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Today My most Inspiring Friends and loved ones died.

My Two Snakes. Ironic Both of them would Die around the Same Time. but as it goes.
my Female Snake Passed over night. and my Male Snake. Was alive when i noticed her. while i Buried her. He Drowned Himself. cutting off his Own Air flow. after he was pulled out of the water i Held Him as he Died. i had a Feeling he didn't want to Live with out her. I owned them for 11 Years. Not once did They Ever Leave Eachother

so I Buried them together. under their water Dish. They Way they used to Sleep Together.. Side by Side. Coiled Around one another.

Rest in Peace My Babies..  i never Thought this day would come.  Neither one of them ever Showed any Aggression towards Anyone. ever. they have been Around Children, animals and many other people. the only one who was Ever Bit Was Me and my own Stupidity. for Touching a Rat before picking them up. and she didn't mean it. she Let go as Soon as she noticed it was me.
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I am so sorry to hear that. Where have you gone though, man? I loved your artwork for ages and it's just stopped. Please sign on again and carry on drawing.
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I'm sorry to hear that. Rest well to both snakes, they sounded like a close couple.
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This proves that animals really do have feels for each other :(
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*hugs the hyena* Oh man, I'm so sorry to hear this. They were indeed beautiful and tame, even only given the short time I had met them. It is amazing that they both died on the same day like this. I guess, all you can do is remember them and know that you gave them a happy home for those 11 years. :hug: