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System Shock hopper

Gif animation I had made using spites from System Shock.

System Shock & hopper created by Looking Glass Technologies.


System Shock: [link]
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Hah! the hoppers. At first I found them lame, then they burned my ass and now, I find them the silliest looking robots I've ever seen :)
I was just thinking, these robots could have been better if they were turrets, but I guess being mobile as well as being as powerful as turrets is the idea behind them. Even at that, they still looks very silly :D
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It's weird the way that they're one of the fastest enemy's in game in spite of relying on such an awkward method of movement. They're also the enemy that annoys me most on account of their fast speed, high damage, high re-spawn rate and not dropping any loot.

It's nice having a good chin-wag over obscure game stuff, I really need to get back to doing Let's Plays.
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That's all so true. To be honest, at first Hoppers are the most annoying enemy in the game, no doubt about that, but later they become less annoying and I found instead that Invisio mutants become far more annoying..

It's a very good game, games that put so much atmosphere in your game make my day because I feel the most while playing them. In system shock's case, I was really too afraid of moving and sometimes afraid of moving back and forth inside the Hospital Floor because of all those mutants :D
I got better at it though, still, those mutants had a really freakish way of moving.