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Hello Every one its Me! Tha' Fat Headed hyena! hows' Yall' doin?

i'm gunna Try to Post some more Pics Eventually i hope to actually Start getting a Flow again.. Maybe Even like it Used to Be hehe but for now if no one minds i will Throw up Sketches.. heh

and as always if there is any Preds out there who might like to RP or somthing some time send you Msn Or Aim Screen name to Me Through notes or just Send me a Note i Really would love to Hear  from you.. oh and you don't Have to be a Pred.. i guess i wouldn't mind Hearing from Prey too ^_~ Hehe

Thank you all for Watching me! and i Hope you Enjoy what you See

   signing off
    -x1 beta unit anti matter hyena compound AI Bot- Aku-
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Hey man, it's awesome to have you back here. ^^ I've always liked your unique art style, and look forward to seeing what new things can come out of the fat-head-hyena mind.
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*Yays and hugs the little, spongy hyena.* I was starting to get worried, as I don't have a new email address for you, so I didn't know how thing have been going. It's great to hear that you're still up and going, even if you are terribly busy.

I look forward to hearing more from you. Take care and talk to you later.

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id love to see them sketches :D great to see your back :dance: also a pleasure to see your tallented works :)
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yay*dances with exitement at the good news and rushes to notes page* vore artists unite
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He's back! Hope to see those pictures soon ^^
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