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Hello everyone!

Today I am honoured to present this piece commissioned by akiestar for DeviantArt's Pride Campaign, about the history of LGBTQ+ art and how it has evolved throughout history, you can download the image, it would make me incredibly happy and humbled if you showcase it on your page so feel free to share!

Here is a link for the journal!

I wanted to create something that paid homage to our history and also celebrated it, so I illustrated Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera, two iconic transgender women who fought for our rights and dedicated their life to activism and helping our community.

It's exhausting dealing with a pandemic, a rebellion, political, economic, environmental and social change, all at once, but it's important we keep on fighting, to not let ignorant, hateful and corrupt world leaders take away our right to be here, in the words of Marsha: "No pride for some of us without liberation for all of us."

Here is a list of some organizations that specifically benefit Queer and Trans PoC you can support, via @keenanblogger on instagram:

Sylvia Rivera Law Project
Black Visions Collective
Fierce NYC
Freedom Fund
Black Trans Travel Fund
Black and Pink
The Audre Lorde Project
For the Gworls Party
The Okra Project
National Queer and Trans Therapists of Color Network
NYC Anti-Violence Project

Happy Pride! Stay strong and be safe.
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This is a beautiful tribute...

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NotAVerySmartCookiehHobbyist Digital Artist

I'm not LGBTQ+ myself, but DAMN this is gorgeous

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A beautiful pic, very colourful. There is something about very colourful pictures that is some kind of... soothing. :) Mind calming.


Trans-people do not need special rights or laws that that explicitly protect (only) them! White people do not need laws and rights that ONLY protects them! Black people do not need laws and rights that explicitly protect them. NO ONE needs special laws and rights that only protects him or her!

Because that's the point of the UN Charta of Human Rights! THAT's the point of laws that guarantee quality of everyone in court and before the law.

And, by god, if someone calls some trans-person with the name he/she was born with (the so called dead-name or whatever), then handle it like an adult! Laugh it off and correct the other one with a laugh and a smile! If someone "attacks" a trans-person on twitter or facebook, then just flip the other person the bird, roll your eyes and put them on ignore!

If someone shouts "disgusting tranny!" just shrug your shoulders, roll your eyes and/or shout back "fall down some stairs!" or something.

Embrace the fact that you ARE a very small, very special group among wider hetero/streight society. Accept that. Embrace that. Keep it calm. Do not irritate the masses and then wonder why they do not accept you. Do not force yourselfes on the wider society. They won't understand and you'll be even more frustrated.

Keep it up! :)

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You're such an ignorant and bigoted piece of shit.

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Before anyone spits on me or attacks me with hate and disgust, please remember, my comments are as polite as they can be. I didn't use ANY swear words, I didn't attacked anyone verbally, I just stated my opinion. Our society can only become better and improved when we interact and discuss topics with each other. But polite and calm. :)

Be open and tolerant. :)

By the way - EVERY minority, be it homosexuals, transsexuals, blacks, latinos, (what about asians?) or muslims is being catered to. Don't you get special laws/rights? Don't you get protection from twitter/facebook/reddit and every social media in existance? I don't get protection! I, the white & straight man, must live in mortal fear of being reported, banned and doxxed. :(

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You're pathetic. Honestly convinced you're a troll at this point. Not even the usual racist incels online make their "im the REAL victim" bullshit this obvious. 1/10 for effort.

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Did it EVER occur to you that someone opposing your direct world view might be genuine? :(

Slowly but surely I start thinking that YOU might be the bigot, the intolerant hateful being that wants to dominate everyone else... please, please, please reflect on that. :)

It's okay to be an incel, even you might find someone to love someday. But please remember that love, not hate, is the key to understand the world and enable an better world for everyone! :)

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So your racism and transphobia are genuine? Let me not waste any more time on your degenerate ass then. I'm a woman in a committed relationship who has no business interacting with incels. Bye!

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"Racist" and "transphobe" are just buzzwords. Used by people without arguments. I'm a classical liberal - be free to express yourself but do NOT use any kind of force your worldview on others and use peaceful discussion and fact-based arguments.

Freedom and liberalism comes only with the acceptance that the word is full of opinions. Full of differant wroldviews. Take islam for example. The middle east is full of homophobes, transphobes and democracy-phobes. Why don't you attack them?

