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I should update my journal, since what you see is the ancient surgery post of several years ago. I had my gall bladder taken out.  I had a major ear surgery that included a stay in the nuero ICU. Due to damage from a couple car accidents (that were not my fault, even!) I went out on disability. I picked up an orchid hobby...although I have never gotten around to posting those pictures on here. I have several hard drives that *someday* I need to get sent into data recovery and get my pictures back. I don't have a high quality camera anymore, I sold the ones I had as they were getting outdated and I needed $ for bills and stuff. I moved t
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Well, life has been a bit nutty for the last couple months.  The boyfriend and I split.  At the beginning of November, end of October I had some weird issues.  I'd eat something and then get really nauseated about 30 mins to an hour later. I went to the ER a couple of times and they didn't find anything really wrong.  My regular doctor thinks I need my gall bladder removed or an exploratory  laparotomy.  (See what you can learn from watching Grey's anatomy? :D) That was November.  I ended up on short term disability.  The weekend before thanksgiving I developed a peritonsillar abscess.  I went to immediate care instead of the ER, which was a
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I know, I havn't posted in a long time.  My bf and I have been sucked into WoW (World of Warcraft).  Living 2 states away from each other, we end up spending a lot of time calling or online. (I met him on vacation last year). My summer camping vacation was great, although it rained a bit. Work is good. Had to have some minor surgery last month, but health is good. Busy busy busy.... As for the song, it's the song I'm currently listening to. Owain Phyfe and the New World Renaissance Band.  It's awesome music.  If you get the chance to see Owain at a renaissance festival, I recommend going.
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Thank you for the fav!
hey there, I'm a ball python fanatic and found this page at the bottom of a post you made on Your response was rational and well informed, so i decided to check out your site. Interestingly enough, my girlfriend is having the EXACT same abdominal problems as you: nausea after eating, cramping and frequent pain etc... She has seen a GI specialist as well as a few other doctors, but none have found the cause of the problems and most chalked it up to a bacterial infection in the intestine. For her, as in your case, the prescribed antibiotic regimen didn't work.. and she's getting pretty frustrated and desperate to get better. I know this is a strange request... but if you find anything that helps your problem would you be kind enough to share it so I can pass it along to my girlfriend?
They ended up taking out my gall bladder.
I'm not on here much anymore. Still taking photos, just not posting them much other than in specific forums. I should post on here more. I got into orchids in the last year and I should start posting lots of pictures of flowers on here.
Nice gallery :) Found you on If you have the time, check my gallery out!
Hola chica. Just thought I'd drop a comment in return :) How are you?
Ello ello! Im The_Phantom from the Arachnoboards! :wave: