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Deponia PA report

illustration i did for Penny Arcade :)
background by micha benrad
the walk frames i used is also rufus' ingame walk and was done by me about 2 years ago
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...are you a creator of deponia?
...if are a god...
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She's the art director for the game
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Hah yeah i know now xd but thanks!
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du hast rufus entworfen? :O :o (Eek) Love Clap :happybounce: Heart Hug CURSE YOU! +fav 
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I love this game :)
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This is fucking awesome!
I, as an amateur on Deponia, estimated.~~

If there are errors (and they definitely have), I'm sorry.
I do not know much English. ^^
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Och mensch... ich finde das Animieren so schwer, dabei möchte ich mir das schon seit Jahren beibringen. Haben Sie irgendwelche Tipps, wie ich das Animieren Lernen anfangen könnte? Irgendwelche Literaturvorschläge oder sowas?

Und ja, die Gehanimation von Rufus ist super; Deponia ist ja sowieso super; aber das brauche ich Euch garnicht zu sagen :D Euer Team ist sowieso mein absolutes Vorbild. :)
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 :) anamators survival kit... das ist die bibel... da steht alles drin was man wissen muß um das animieren zu lernen... und danke :)
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Your drawing and design with Rufus and Goal is beautiful. You do what few people can, which is bring your imagination to life.
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Me and me sis enjoyed the Deponia trilogies very much :heart:
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OMG you did the art for this game?! I loved this game!! it was such a great throwback to the classic monkey island!
fantastic job!!!
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This rocks! Very cool.
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I love that game! Thanks for submitting this Heart 
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Really nice work!
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Die Story und das character design, all der charm in jedem bissien sück des spieles war eifnach umwerfend! :D Mein bruder und ich rätselten stunden, und man was haben wir gelacht! XDD Großartig! :D

"Gab es denn tote? hehe"
"Aber klar, Dausend dode!" XDDD
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I just started playing this yesterday and I've just been playing it a bunch. My friend got mad at me when I kept saying "Where's the green sock!?" She told me to look at a walk through so I did... Curse you cousin 
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I loved all three games so far.  Want more, really.  Your character designs make me grin kinda like Rufus. LOL
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It's a really good game! One of these days I need to finish it. :P
I loved this series and am so sad to see it go. i really want to learn how to play huzzah on the guitar, sadly there is no sheet music for it/
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oh this is a cool idea
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