
Thank you a lot :) Actually your project inspired me to make the Eclipse in Blender! Let's keep the Expanded Universe alive! ;)
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I work to keep it alive as well!
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Woo blender I just started it last year I'm rendering a tank track animation test my school spent $80,000 on equipment for rendering
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Wow this is absolutely epic
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What an awesome weapon!
Indeed, it is! Heard about it 2 month ago and the idea behind it was absolutely fascinating :)
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Now THAT'S a total eclipse of your soul! Amazing!

(eff you D-word for making this non-canon)

PS: Which one was this, 1 or 2?
Neidal: Thank you :) It's the Eclipse 1... Soon I'll add some lights to make it look more realistic
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It looks kickass as it is! I remember reading that the Eclipse Star Destroyers were very dark ships, so much so that they were at least once mistaken for ghost ships
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