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Klarheit.visualstyle v1.0

okay, here is my first visual-style for you. i always wanted to create one that is completely how i want a style to be, and this is the result... so, if you don't like it - i do (hope this doesn't sound too arrogant ;)). of course i'm open for any bugfixes / suggestions.

i called it "Klarheit", that's german and means clarity / clearance because that's what the style is - i didn't use some effectful gradients or spectacular light-effects, the style should be functional and still cute.
the color-theme in the style is called "ozeanblau" (oceanblue). maybe i'll release "Klarheit" in some other colors soon.

some inspirations came from the great bluecurve-theme and also from the opensource "tango-project" ([link]). i got the start-button, some caption-buttons and the icons in the xp-startmenu from there. that's why i recommend to use the visual-style in combination with the tango-icons (e.g. with "super turbo tango patcher") - looks great.
i put a wallpaper into the archive that fits quite well to "Klarheit" - it's from the human-theme, edited by me.

hope you like the style. please be kind and add this to your :+fav: favourites if you like it.
p.s.: enspia ported this style to windowblinds-xp: [link]

*update 1.01 (2006-08-28):
  • now including shellstyle, compact-/full-startmenu-version and the font used in the style
  • renamed compact-startmenu-version to "ozeancom" and the full version to "ozeanfull"

*update 1.02 (2006-08-29):
  • radiobuttons / checkboxes improved
  • progressbar much improved
  • changed shellstyle again (final version i think)
  • taskbar-buttons are also boxed when unfocused (very light only)
  • taskbar is now a bit thinner
  • updated the screenshot

*update 1.03 (2006-08-30):
  • fixed shellstyle-colors (e.g. in control panel)
  • reduced size of xp-startmenu (removed unneeded space)
  • now three different font-styles: lucida grande (choose font-size "Normal"), tahoma (choose font-size "Large Fonts"), calibri (choose font-size "Extra Large Fonts")
  • after lucida grande was included, now calibri is also in the zip
  • minimal optimizations on the titlebar-gradient
  • visual-style is now 7zip-packed again. you can open it with winrar or 7zip ([link])

*update 1.04 (2006-08-31):
  • changed start-button (+ updated screenshot)
  • made flashing / blinking button more "eye-catching"

*update 1.05 (2006-09-01):
  • shellstyle: text-color in the file-details-box fixed
  • applied shellstyle-colors also to the useraccounts-panel

*update 1.06 (2006-09-03):
  • flashing button is now a darkblue
  • increased font-size of calibri ("Extra Large Fonts") a bit, as calibri is quite small in default mode

*update 1.07 (2006-09-06):
  • fixed a main-problem: java-apps now work correctly when using this style
  • renamed the substyles and fontstyles to be more understandable

*update 1.08 (2006-09-08):
  • added the second color-theme: "ergonomisch" (= "ergonomic"). it has got all the features of the original one (including modified shellstyle and wallpaper), is a bit darker and has less saturation. more coming soon...

*update 1.09 (2006-09-12):
  • text-color of flashing-button is now white
  • compact startmenu now "ultra"-compact
  • small bugfixes in ergonomisch-substyle (some borderline-colors)
© 2006 - 2021 schluepfer
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Why no .wba ?

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Cany port this skin to Win7 please?
Pretty much the only VS i've used last year Excellent job
can any body port this VS to win 7. thanks in advance
pahuudenkuolema's avatar
wow this is ridicuously amazing :whisper:
can you please port it to windows7. It will greatly appreciated.

If you really want to port it to win7 please do so for classic themes for win7 only as aero based themes are not eyes friendly for long term use....

Thanks in advance....:)
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I don't like it... reminds me too much of Ubuntu's Tango theme, which I despise.
thanks for share
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Great work and special thanks for all the updates on your theme pack.

But one question remains...i tried a search here and also on google, but i couldn't find these wallpapers:

vormittag.bmp, abend.bmp, nacht.bmp (and maybe morgen.bmp, mittag.bmp & nachmittag.bmp)

Where can I get these...?
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I love this theme, really good!
Does anybody know if there is a similar gtk theme for linux?
KoolGamesXZ's avatar
Thanks a lot my friend!:)
Excellent. I've been using this one for a long long while. I think it's one of the bests VS ever, along with Opus OS 1.5, Black Mesa and Lorca.
andyrogerson's avatar
Like the start button
Hi, very good gallery ;)
Hi, very good gallery ;)
enash131's avatar
this is the awesomeness!
donsjuand's avatar
Looks good, but there is a wallpaper named big_boxes.bmp that I would love to have. Where can I find it?
schluepfer's avatar
hmm i searched google but i don't find where i got it from. i sent you a pm...
donsjuand's avatar
I appreciate you taking the time for me :)
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It's kind of funny, I've known about this theme when it first came out but as of recently this theme is my all time favorite. I hope you don't stop up dating it. I can't think of a more clear and cleaner looking theme. Cheers.
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