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Nobody supports bigotry in the middle east. And bigotry in the middle east does NOT justify Islamaphobia. There is no perfect group or idealogy, but racism and homophobia are objectively wrong and made of hate. Nobody is forcing anyone to be gay, trans, or what have you. LGBTQ+ people are only asking for EQUALITY, the ability to live freely and peacefully as who they are. You may not "agree" with it, but you may NOT oppress or control them. Black people are only asking for cops who are meant to SERVE AND PROTECT to stop killing us, especially when we are UNARMED, and society to stop discriminating and racially profiling us, which negatively impacts our livelihoods and success. That is all. If you can't grasp that simple idea, then I don't know what to tell you. You're deliberately obtuse.

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eggknogNew Deviant

You're so devoid of empathy and compassion regarding other people's experiences... You're so blindly ignorant, it's almost like you're doing that on purpose. You've been misinformed, indoctrinated by the media you consume.

Here's the thing: it's YOU who doesn't need "special" laws protecting you because, well you're a part of the majority. You won't have to worry about living on the streets because your employer found out that you're trans, you won't have to worry about being disowned by your family for being LGBTQ+, you will not have to fear that a cop might decide to suffocate you with their knee because you're not black. You won't have to fear being discharged from the army for being trans. You are more privileged than these minorities and you are not the one to tell them "how to act".

I, too, wish that we didn't have to go for such measures like making laws to protect vulnerable persons. Sadly, we do need them. We need them because the UDHR is just a scrap of paper. It's meaningless. It cannot be enforced because the UN has no judicial power over any country. We need them because the majority of people are not all-accepting and a lot of people disagree with such documents and sometimes outright dismiss them.

The goals of movements like BLM, movements regarding LGBTQ+ rights are to change the current world we live in. To build a world that doesn't prioritize one group of people over others. To build a world in which they wouldn't have to constantly fight to be listened to and for their rights. Do you think they don't know that they're "small"? Do you honestly think that? I don't know if you know much history, but the people in power never suddenly arrived to the conclusion that they shouldn't be stripping people of their rights. That has never happened and never will. The people maintaining the current power structures won't give others equal rights - they'll keep taking them away if no one speaks out and others decide to follow your advice!

So, fuck you. Think about the things you say and don't be so full of shit.

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LilyCelebiHobbyist General Artist

I agree with the concept, but not with the fuck-yous. Everything else though? Yes, I agree. Educating people doesn't need to be charged with hateful words, though. (No offense here -- they may not be blind or devoid of empathy, but rather just ignorant of the points you made. Some people legitimately have never opened up to the other sides of things before, or have but don't prioritize the issues in their mind because, well, they don't have to think about them as a part of the majority.) I love debate though, and I love when people speak for their own opinions. It can be hard to do so! I just wish people were less polar and more open-minded to listen to all sides of an issue, even if they're wrong. How do we know how to educate those who do not know what we think is right without first listening to them on equal footing, after all?

I hope someday we can live in a world where it's the norm to accept everyone and not discriminate rather than it being a widespread, systemic thing for people to be stripped of their rights or discriminated against, too. There will always be a new minority present that gets discriminated against, but hopefully someday the laws will be both flexible and strong enough to solve the new problems that arise more quickly and without unneeded hate flinging and violence.

And amazing art piece, too! That point still stands, haha.

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Well said! :) Hate is something the radicals, the violents, the bigots, use. Calm and straightford comments are the best way to peacefully exchange our ideas and worldviews.

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MichaelhalversNew Deviant


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coxinharudeNew Deviant

OMG I'm speechless Heart Love

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JJPoatree Photographer

Outstanding artwork. Yay pride month!

stars and stripes
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Gulaskaaa Digital Artist

My favorite image of here :)

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FabianArtistStudent General Artist

Beautiful :heart: :love:

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CrowInTheOliveTreeHobbyist General Artist

Goddamn, this is just stunningly beautiful...

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PrisimAngeldragonHobbyist Digital Artist

this art is stunning

i do recommend watching this on netflix marsha and sylvia werent trans they just fought for trans people just going off of what was said in this documentary however as a trans man myself im incredibly thankful they still fought for me and my trans brothers and sisters <3

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Sky-Fox Digital Artist

So cute, like this

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