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Crapic Graphic

By Schmiegel
... trying to look important

(Btw, don't call that number :D)
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Really wonderful, this should be 3D printed :)
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Well, the colors won't make it - once there is high resolution glass printing I'll give it a try. As for the shape: I have successful prints in steel and white plastic :)
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This is quite possibly the best material I've ever seen.
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Thanks, it's some image mapping using an high resolution image as well as a decent amount of subsurface scattering :)
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Yeah! Once there's Murano glass 3D printing I'll order one ;)
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Haha - thank you - since I found the SSS shader in Blender all my renderings look like fish ...
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The thumbnail reminded me of a ceramic, but now I see it looks like marble. Definitely cool texture Schmiegel and nice Gyroid like variation. :)
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Thankies, I'm somehwat stuck currently but that popped out as happy accident ;)
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Wow that's just amazing! Love the colours and textures! :D
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Thank you - much appreciated!
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Love that texture. Reminds me of multi-colored candle creations I've seen in head shops.
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Yeah - a gyroid candle! :)
Thank you!
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